Final Fantasy XII : The Zodiac Age


Hey! So I just read up your summary and you may have totally convinced me to try this out. Thank you so much!


lol wow that really is way better, too bad the remaster didn’t give him a shirt


I like the outfit but his eyes make him look like a haunted doll

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Thanks a lot, I appreciate it!

I’ve seen that people are having some anxiety about which job to choose but you don’t have to worry about innate stats, they only make a marginal difference. Also jobs can be what you want it to be, but aiming to have a white mage at least as a second job is a very good bet considering the way damage is dealt. Red Mage is good but they’re locked out of higher tiers of both White and Black magic. As a trade-off they’re good fighters.

Espers also would need some thinking because they are bridges that connects tiles to each other. If you see tiles outside the board without any adjacent tiles, you know an esper you’re going to have is going to be at that place. Always check if a character would benefit from an esper before activating it. It can lead to a very good spell that you can be locked out of.

I just remembered this very good video from the Let’s Play Archive if you want an overview


I wanna make Ashe a Knight/White Mage hybrid. Do I have to pick Red Mage as a first class for someone else to survive until I get to pick the second jobs?

What second jobs would you reccomend using the following setup?

Vaan: Thief
Penelo: Black Mage
Basch: Samurai
Ashe: Knight
Balthier: Machinist
Fran: Red Mage


Some characters have innate cure, you could very well be able to survive until you get WM as a second job with that alone. You can stock up on hi-potions too.

I’d go with a melee/mage setup if you want to have a lot of freedom. At the same time, I’d say you could allow one character to have 2 mage jobs : a black mage/time mage is not a bad idea for Penelo, you get firepower, incredible time magic (it’s a life-changer) and the use of crossbows to attack flying enemies. Basically you would allocate one character to focus on magic alone while being able to switch between a stat-enhancing staff or a crossbow depending on the situation.

Knight can have access to some White Magic already, they are VERY good with shields, and their swords are trustworthy weapons. If you pick a Monk you have access to pretty much all of the higher tiers of white magic across the board, while having the most amount of HP in addition to being a very good damage dealer (Monk uses poles). You basically have your paladin right there.

Samurai are Katana users, meaning the weapon draws from strength AND magic. You have two choices : make him a hybrid mage since his firepower comes from his magic. Or pair it up with another physical job in order to learn speed-enhancing tiles to make good use of the weapon’s high combo rate.

Machinists are good and learn the higher tiers of Time Magic but he conspicuously learns a few amount of Battle Lore over Magick Lore, making a White Mage is not a bad idea but you would have to learn holy to make use of his magic power. A foebreaker would allow you to increase his strength much further, while countering the issue of the unreliable weapons foebreakers have (hammers, axes).

Red Mage is good by itself, it’s very polyvalent but not going to excel, making a white/black mage would be redundant, but this would ensure they remain good mages and good fighters. Pairing it with Uhlan ensures he has a good defense and attack and he also learns some black magic he doesn’t.

I don’t know what is Thief but if it’s Shikari they’re already very good with ninja swords. I don’t know what would complement them.

In this page, if you click on the job there’s some good information and you can check the “espers & quickenings” categories so you know what it unlocks if you want something specific out of a job.

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My first time playing XII. Loving the story bits, I have good gambits set and the 2x speed on and I’m grinding while listening to Migos. This is RPG heaven.


After playing this version of FFXII I am convinced that every RPG in existence should have a fast-forward button. I can’t even imagine trudging back and forth through Ogir-Yensa Sandsea to grind out levels and gil for Cura without 4x speed.


They absolutely should all have fast-forward buttons, at least for the walking-around stuff. It’s pure grinding satisfaction injected right into my veins, and I feel like it helps me settle in for cutscenes a lot more happily. Also, the music doesn’t speed up, which is a huge difference from doing something like this in an emulator.


@Dreamboum Many, many thanks for the great and extensive advice. I’m feeling a lot more confident about my choices now. :slight_smile:

I have to say my feelings on this game have done a complete 180 from when I played the original european version back in 2007(?). Final Fantasy X was the first one I played and it remains my favourite to this day and I just couldn’t get over the disappointment I felt about how different it was after years of waiting for FFXII.

I love the architecture and how populated the cities feel. The oriental look combined with the high tech air ships and game of thrones-y storyline give it a unique feel. My english wasn’t as good back then, so I feel like I’m just now able to appreciate how well written the dialog is. The adults actually talk and act like adults in this game.


