Fighting The Good Fight, A Thread (The Good Fight TV Show)


Some TV shows are clever and poignant. Some might discuss current issues and events. There are even some that take a stance on said issues. The Good Fight is one of those shows that looks at this idea, then says “yeah, we can do better than that” and just goes straight for the jugular.

I always enjoyed the shows predecessor The Good Wife for its genuinely clever use of real world situations and trends, such as cryptocurrency, gender stereotypes and military politics, to create interesting case scenarios for the court of law. The Good Fight extends upon that idea, except instead of taking broad ideas and focusing them into one episode, it surgically narrows its focus to the most current issue - the state of the US White House.

The first episode of the first season begins with the incredulous expression of one of the main characters, Dianne, as she watches Donald Trump get sworn into office, if that is any indication what this show is looking to explore. From the very first scene, the show sets a tone and a very clear stance on the issues it’s about to face - What the Actual Fuck?

While the first season masquerades the scandal of the Rendel family as it’s throughline, it’s each episodes topics that are the star. Episode 6 is a particular standout, showing a character dealing with being on the opposite end of a targeted hate speech campaign. The show even has a Milo Yiannopoulos equivalent.

Season 2 has only ramped everything up to a new level, holding up its reflection of society to show just how damn absurd this shit really is, to help remind us that actually, shit ain’t supposed to be this way. It focuses heavily on the racism and sexism of this world both blatant and subtle. The main characters are 4 fantastic women, backed by an excellent diverse cast.

Honestly, it amazes me that this show is talked about so little. It is, frankly, fucking amazing. The opening shows 3 TV’s blowing up in succession - the first showing the Charlottesville rallies, the second Putin holding up a caught fish, the final showing Trump giving a speech.

If I haven’t already convinced you to watch this show, here’s my final ditch effort - the quick music video that plays at the end of the most recent episode.


I watched most of the first season on and off with my boyfriend after having done the same with The Good Wife. I absolutely love these shows and am impressed with the quality of The Good Fight even though it’s on CBS All Access. The Milo analogue was the most frustrating thing in the world, and he captured so well how Milo is in our world. I’m glad season 2 is good and am excited to catch up!


Season 2 really has been excellent so far! This season does bring Marissa out a bit more as a main character, which is great because she’s a fun character, and I feel like where Dianne’s mind is at through the episode reflects how the show views the world as it currently sits. Definitely worth digging into!