Final Fantasy XII : The Zodiac Age


not sure I understand, I was talking about the timeline of the Ivalice universe, not the release date if that’s what you’re referring to.


Where are you getting an in-universe timeline, and what does that have to do with Matsuno somehow “knowing his universe would later be thrashed on”? Now I’m legitimately confused. He created the darker setting first, and only later in real life was the setting reused and changed.


He knew that he couldn’t explore the rich universe of FF12 further because of FFT but I didn’t mean that he thought of FF12 before.

Let me put it another way : FF12 being a prequel makes it so that everything he created for it would turn into dust because the universe would have to go back to the Middle Ages because of continuity. It could have been a sequel 2000 years after FFT but it’s not.


I began this game with a plan to make The Dunban-Looking Guy a Katana Dude for the full Xenoblade experience. I am now presented with the reality that there are TWO Dunban-Looking Guys in the playable cast, and even more beyond that. A popular look, it seems.

Made Basch the Katana guy since he’s kinda Dunban-y personality-wise too, if somewhat more grim.

Though on the subject, any particular reason this game bares such a strong visual resemblance to Xenoblade Chronicles? Same art director or something? Damn, this is making me want Xenoblade Chronicles in HD.


I think it’s worth mentioning that this is originally from Final Fantasy Tactics A2 for the DS, which is a really cool game! I like the way it handles Vaan and Penelo in the fiction, although I have no idea how it’s meant to fit into the broader Ivalice plot, since Balthier shows up in War of the Lions.


I just got it for my DS a few days ago ! Can’t wait to get into it after I’m done with Front Mission 2

Not that I know of but the director did say he was inspired by Final Fantasy XII, he called it the future of JRPG iirc


My first guess would be that they just added Balthier as an easter-egg because of his popularity and to boost sales. I’m no timeline expert though, so I might be completely off-base here.


it was Rough. esp getting to garuda & getting my ass kicked then going all the way back to grind


Best Garuda first time thanks to the berry yo, nae problems. Never hit half health. Am Pro, Yo.

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yeah i think the first time i went the south route from ogir-yensa to nam-yensa & missed that whole sidequest? but yeah this time around garuda was laughably easy, esp since i ground a bunch in that northern oil rig section of ogir-yensa.


Also just went through the Mosphoran Highwastes and the Salikawood which were absolutely B E A T I F U L, I really love how they’ve handled the upscaled textures? It’s kind of reminiscent of Skyward Sword’s Cezanne-style FOV blurriness?

Also I never got to Al-Cid when I was playing on ps2 and, like :flushed::flushed::flushed:


Finally got the second license boards so my full setup is now(game’s not open, can’t remember all the job names):
Vahn - Daggerboy and Archer
Penello - Foebreaker and Black Mage
Balthier - Machinist and Monk
Fran - Time Lord and Spears
Basch - Katanas and White Mage
Ashe - Red Mage and Knight

Lots of cool staff’s opened up now, so I’m gonna bugger about for a bit while I get all these new boards up to scratch. NEW TOYS.

This is a good-ass class system.

Also really loving gambits. They make it feel like your party is a machine, constantly being tuned and adjusted for efficiency, which is exactly what I want my RPG parties to feel like. Surprised I’ve not seen it copied more often. Only example I can th I can think of is Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness. Underrated game, despite it’s flaws, it’s own version if gambits being a huge highlight.


Funny gambit story: Early on, once you get Penelo in the group, I was having her be the black mage and cast magic. And I decided at a certain point I just want her to attack so she can conserve MP in case she needs to spot heal or something. So I set a gambit that said Self MP < 30%: Attack.

So I’m going, and then she starts just taking damage? Like she’s standing way back, and swinging, and taking damage. And I’m thinking what is going on? And then I realize, I basically told her that when she runs low on MP she needs to beat herself up over it.


So does it matter at what point in battle you use your Quickenings? I beat Garuda with one round of em, but I can’t get past the first demon wall. Should I just skip it and do the second one right away?

Lisence Board Questions: So how much does Magic/Battle Lore increase my attack power? Is it passive, or can I see that in the Stats?