Oh don’t worry I bought FF12 day one and I hated it with the passion of a thousand suns. It was coming out of Final Fantasy 10 and I was still thinking it was the end-game of videogaming.

Over time my opinion of both games radically changed, I was at a point where my sensibilities evolved a lot and FF12 managed to be the JRPG that was able to satisfy them. It only took me 5-7 years after the release of the game, lol

The cities are definitely a high-point of the game, Rabanastre and Bhujerba are still gorgeous to look at and the re-orchestrated tracks makes it even better

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Looking back I think what I was hoping for in 12 was more dialogue interpersonal interactions between the different party members. Also the way Spira was organzied as a society and the idea of summoners, guardians and pilgrimages, along with the inevitablity of Sin and death hanging over the first half of the game were like nothing I had read in stories at the time.

Playing the remaster of 10 a year ago there were definitely some points that bothered me, that I didn’t care about all those years back. Wakka’s accnet (scratch that, his entire character). Also the ages they chose for some of the characters feels all kinds of wrong. Auron feels like he’s 50, even though the game discribes him as 35; Lulu is supposed to be 23 but feels like she’s in her mid-thirties.


Final Fantasy XII is a game that plays very differently narratively speaking when you’re old enough to know what a refugee camp is


I’ve been re-playing Final Fantasy Tactics in tandem and it just strikes me as supremely interesting how the gorgeous world of Final Fantasy XII is willingly thrown out the window to jump right into the Dark Ages with its feudal system, sects and just downright despairing atmosphere. Not many would be willing to make something knowing it would be thrashed later on, Matsuno must have had a lot of confidence for his universe.

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Been playing some of this and it is: Very Great Yes Thank You

Being able to make any character any two classes is extremely exciting to me. I’m looking forward to meeting someone worthy of the mantle of Time Battlemage, one of the coolest class names I’ve ever heard.

I’ve made Vahn a Dagger Lad to start with, seemed the obvious choice for his character. He’s a good boy, I like him. Probably gonna give him Red Mage when I unlock second classes.

Been a while since I played an RPG with this much of a slow burn, I’m surprised how much I’m loving it. Just enjoying wandering for now. Belting.


I’m playing for the first time now, but I agree. I would love to have these characters talk to each other more. Even if it’s just more text written if you go and find them during downtime. It’s interesting how the camera is kind of fixed on the main plot, which is usually Balthier and Ashe talking something over, while you see Vaan and Penelo wander off and have fun in the background. I just want to see everything.


Have any of you guys tried the trial mode? I gave it a whirl to see what it was like and happened to steal (using thief’s cuffs) a Karkata from an enemy in (I think) the 3rd level. I’m about to reach Archades in the main game and it’s still my best weapon.

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I’ve been avoiding the trial mode because I know the items carry over and can be obtained much earlier. I was told it also brings in guest characters if you choose a save with one. Sort of weird to have it so that sometimes you can go into trial mode with a 5 person team (especially since guests usually have licenses you can’t have by that point like Larsa with Bubble). I’m also not interested in playing the trial multiple times, and when you leave (even though you keep items and LP earned) you have to start from stage 1 again.

It seems interesting but I’m planning on not trying it until the end of the game: the main story isn’t particularly hard anyway, and I enjoy frequently getting new weapons/armour/items as I progress rather than fantastic items early on. It also may ruin the Bazaar unlock progression in the game (which is one of my favourite tint mechanics in XII).


I’m regretting now buying all the weapons from the shop to the East of Rabastre before going into the palace. Wish I could give Fran the crossbow she deserves. I’d have given Balthier a katana by now too.

But also: Fran and Balthier are BRILL.


You do realize that’s backwards, right? Final Fantasy Tactics was made in 97, and that grimdark middle ages setting is what Ivalice actually is. Vagrant Story is also in that grittier Ivalice. The original Tactics is probably one of my favorite games of all time, though it is certainly not without it’s issues.

They completely remade the setting in Final Fantasy XII, to the point where it’s only Ivalice in name. It feels like a fusion of magitek and Star Wars. There were no sentient non-humans in the old setting. Only the Tactics Advanced and A2 games are in the new cartoonish “Ivalice” setting shared with XII. All that said I do like twelve, especially in light of the direction they went with the franchise after that, but I do miss the darker take on the fantasy.