Fire Emblem: Three Houses (formerly Persona Hogwarts edition)

So I know we got some Fire Emblem fans on this forum and I know there has been some general mutterings and talk about the upcoming game for the Switch, Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

Well, Nintendo has gone ahead and published the official box art for the game and… well it is really something that can speak for itself:

So, uh, what are folks thinking? What were folks thinking until they learned that one of the lord characters in the game is gonna float upside down through the whole thing? (Seriously though, this is some weird box art.)

why they gotta put everyone’s favorite upside down?

Should this be called: Fire Emblem: What if Harry Potter was also a murdering, power hungry Warlord Edition?

I will be curious to see if this one pulls the same garbage as the last few or not. But I will be finding out from a distance as I cradle my copies of the GBA games will softly sobbing to myself


I’m very excited but also my intro to fire emblem was radiant dawn which I love despite being widely assured it’s awful so, I’m not a True Fan or whatever

also I think the box art looks nice

also also school houses weren’t invented by harry potter I just want to be clear on that


I find myself in the same boat. I thought Awakenings was a lot of fun, especially given that it could have been the final game in the series and they went overboard with content, but Fates was just… yikes. I am fine with the shift in art (nothing is going to top the GBA combat sprites) but IS really has been placing a whole lot of unnecessary gimmicks on top of the core mechanics that make Fire Emblem so good (to me).

The most I actually know about this game is this very good tweet thread:


Fair point! I was simply going with the established joke at this time. That and the school being split into different factions personally gave me Hogwarts vibes as opposed to, I dunno, Le Guin’s take on a magical school in the Earthsea books.

Claude is actually Australian so he’s really the right side up.


My cycle with every recent Fire Emblem has been “play for a few hours on casual difficulty, feel like I’m doing something wrong, get overwhelmed with the excessive amount of characters, peter out shortly after”.

I can’t tell if I like these games or not.

This is going to be my first FE game. I haven’t put off the series for for any particular reason, I just never had a platform to play the games or a strong desire to seek them out. 2019’s the year of a lot of firsts for me.

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I say wait and watch to see if the game has another plotline where you cure a lesbian of her gayness by slipping a drug in her drink. I’m expecting some horrible bullshit because Fire Emblem is going all in on pandering to the otaku crowd and experience has told me that’s basically a franchise dignity death sentence.


I mentioned on Discord that this looks like Fire Emblem ate Trails of Cold Steel. I am 100% here for that.

To JKDarkSide’s point, though, I’m also gritting my teeth in anticipation of some kind of weird problematic nonsense. It just feels inevitable, somehow…


I think Shadows of Valentia is relatively free of heinous content. There’s probably something that I overlooked, but it wasn’t like Awakening or Fates where I had to make a point of pretending pretty prominent gross stuff wasn’t there so I wouldn’t feel bad about liking the game.

I’m real interested in how much garbage makes it in as well. If feel like the designs and what we’ve seen so far suggests it’s pivoting away from the excess of Fates but maybe not getting all the way back to pre-awakening or Valentia levels of garbage.
I’m still pretty concerned though since the player character being the teacher for most of your units has the potential to get real gross real fast.

I suspect that they’re going full Persona and if I’m right, you are DEFINITELY going to want to jump ship because they will absolutely go there. After Fates I am convinced there is no bottom to where Fire Emblem will go.


I’m kinda interested in picking it up when it comes out. I do have a weird soft spot for noble ladies with silver hair ever since playing Suikoden 3.

I’ve only played Valentia and am actually thinking about getting back into it since I’ve never finished it, but I’ve watched a lot of streams/LPs of the others. The GBA games seem really cool but I don’t think I could play them without regular save stating.

I wish there were more games of the “RPGs with massive casts that involve fantasy politics” genre. Though what I probably really want is just fantasy Crusader Kings 2.

My first experience with the Fire Emblem games was an attempt to play Awakening that petered out once I collected all the base units in the game and got to the social link romance mechanic. I didn’t find it engaging for several reasons:
1.) There were already a lot of units in that game and the time-travel narrative adding additional units in the form of time travel kids wasn’t great.
2.) I don’t like romances that tie themselves to game mechanics because it end up being a bizarre and uncomfortable pseudo-genetics game.

Fire Emblem: Fates continued that mechanic and also solidified that I wouldn’t touch it the second I found out the deal with Soleil (which @JKDarkSide touched on in their post) along with another really bad decision with the romances in that game that I’m going to put below a cut.

Spoilers | Content warning for incest

In Fire Emblem: Fates, the protagonist you play as is secretly the child of a dragon and a human, but isn’t aware of this and is raised with the understanding that they’re a human. Corrin is adopted into the royal family in Hoshido and raised as the sibling to four other characters. Later on, Corrin gets kidnapped, mind-wiped and adopted into the royal family of Nohr and raised with four other siblings.

The game makes it pretty clear that these characters are Corrin’s family, but that doesn’t make them off-limits for romance supports. One of the characters, Camilla, has a personality that really plays on the ‘big sister’ thing. It’s really gross, and I think it’s reprehensible to imply that incest between siblings is okay if they’re not related by blood.

Considering that the set up for this game is that you’re a teacher at this academy and not a student, and that they’ve given no indication that they’re going to drop the romance supports between the Avatar and the characters, I do not trust where this game is going.

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Do we know who’s localizing it? 8-4’s work on Awakening felt miles ahead of Fates.

Dual audio would be nice again as well; I turned the voices off in Fates but it ended up not helping as much as I hoped.

I don’t think that has been announced yet. However, 8-4 did say it isn’t them. :frowning:

I thought Awakening was a good middle ground between new and old fans, but Fates went way overboard and was just terrible. Plus as others have pointed out the localization in Fates was pretty bad. Ideally for me they would go back in the direction of the old GBA games, but I think that ship has sailed. I’ll still always get excited about a new Fire Emblem, though.