Finally, We Answer The Question: Is It True Genesis Does What Nintendon't?


Content warning for discussion of transphobic language from 38:38 to 41:33.

On episode 180 of Waypoint Radio, Danielle talks about her real-life fighting game, Austin fell down a tactics hole, Rob and Austin are both living out cold-war woes in Phantom Doctrine, and Patrick has become a true Dead Cells Connoisseur. Then, we dip into the question bucket (for excellent gamer marketing nostalgia) and close out on waypoints from the worlds of film, TV, comics, and other podcasts.

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Rob, I don’t care if nobody else liked it, I’m proud of you for committing to the bit. Bravo.


I’ll be honest, It’s legitimately heartening to think that our very own Rob used to wear Big Dog shirts. People really can change.


It’s so sad hearing Genesis kids maintain that they’re glad they had a Genesis instead of a Super Nintendo. Like I get it was a part of their childhood but you would think after a couple of decades they would have come to terms with their mistakes. Truly heartbreaking.


Had both! Just liked the Genesis more.


let my story be a cautionary tale: sub austin in the discourse zone and you will get flexed on


It’s crazy how much I identified with the Nintendo vs Sega divide. At the time, I convinced my parents to get a NES instead of a Genesis (yep NES, not SNES) when they asked me which console we should get. Now I loved playing the NES at home, and the games were all suitable to play with the family watching in the living room. We could sing along to the Megaman 2 themes (I wish I could remember our childhood lyrics), or spend hours just leveling in FFI, or just get stuck on Zelda 2, before the days when an internet FAQ could rescue us.


I had a friend who had a Genesis, and it was just so cool and weird. It looked like a spaceship, and it’s games were often dark and janky, but promised something more than the polished, simple experiences of the NES (but basically always fell well short of that promise). And yes, I plugged everything into the Sonic and Knuckles. Greatest concept cart ever!

At the time, I felt a bit of regret for going NES, but looking back, I’m happy that Nintendo was my home console. The games may have been simpler, but they were usually more polished and fun.

Thanks for going there, Waypoint :slight_smile: