Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia: Anybody else excited for this?


Hey All! in three short days, the new (old) Fire Emblem will once again be upon us? What does everybody think? Anybody Excited?

For me, I’ve been a Fire Emblem fan since Sacred Stones, and I’ve liked most of the handheld stuff. I’m one of those people that actually likes grinding in these types of games, so this should be a fun time. Hopefully I won’t be disappointed!


I’m pretty amped. FE’s one of my fave series ever, and the original FE2 did some really interesting things - if there was one thing I’d criticize it on it would be aging Not Well. so I’m really happy it’s getting a remaster, and from what I’ve seen this game looks slick as all hell.

also, like, we should (I guess?) be getting another new version of With Mila’s Divine Protection, which is an incredibly good thing.


I have high hopes for it! Tried and bounced off the Famicom game a few times, but I liked some of its alternate takes on what has become the series playbook.

I am firmly in camp “less kissin’ / more killin’” when it comes to Fire Emblem. Looking forwards to a return to some simpler, weirder mechanics - for example, the notion that spellcasters are very powerful, but directly expend their HP to do their stuff.


Man I so so so wish this was on the Switch. Playing that game on the crisp screen would be awesome


I loved Awakening, but really struggled with Fates.

I found it difficult to invest in any of the characters presented early on, and I just burned out on it super quickly.

Hoping the writing/localisation is a bit of a step up this time round.


I might pick it up? I half expect it to get a Switch port though. And I was burned by the awful writing in Awakening and Fates and the focus on romance with the ages of some of those characters creeped me the F out


How 'bout that Nowi, amirite?


I really liked Awakening and Fates for the most part and this one looks okay I guess? I went back and played two of the GBA games and found them pretty boring with some seriously basic as hell narratives(not that Awakening/Fates were any better in that regard). The supports were what mostly drove my desire to play the newer games and I guess this one still has them in some form so I’ll probably pick it up somewhere down the line.


Oh but she’s like, 12,000 years old so it’s totally cool don’t worry about it

I was going to post a picture of her to prove my point but I legit don’t know what laws it’s skirting to not just be child pornography so I won’t ¯_(ツ)_/¯


But for realsies, the first FE game I tried was Awakening and I quickly learned that grinding was a big part in those games because of how they introduce new characters. I wasn’t a huge fan of how I had to go back to past areas and grind things out because otherwise characters I wanted to use in combat were nigh useless. I lost patience for that mechanic in Pokemon until they finally made the EXP share better. I never finished Awakening and I didn’t pick up Fates because I heard some pretty legitimately terrible things about it’s handling of LGBTQ+ characters.

If this game does things in a way that surpasses those installments and doesn’t trip and break it’s own teeth on gross shit like queerbaiting and whatever the fuck they were trying to pull with characters like Nowi or Ricken, then I might give it a shot.


I have issues with her outfit in relation to her age, but a lot more with the fact that she puts on the mask of a child and doesn’t take it off except for a few rare occasions, but the game still goes “hey romance this child and not the dragon that’s a literal actual adult”. I could go into more, but I won’t.


the Nowi thing especially sucked cause 1) they’ve done the same “10,000 year old dragon looks like a 10 year old” thing before without putting the character in a fucking bikini and 2) she is like, a good unit and a fun character (at least imo), so it’d be nice to be able to have her in the party without seeing that disgusting costume constantly.


I’m happy to see the old games be remastered.

As others have said, I never liked the heavy focus on romance in Awakening and Fates and that wasn’t a thing in Fire Emblem Gaiden. Also, they’re sticking to the old Fire Emblem character design philosophy, which is far less interested in sexualizing children. Or indeed, pretty much any of its female characters. The most provocatively dressed character in Echoes is Sonya, and she’s (a) practically dressed like a nun compared to some of the characters in Fates, (b) isn’t our sister, and © is 25.


The most recent Fire Emblem games have all been designed from the ground up to pander as hard as they possibly can and it really shows whenever a women is on screen in those games. The old games were never especially well written and the character design in the older games flat out sucked before a certain point but Awakening straight up doubled down on the franchise’s flaws in almost every regard. It did add some good accessibility options, but it’s focus on romance meant both that if you weren’t in it to watch characters that may as well be cardboard cutouts with anime faces on them kiss you were basically playing a eugenics simulator and that every support between characters of opposite genders had to be able to end in romance. So it ends up meaning that every possible support feels like a setup for a bad rom com and implicitly implies the only way men and women can relate to each other is by how their genitals fit together. On purpose or not it’s all kind of despicable. And it’s a shame as tactics game/dating sim is a solid idea even if the writing resources to pull it off at the scale the FE games want to are almost untenable

From what I understand though Echoes doesn’t change much about the basic plot of the game and doesn’t place any more focus on supports than the original it is based off of so it may well fair better in that regard


As someone who got into Fire Emblem with the last two games, I’m pretty excited to play one without tons of creepy pandering to a certain demographic, yeah. I have some good friends who are more familiar with the older titles and have gotten me pumped for this- the character art is incredible, and just seeing the portraits makes me want to know the story.

I also hope this leads to remasters of other old FE games! There’s some I’m really curious about, especially FE4, the original marriage simulator.


Yes! I hope they do a remaster of Binding Blade, that one was a sequel to one of the GBA games that did come to the West, and starred Roy (who was in Super Smash Bros. Melee/4).

I’d like to see platonic support endings come back, not just between characters of the same gender but different genders, too. I always thought it was so cool that you could get endings between a man and a woman that weren’t romantic, no other game had something like that.


I’ve only played two Fire Emblem games: Radiant Dawn and uh, Shadow Dragon? the DS remake one with Marth.
Oh and Heroes but you know.

I wanted to pick up Awakening but then Fates was about to come out (and since Nintendo games never really drop in price, I might as well wait for the new one right?) but then I ended up not getting Fates yet so the same thing has happened again.

But I don’t know. Shadow Dragon was, not my favourite? Radiant Dawn was far more my taste, so I’m a bit, ehh, about getting a Remake one again, you know?

But I’m probably happier to just be able to set up whatever supports I want and not worry about Having Children or whatever because, urgh.


I really want them to hire a new character designer. This upcoming game looks okay, in terms of like, hey the women aren’t all wearing bikini armour, but I don’t know if that’s them just adhering to the older games aesthetic, or them actually realizing the last two games were really fucking gross.


It looks the artist who did the last two FE games is mostly known over here for No More Heroes:ūsuke_Kozaki

Where as the guy working on the new one is mostly known for the Atelier games:


I have Radiant Dawn, but the first Fire Emblem game I really got into was Awakening, and I honestly still really like it.The fact that it’s easier made getting into it less difficult, and I liked all the characters a lot. That being said, I think one of Fate’s problems was that it was trying to shoehorn in some of the stuff that made Awakening super popular without really bothering to make those elements actually fit the story? So you get stuff like the kid units in Fates, even though it makes no sense and is kinda creepy? (though the kids units got kinda weird in Awakening too, because it encouraged like, a breeding program if you wanted to minmax???). Plus all the stuff people have already brought up about marrying your friend’s kid sister and Nowi’s outfit.

So I’m excited for a FE game that incorporates some of the modern elements introduced in Awakening, but also isn’t desperately trying to recreate Awakening completely. I hope if Echoes does well then the devs realize that not every modern FE game has to be exactly like Awakening, if that makes sense.