Finally, 'Destiny 2' Is Doubling Down on What the Fans Want: Obscure Lore

Bungie has just released a new trailer for Destiny 2’s next content drop, the Season of Dawn. At first glance it may seem like a conventional Destiny trailer, but it's packed with references to lore and character that are guaranteed to bring die-hards to their feet. Osiris, the mysterious Warlock who was banished from the Last City for going too far into his investigation of the Vex, seems to be this Season’s Quest Dispenser NPC, and delivers some exposition that gives him better characterization than the entirety of his standalone DLC, The Curse of Osiris, ever did. It feels appropriate that they’d be revisiting the character for this season that’s focused on fixing a broken timeline.

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I would be so much more pumped for this reveal if I knew that it wasn’t throw away content. CoO was already a really depressing waste of the intrigue of Osiris and the followers from D1, and to use Osiris again, and to finally meet Saint 14 in a season of content that will disappear for ever in 3 months is a pretty bad feeling.

I hope that they manage to land the changes that they are going for, but even as someone who really loves the game, this just makes me more concerned about where they go from here.

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Yeah. Fuck seasonal content, basically.


I for one am excited to welcome home Saint-14.

And more exclusively nabbing his special shotgun.