Fight Games! What's everyone's fighter of choice?


I’ve got a mostly casual interest in fighting games, but I’m always eager to play a few games if I’ve got the time!

I’ve put the most time into Skullgirls, though I’m not very good at it, and I’ve also got Street Fighter V (which I think is good despite its launch issues, fite me), Guilty Gear Xrd: Revelator, and a couple others. What are your favorites?


I play SFV mostly, but I’m really excited for Injustice 2 even though I haven’t played the first or any MK since forever. I’m pretty terrible at FG’s though, sadly.


I started getting into FGs with Skullgirls and branched out to a billion on other games and was terrible at all of them. I even went to a couple of tournaments. The best I ever did was 1-2 and in Skullgirls and 1-2 in KOF XIV with a bye. It was both fun and demoralizing!

Currently I’m been playing Guilty Gear the most. And boy oh boy is that a huge wall to climb. And after a couple of hundred hours in Skullgirls, its real hard to adjust to that netcode. Currently looking forward to Tekken 7.


Capcom vs SNK 2 until the day I die.


I love Guilty Gear but I am still new and terrible


street fighter is my favorite series but I haven’t cared much for sfv so far. I play kof and gg casually, probably gonna go hard on mvci when it comes out


I like Street Fighter V a whole lot. I just wish everything around the actual fighting wasn’t such a tremendous dumpster fire.


hell yeah dude


I’ve only played DiveKick, Persona 4 Arena and Persona 4 Arena Ultimax. I have this bad tendency to gravitate to the worst characters, which doesn’t pair well with my overall inexperience with fighters.

What about Dark Souls PVP? Is that a fighting game? Theres footsies and meter management and baiting and whatnot. I really like Dark Souls PVP. In Dark Souls 2 I ran a build that was no shields no spells, which I eventually tweaked enough to win like 90% of my fights.


You haven’t lived until you’ve done Rock Howard’s Neo Deadly Rave to this stage music in an Arcade.


SFA2, Killer Instinct and Tekken Tag 2 are my main games right now.


I like to fight in the street, personally, but I’m really excited about the GGXrd Rev 2 PC release.


You seen that Baiken strut? It’s so good.


it’s tekken. it’s always been tekken and it always will be tekken. i also like street fighter a little but it isn’t tekken so im a mostly ambivalent towards it.

my favorite tekken characters are alisa, miharu, xiaoyu, and asuka, in t7 i’ll probs main either alisa or xiaoyu w lucky chloe as a secondary. heihachi isn’t daddy


im probably going Tekken 7 over injustice… just because King>everyone


I’ve only barely scratched the surface regarding FGs, but I’ve played a decent amount of Skullgirls thanks to online friends. Big Band’s gamestyle definitely fit what I like to play, so I’m good at whatever type of fighter he is? I’m definitely planning on playing a few more during my summer break.


I grew up a tekken guy but came to Street Fighter when Super IV came out. I bought two sticks even though I’m extremely bad at fighting games.

I also think that fighting games are the best spectator games. It takes like, 3 matches for my friends to get really into it when I make them watch Evo with me.


When I read the title of the thread I assumed it was “which fighting game character do you like the most” and I want to let you all know how great Tung Fu Rue is.

But yeah, I used to be real into fighting games and the FGC despite being garbage at them. I was pretty into skullgirls though.


I fight in the streets, mostly (Birdie/Boxer let’s go!) but I dabble in a bunch of games. These days I’m mixing in a lot of Revelator (Who’s stoked for the Rev2 demo?!) Killer Instinct, and revisiting Injustice to get ready for 2.

Also CvS2 is near perfect.


I pretty much just stick to 2D fighters. I really liked KOF XIII, Street Fighter IV, MK 9, Capcom vs SNK 2 and the SF Alpha series is great. I’ll even go to bat for Street Fighter X Tekken. Like a little bit to bat. Not all the way to bat.