Also where do I get the measures for the Machinist? All I can find is a bunch of posts about how they’re not really worth it, but I’d like to test that for myself. :slight_smile:


It doesn’t really matter for quickenings but using them at the end of a boss fight is better because bosses tends to be stronger in their last 15% of HP.

Also the first demon wall is optional. The thinking is that as the demon wall moves to crush you, you need to understand that you have to open the door until you’re cornered by the second wall, this one is much weaker and the way forward

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The Concurrence that happens at the end of the Quickening does area damage, so use it when a boss has some buddies. Otherwise save it for near the end. There are some bosses that gain immunity to magic or physical near the end and Quickenings become your only option.

I think I got my first measure somewhere deeper in the Lushu Mines, or maybe up in Mosphorian Highwaste. Wherever I was it was somewhere I wasn’t supposed to be yet. Wherever I got it I got a second one shortly after.

The first demon wall is optional. In the original defeating it allowed you access to a pretty great weapon for that early in the game. Now the reward is garbage. You’ll still need to defeat it for the explore all areas and bestiary trophies, but it’s not really worth fighting it when you first reach it now.

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Been enjoying the heck out of this game the last weeks. Played up until Pharos on PS2, but I remember very little of it, or my opinion of it. I was surprised when I got there on this playthrough that I made it that far and gave up, for some reason.

I love how nice the game is to the player. Anytime, in and out of battle, you can change party members and equipment. Pick out good gambits, 4x speed, let the game grind for you basically. It’s going to ruin other games for me. There are plenty of challenging, hidden bosses if you need to be challenged. Lots of really obscure weapons and armour to hunt down as well.

After playing FF9 I also appreciate how the story isn’t just death, murder, murder, death. Maybe there is some of it, but that sort of stuff gets very tiresome for me lately. Evil is boring. Instead there is some political intrigue, with really excellent writing and voice acting. Makes we wonder how the Japanese version compares; if it is also written in an olden fashion.

Guess I’m about to finish the game, so instead I’m running around getting all the espers and doing all the hunts. Currently trying to find my way around the great crystal, featuring perhaps not my favourite dungeon design ever.

Sorry for the opinion dump, but this is a good game.

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Applying a Phoenix Down to this thread because the Zodiac Age is coming to the Switch (and xBox) and I have gone from being mildly interested in giving this game a second shot to being very excited within the course of the past week. (It has been a long week and I have been desperate for something to take my mind off things.)

I had picked up the PlayStation remaster when it came out and probably made my way through about a third of the game only to sell it, and the PlayStation, to buy a Switch. I do not remember many of the details about the story but I remember enjoying myself and the gambit system, and general nature of the game, make me think it will be very fun and good to play it on the go–truly a blessing for all Switch ports.

I don’t know if I have anything else of true worth to say at this time beyond I am excited and check out this cool art Akihiko Yoshida made for the upcoming versions.

Edit: I have seriously gone to great lengths not to do work today so here is the job setup I am thinking:

Maybe light spoilers ahead

Vaan: Shikari/White Mage
Penelo: Black Mage/Machinist
Balthier: Archer/Red Mage
Fran: Monk/Foebreaker
Ashe: Knight/Time Mage
Basch: Bushi/Uhlan


Just some opinions on this. White mage on Vaan and archer on Balthier is a waste, they are too powerful characters for those classes. Penelo is a fantastic White Mage/Machinist combo. Vaan as Shikari/Foebreaker is real good stuff, he’s the most powerful dude as damage dealer and damage taker.

But to add also, I really hope people who haven’t played this before do it now if it is out on your platform. It’s a remarkable game.

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Okay, so help out with this. I have read repeatedly that class optimization does not matter that much in this game and it is totally okay to do what you want… but at the same time I would like an efficient and effective party. That and I want to use all the jobs.

So, based on your first suggestions, how would you recommend readjusting so all jobs are used? Below is some very basic tinkering on my end:

Vaan: Shikari/Foebreaker
Penelo: White Mage/Machinist
Balthier: Archer/Red Mage (not sure who to assign Archer to; Penelo instead of Machinist?)
Fran: Monk/Black Mage (I have read this is a good combo)
Ashe: Knight/Time Mage
Basch: Bushi/Uhlan

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