Fire Destroys the European Datacenter Containing ‘Rust’ Data

The datacenter housing the European data for the popular crafting and survival game Rust caught fire on Tuesday night and burned until the wee hours of Wednesday morning. The European Rust servers were housed at a datacenter run by OVHCloud in Strasbourg, France. Rust developer Facepunch is bringing servers back online for European players, but said that all the data consumed in the fire is lost and players will have to start again.

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The only thing good about this is people realizing the “cloud” is still physical servers and that means you are still supposed to have disaster recovery plans.

Losing the Rust servers is bad but I believe they wipe those every month anyways. Imagine if instead Destiny’s main european servers burned up. How often is Bungie backing up player data and how many copies are there? If you lost all progress in a live game or even a months worth of progress would you go back to it?