Final Fantasy XII : The Zodiac Age

It’s worth noting that the switch version is adding the ability to change jobs, so there’s less pressure to get it right first time. Or just aesthetics, I plan to make Ashe a Red Mage like I did on PS4 purely because she looks great with a mace and shield.

Those all look good? So long as you don’t end up with people with only one Swiftness augment (reduces action times by 10%, you can get up to three per character), everything should be fine, and it’s the most awkward part of using every job, but that party seems to be perfect, from what I’ve read. You might want to swap Vaan and Balthier’s jobs to match their stats better (Balthier’s magic stats are lacking, while Vaan’s are much more solid), but even as-is it shouldn’t be a problem. (Quickly checked my strategy guide: at max level, there’s 8 points of difference in Vaan and Balthier’s magick power, it’s more typically less than that, and you get bonus magick from robe-type armour - the difference in play is probably not super meaningful.)

Oh! The Vaan, Balthier swap is a good idea. Thanks! (And thanks for bringing in a strategy guide.)

And thank you @CaptainMorton for mentioning that. I missed that the Switch version has even more changes to make the game more casual and easy and fun and forgiving.

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So PAX East has given us footage now of the game running on Switch and it looks really good which is kind of expected (but also a huge relief).

In addition, and I am typically very bad at noticing any differences, but Direct-Feed Games has uploaded a comparison of the PS4 and Switch versions and differences between the two look minimal.


I got this on Switch! It’s a good time, though I have done 2 decent length play sessions and am still getting through the intro. The 2-4x speed boost definitely helps a lot with traipsing through sewers to fight rats.

I heard that the Switch version lets you change jobs, how/when is that? I’m still very early, and just curious how seriously I should treating my job picks (the game has not exactly given much context there).

Also, should I not be selling all of my loot? I thought that was the point, but then I did get to an orange crystal that mentioned I had no teleport crystals. Because I had just sold off the ones I had, thinking they were just a grab bag of junk.

This article explains it in more detail but job switching is unlocked once you meet Montblanc.

I am really looking forward to getting into the Switch version… at some point. I am currently addicted to Dragon’s Dogma and should really finish FF7 (to say nothing of my reading list) but at some point this summer I think this game will be a real swell treat.

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Teleport crystals are about the only thing you should not sell off. Maybe gysahl greens go in the loot section too, for some reason, and I think they have a use? But I do seem to remember teleport stones being weirdly placed given that they are useful items.

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Yes and no – having certain items unlocks additional items in the Bazaar, so there’s an incentive to hold onto a couple of items. I played vanilla Final Fantasy XII and tended to hold onto 3-5 items of each loot category but would sell if I was pretty sure I didn’t want them or needed to scrounge up some extra cash.

With that said, it is all something you can find again (perhaps inconveniently if it’s Loot from a really rare enemy/uncommon drop), so you can defs take a sell-it-all strategy if you need to & pick up any items later if there’s a specific piece of gear you want.

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Thanks for the answers!

@robowitch I might have misunderstood how that stuff works.

I assumed that I didn’t need to bulk sell. I thought every item I sold was going into a huge invisible pile that unlocks things as I hit thresholds. But are you saying that instead, it only matters what I’m selling in each individual visit to a shop? And in that way, I might want to stock up so I can sell off in bulk and unlock more bazaar goods?

From what I remember of how it works if you need 3 of an item to get a thing added to the bazzar and 5 of the same item for another thing, then selling 5 at once will count for both, but selling 3 will get one and not the other and you’d need to sell an additional 5 for the other. So stockpiling and bulk selling is recommended.

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