Final Fantasy VII Remake's Pre-Rendered Skyboxes Are Flawed, and Perfect

Final Fantasy as a franchise is marked by a deep commitment to showing you something new and amazing on your screen. In the original Final Fantasy VII from 1998, that goal was helped along by detailed pre-rendered backgrounds and seamless transitions from video to gameplay. The newly-released Final Fantasy VII Remake is also a bombastic spectacle that pulls from the same bag of tricks, updated for a new era of hardware and stylistic expectations.

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While I noticed the low-res skyboxes throughout the game, I was mostly able to accept them and they didn’t really harm the experience. The big exception is when you’re looking out from Shinra tower. It’s one of the few times the game specifically calls out this imagery, and getting a fuzzy texture that looked like it could’ve been pulled straight from the PS1 original was jarring and disappointing.

It’s good that this game looks like the developer didn’t kill themselves making it, even if that was the case anyway. Games should look and be less expensive.


It’s possible that this is all just an Unreal Engine thing. People have dug through the games textures and found that they’re all much larger/more detailed than they appear in game currently.

Yeah unfortunately this means that the artists did work hard to make this game look incredible…and then for whatever reason the engine decided “nah” and don’t show the images at the intended resolution