Finding 'Critical Hits' ed. Zoe Jellicoe

Second post ever, so forgive me if I’m misplacing this.

One of Austin’s articles was mentioned on the Waypoint Radio podcast, part of a collection called ‘Critical Hits’, where he delves into his thoughts about procedural generation and ambition ‘the forever game’.

It sounded really interesting and potentially valuable to my research (I was just reading about Jean-Baptiste ‘Etteilla’ Alliette’s tarot card reading book and the ‘endless narrative pleasure’ it promised), but it seems nearly impossible to get a copy in the US. If anyone has a suggestion as to where I might look, or where else this subject has come up, I’d be very appreciative!

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Does Zoe not ship to the US or something?

Thanks for the reply!

I tried ordering from her site a couple times but when I get to the end of the transaction it says something along the lines of ‘this shop is no longer operating’. I’m not sure if it’s a regional thing, though if it is, the site didn’t say as much.

Maybe ask her about it? The site has contact info.