Final Fantasy XIV Waypoint Linkshells!


Nice! I haven’t been playing regularly/am still on HW MSQ, but I’m Magus Strago on Primal/Leviathan. Kinda tired of the zerg invite FCs I’ve been getting invited to…


Just a note to let the Aether folks know that they can message me here for invites to the CWLS too!


A friend told me that the Waypoint community had a CWLS, and I’ve been listening to Waypoint Radio for a while now, so I figured this was as good a time as any to join the forum and see if I can get in on the linkshell.

Wintry Ptarmigan on Sargatanas, so Aether.


Ah man, I’ve been slacking in my FFXIV playing recently because I have nobody to play with and I’m max level (and it is an investment in MMOs to find or build a community you can hang out with). On the off-chance this will encourage me to play more once I’ve recovered from State of Decay 2 addiction, I’m Onydan Varell on Behemoth. :smiley:


Not entirely on-topic, but I’m currently on Excal(Primal) and in a mostly inactive FC but would love to join a FC with some interest in revisiting old raids, doing some gardening and just a chill place to hang out with cool folks. Anyone have recommendations? I could move servers too if needed. I’d also be interested in joining the CWLS on Primal as well in the meantime!


I figured I’d try to resuscitate this thread and see if there are any fellow adventurers on Primal interested in starting a crossworld LS. Now seems like as good a time as any considering the world visit system will be implemented soon!

I’m on Hyperion and the game is often quite quiet and a solo experience for me. It’d be great to make some friends!


I’m interested in hopping back into FFXIV and joining a crossworld LS! I’m on Leviathan (Primal).

FFXIV is a ton of fun but the issue I’ve always had is that I’m a million miles behind story/content wise. It’s tough to find folks willing to do older dungeons/raids. I’m still slowly working through Heavensward right now.


Hey, a Primal Pal!

I’m not really all that great at leading initiatives, but I’ll certainly see if I can set up a cross-world LS sometime soon. It’ll probably be pretty small to start, to be honest. But if you ever need a hand with any of the older content, give me a holler! I main tank, so it’ll be an almost insta-queue (usually).


We already have a Primal linkshell as it happens! If you’re on discord you can hit me up on chris#2695, or mmorpg-plaza in the Waypoint server.


That’s great! I’ll be sure to touch base on Discord soon. :smile: