Finals Support Group

Like many of you I am currently dealing with the last few weeks of my College semester. I miss playing video games. I just got two kickstarters mailed to me full of minis to paint and a new board game I have been looking forward to. My life has become nothing but exams and reading. My only companions are stress and anxiety.

So yeah, here is space for people to vent about the end of the semester, talk about what they wish they were doing, and find camaraderie.

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Canada’s universities are cut into thirds (Sept-Dec, Jan-Apr, May-Aug), with monthly summer courses dominating this time of year. So no finals for most people.

BUT I’m excluded from that because I have to write a delayed final for my last, last, last class of my entire degree next wednesday and OH GOD I should not be on the forums right now.

Ahahaha [/Laharl]. I can be of no help to you except to tell you that it does end. There is a light at the end of the tunnel even if that light is a fire. I pursued my PhD in part to ensure there would be no more schooling and learned that at least the are no more grades now. Instead my stress is picking a postdoc position this summer. One way or another it looks like I’m moving to New York.

ehhhhhhh the pre-exam pukes started early this year (Oh god only 36 more hours until my test).