‘Final Fantasy VII Remake INTERMission’ Let’s You Spend a Little More Time With Midgar

A change of perspective often breathes new life into an old journey. Square Enix pulled off a miracle with Final Fantasy VII Remake. More than just a nostalgia trip, Final Fantasy 7 Remake refreshed the 20 year old Playstation classic and proved that the world of Midgar, Cloud and Sephiroth still had new and interesting stories to tell. Its ending hinted at a bigger world—a metaverse where all things were possible.

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*LETS ahhhhhh my eyes! (This is very dramatic but ah man come on!)

Anyways excited to check this out if I ever get a PS5. (I am years from checking this out.)

Lettuce you spend


To be clear, Tetra Master and Blitzball suck, but Final Fantasy has had many fun minigames. Triple Triad from FFVIII and Chocobo Hot and Cold from FFIX both kick ass. Ft. Condor being fun isn’t that surprising since it’s just Clash Royale but with Shinra soldiers.

Haven’t played Intermission yet (no PS5) but can we talk about the Turks for a hot second? Remake finally killed my fondness for them. They didn’t have to go so tryhard to drop the plate, but they did. Cloud and co. had them beat and they still risked life and limb to hit the button anyway in a cutscene. I get that they’re fan favorites and a later scene gestures at their remorse but they’re fucking mass-murdering Shinra Gestapo! Fuck those guys!


I remember playing OG FFVII last year and choosing to not fight the Turks at the end. Their super murder comes about 5 hours in and they spend the next 30 being comic relief, often almost friendly. By the end I had honestly forgotten what shitheads they were/are. In retrospect I absolutely should have beaten them up one more time, but I had totally forgotten they were the ones who pushed the button.

I adore that you can play Fort Condor with Roche, who is just hanging around a district he probably knows is about to get a plate dropped on it hoping to fight (? or kiss? unclear) Cloud.

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It’s definitely the latter. Or both.