Final Fantasy XIV Waypoint Linkshells!

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With the upcoming Final Fantasy XIV patch 4.3, cross world Linkshells are FINALLY coming along with it!

I figure that now is a good a time as any to start organizing setting these up.

For some details, because of the way SE’s server setup works, Linkshells only work with servers on the same data center. That means that we’d effectively need to have two Waypoint linkshells. One for Aether and another for Primal. In addition, a Linkshell can have at the max amount of 64 members (at least initially) so let’s not go too overboard with alts or secondary characters.

So at this point, it’s a good idea just to figure out whose where and who can help with setting things up. I’ve also brought this up with some folk on the Waypoint fans discord and managed to gauge some interest there as well.

I’m thinking this.

  • I’ll make a poll here for Primal and Aether. Pick which one you primarily use, just so we can get some numbers.
  • Post which Server(s) you play on and which characters you have there. Because it’s common to have alts, for the time being it may be best to limit one or two characters per person per Data Center, just so spaces aren’t taken up by alts. If it doesn’t prove to be much an issue, then we’ll come back and see if we can relax on that kind of limitation

For myself, I play on Balmung which is part of Aether. I’ve two characters I play on it. Aloyv Riordan and Tali’ra Ilucien.

If anyone has any further ideas on how we should go about this, please say so! It should be a community driven thing and I’d like to have a way to play more with fellow Waypointers

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Shea Mewrilah on Sargatanas.

Jurassica Scalehecked on Excalibur!

Oh boy! I’m Luno Myr on Jenova.

Jackie Big on Exodus

Hemi Bianki on Ultros, but like I said in the discord I haven’t it been playing in a bit and have no ties keeping me there, so if everyone else is on an Aether server I’d switch.

Asmodeus Sorrath on Gilgamesh!

Looking forward to chats with Waypointers!

I’m Lala Palmer on Malboro!

Memori Mentomori on Siren in Aether! Yo!

Shavri Rajah on Hyperion (Primal)

Bless you for doing this. Great idea!

Dope. I’m Addic Braev on Jenova.

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Agriota Beck on Zalera

Yay very happy to see interest in this! :smiley:

Just giving little heads up on things. Apparently the cross world Linkshells are gonna be limited to 64 people rather than 128. That’s at least initially, but still I figured I’d at least correct my statement from above. Gomen orz.

In addition, I just thought I’d bring up that while I can handle a Linkshell for Aether, someone else is going to have to take the reigns on a Linkshell for Primal. I know at this point there’s more folk on Aether than Primal, but I don’t want folk on the latter to feel left out and forgotten, so if someone would be willing to take initiative, it would make me feel a bit better on that front. :purple_heart:

Live Letter 44 is May 11th so here’s to hoping there’s some more info on how Cross-world Linkshells work! o/

Ulfa Apgwyn on Balmung and thank you! This is exciting, I hadn’t known about this at all and an LS of decent folks is really enticing.

Adaire Thelmont on Leviathan (Primal)

Would love to play with you all! I really get into ffxiv during the summer.

Hello fiends, it’s patch note day! :clap:

Really though, this is good since now we can actually get an idea of what the heck to do to get all this up and running.

First up is this tidbit:

For the time being at least, we can only have one Cross World Linkshell at a time. For myself this isn’t a problem at least, but if people here want to prioritize another Linkshell than a Waypoint one, that’s fine! I imagine eventually SE will add more as time goes on, but for now, preliminary functionality and what not.


So it seems like the logic and function of these Linkshells more or less goes in line with having Cross-world contacts. You’ll only be able to add them if it’s a cross-world party, either from an instance or party finder. A little annoying, but it’d probably mean we just need to schedule out some times of when to add folk to get things rolling at least.

(Side note @izalith you mentioned playing on Balmung, I might ask to add you first for the Aether LS if only because I’d just have to catch you at a time when we’re both online, that way we can get the 24 hour limit out of the way first thing, but no pressure!)


Whoever is making the Linkshell I suppose will be master (which I’m fine with if I’m making the Aether one) but anyone else who wants to be leader, please feel free to speak up, especially to make sure newer folk can be added as time goes on. As for any kind of rules, I figure the same of here or on the Discord applies to the Linkshell.

  • No bigotry
  • Respect others
  • Don’t invalidate or belittle someone’s reason for playing the game

Though I’d also like to make a note that since there can only be one Linkshell, it’ll have to encompass some rather general discussion, meaning that if talk or discussion starts to become a bit more intense, it might be better to move it elsewhere.

Aaaaand that’s about it for the moment. The patch drops on Tuesday so until then, please feel free to keep talking about this more. Suggestions or people who wanna help out or if you just haven’t thrown your name into the pool of things yet. If you need to reach out to me for any reason, feel free to shoot me a message on here or on Discord.

See y’all online! o/


@sammneiland regarding the add to the Aether LS, that’s fine! If we don’t catch each other Tuesday feel free to message me here to coordinate whenever. Thanks for taking care of this administrative stuff!

HAPPY PATCH DAY! :confetti_ball::tada:

Alright that out of the way. So I was able to get a Waypoint Crossworld Linkshell made last night for Aether and got a couple folk sitting in it, so no worries about time constraints at least.

At this point, all there really is to figure out how to get some folk added. Unfortunately I’m going to be busy most of today but I will have tomorrow more or less entirely free so if y’all can shoot me a message at a time I can catch you, that’ll be super helpful.

Basically what I figured I’d have to do is gonna be it. Make a party in the party finder for folk to join to add them to the linkshell. Works pretty well, if a little bit obtuse.

That said, for folks on Primal, I’m sorry I can’t be the one to head that group. If someone wants to take initiative for that one it’d be wonderful. I wouldn’t want folk to feel obligated to transfer to an Aether server :S

If anyone on Primal is looking to join a CWLS then you can find me in private party finder - the passcode is 0069!

edit: turns out this thing only lasts like an hour so it’d probably be better just to ping me at chris#2695 in the Waypoint discord or by DM whenever


So, I’m already in the Aether LS (Elena Thornhill@Faerie), but wanted to ask if I could have a Leader role?
I’m fairly active on the Discord server, so could easily handle invite requests that come from there.