Final ‘Death Stranding’ Trailer Is Beautiful And Full of Potential Spoilers

Designer Hideo Kojima’s newest video game hits the PlayStation 4 on November 8, and Sony just dropped the final trailer ahead of the game’s launch. I’ve beaten Death Stranding, and I can’t tell you anything about it other than to say this is a great trailer, but consider not watching it.

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But it’s so obtuse and weird I don’t even know what I’m being spoiled on…

Like, all of what I saw kind of left my brain because what I was watching was utter nonsense.

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This game might be bad, but it will always have some fucking wonderful wackadoo trailers.


All the story stuff is just bonkers hyper-indulgent goofiness, but man, I really really unironically can’t wait to fail at crossing a river in this game.

Excitement for Death Stranding the game? 4/10
Excitement for Death Stranding the Discourse? 13598/10


Having heard Dan’s subtle nod to how much he hates it on the Beastcast by saying, “You know, I think I was too hard on Red Dead 2.”

And then hearing Jeff on the Bombcast going, “Yeah… That game could use some mod support.”

I am SO INCREDIBLY excited to hear how much people hate this game.


… I’m gonna need to listen to the new beastcast, huh?

I’m a huge fan of systems in games and loved RDR2s tedium lol. If there’s even more in Death Stranding I might be even more on board.

He even alluded that he is no longer playing it.

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Wow. Dan “Hideo Kojima” Ryckert is down on a Kojima game? Never thought I’d see the day lol

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I’m absolutely floored that no one gave Austin a code.


I’ve found a lot of Dan’s takes really frustrating for the past while now, so I think I’d probably like Death Stranding a lot.

That is, if I hadn’t all but refused to play it when it drops, because there’s no way in hell I’m touching the CONVERSATION there.


In hindsight I find mgsv fun but kinda flavorless, and this game gameplay wise seems like a splinter from V, so I think I’m just gonna pass on DS, but I can’t wait to talk about it. I read a bunch of spoilers from leaked copies and oooh boy man kojima shit for good and for garbage is all here.


I’m excited to shotgun this game on release weekend and subsequently want to forget it ever existed after all the Twitter Takes.


This game will break the land-speed record by how fast the discourse will make it seem ancient


I’ll play it, well… I’ll probably play it. My curiosity will unlikely be satiated by the opinions and experiences of others.

I have a pre-order pending where I got it for a $30 discount but I’m still not sure if I’m gonna let that one go through.

I’m mostly interested in seeing how much of a departure from typical big budget games this ends up being. Even if it’s bad I can at least get behind somebody as big as Kojima just doing whatever the hell he wants and still getting a budget to do it.

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The game is definitely going to set a precedent, one way or another… I can’t really think of another time in video games when a publisher as large as fuckin’ SONY wrote a blank check for one person to start making a video game with seemingly no oversight (I’d love to be told I’m wrong though!). If it’s a disaster we’ll probably never see another approach like that for another while, and if it’s decent maybe we’ll see it becoming a trend for better or worse.

I just truly don’t want another Joker in the sense that people beat a decently Okay piece of media into a pulp, 2019 has been so long already

You see all the product placement in the TGS videos? I think Kojima had to go get some extra funding to finish it.

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Oooh fuck, that’s a really good point!! Don’t know why that hasn’t occurred to me, I just thought Kojima really liked Monster and wanted to put it in the game. Never stopped to think about the more practical reasons why it’d be in there.

I actually have a Monster x Death Stranding flyer from TGS, I’m holding on to it until I die

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