Finding #Content is Really Tough


Hey, I know this is something that has been harped on by the staff before, but it’s gotten to a pretty gnarly extreme for me. I am having a hard as hell time staying abreast of new stuff, and finding content that is similar to other content.

Navigating the three available media types is extremely difficult. The ‘Read’ section, for example, contains podcasts, and it doesn’t have any filtering mechanism for different types of articles (Editorial, News, etc.) The closest thing to this is the tags at the foot of the articles. Should you use them, you return any type of content to which that tag is attached, so if you want to find only write-ups about EA, for example, you have to sift through dozens of podcasts, too.

The Features and Columns sections are useful at first glance, but I’m not super clear on what qualifies for which section, and more to the point, I don’t think either category has been added to in months, though articles that should qualify for both seem to have been published in that time. It’s frustrating that the Features are one of the first things you see on the homepage, but the last piece added to that category was written in October. I’ve read those! Show me your other big pieces! Where is all the New Year’s stuff?

I find out about most streams after they’ve happened, and even then I don’t feel like I’m being served links to them on the homepage. Judging by how navigating video content works, I get the impression that videos are siloed off from the rest if Waypoint’s content due to the way Vice hosts and serves them. This is super unfortunate for me, because I would really like to see them served up on the homepage somehow - if not fully embedded in Waypoint’s page, then at least a part of the Latest content ‘cards’ and linked out to where they are served. I just don’t think it’s reasonable web design practice to expect the user to navigate to a separate site to see fully half of your site’s most compelling content.

The only other way I’m made aware of video content at all is from staff on Twitter mentioning that events are happening, or just happened, and I mean, obviously that’s not a good solution. Again, I get the impression that this is a product of circumstance, but in case there is an element of someone, somewhere up the ranks not believing this is an issue, or not believing it’s a big enough issue to resolve, please know I haven’t watched a Waypoint video in months because I just don’t fuckin know they exist.

As for the home page itself, I would LOVE to see some kind of color-coding or branding to identify content type on-sight. A “Video”, “Editorial”, “News”, “Podcast”, etc. badge on the image, or again some kind of color coding, would be a massive improvement. Right now, everything looks like it’s the same ‘kind’ of thing, which makes finding a satisfyingly long read, or a (theoretical) video to watch, much more difficult than it ought to be.

I’d also like to see the schedule incorporated into the homepage somewhere, maybe for just the upcoming week. It would make the site feel more lived-in than it is. I’d also like to see publish dates on article cards.

EDIT: I forgot a thing - content placeholders (a la Facebook’s gray text bars and gray image squares) would be great for the time between when the DOM first loads and when the content loads into place. Less important, but still useful.

I hope this is helpful input. I want to enjoy more of what the site has to offer. I like to read Waypoint pieces on my phone over lunch, but it’s such a chore to navigate for the kind of thing I’m looking for that I’ve taken to finding an article read on my computer first, and then googling the article on my phone to avoid having to use the site’s interface to browse for it. That’s crazy.

I hope this stuff gets ironed out. Thanks everyone!

Disconnect Between Forum and Site

Thanks for taking the time to write this. It’s super constructive and helpful.

I can’t speak to exactly what’s coming up, but I can say it’s… spooky how close your list mirrors what we’re working on early this year. We can do a better job of helping people find what they’re looking for – whether it’s by surfacing more relevant, related #Content while you’re already reading, or by better categorizing things on the homepage and in the overall site navigation.

Oh, and you should already see some image placeholders around the site. We’re improving the behavior (it’s pretty basic at the moment), but it’s getting there. Glad you find it helpful.

Thanks again. I always share this feedback with the team and it definitely informs my design work.


Awesome, thank you! Excited to see the changes!