Fire Emblem: Three Houses (formerly Persona Hogwarts edition)

re the lack of protagonist dialogue I couldn’t stop laughing at a late game scene where one of your comrades mentions a daring plan that Byleth act surprised about only for them to say “don’t you remember, professor? you came up with the plan earlier this month.”


Talk of silent Byleth gives me major flashbacks to Tales of Xillia 2. In which the protag is the only non-voiced character with the exception of one random semi-late game cutscene. Spoken dialogue turned out to be a post game unlockable for new game plus

Maybe it’s the tabletop gamer in me, but I love a silent protagonist. It gives me a place to insert, however weakly, some characterization of my own. It’s also a surefire way to avoid being turned off of a game by bad protagonist voice acting (I’m looking at you ManShep, thank goodness FemShep exists).

Also, I’m midway through most Black Eagle Support conversations now and I have some thoughts. Spoiler-y thought dump: Ferdinand seems to have the best heart for someone who is way to into being a noble. While she’s pretty together and generally admirable otherwise, maybe Dorothea should stop sexually harassing her professor? Linhardt is the best nerd, whom everyone should stop trying to change. He’s great. I’m starting to think that maybe Hubert really doesn’t have a heart of gold under his spymaster in training facade (have you seen the things he ‘loses?’). Also maybe Caspar should stop assaulting his fellow students? Petra seems great at first, but the more you get to know her, the scarier she gets. I get that we’re basically extrajudicial murder school, but Petra needs a please don’t murder the world intervention. Also, maybe stop offering to show your prof your other tattoos Petra. Bernadetta, still great. .

What a fun group of characters. I like how the writing often undermines your first impression of these characters, giving them an arc. Edit: I also like how the writing promotes reading as a good thing to do. So many school focused games have this message that book learning is lame, but this one shows characters sharing a real appreciation for reading and history which is so refreshing.

I’m honestly afraid to see what happens to them in the timeskip :frowning:


Without going into details, I do want to say that Caspar has slowly grown on me and, maybe, is the second sweetest boy in the Black Eagles (obviously behind Lindhart). The supports in this game have been really good and done a lot to establish pretty well-rounded characters.

In addition, although I am hardly following it all, I love how extensive the world is beyond our characters. There is a lot of talk of other nobles, their land, and political machinations. It’s very cool even if I do glaze over at times because you can’t actually engage in any of it aside from going to battle and killing people.


I’m moving much slower on my second play through than on my first, only on chapter 8 so far, so I probably am not going to finish this one before Control comes out like I had planned sadly, but I’ll try!

I think I like the golden deer characters a little more than the Black Eagles. Raphael notwithstanding, they feel like much less of a bunch of memes and more grounded. I’m curious to see their perspective on the upcoming chapters.

Overall, I think I’m coming to the understanding that in a lot of aspects, Three Houses is really an ambitious first draft. A lot of the elements of the story and the systems are really raw. And I don’t say that as a bad thing! I really like this game, like a lot. But I really hope that this K-T team gets another shot at this franchise, because I want to see what they can do when they tighten the screws, really focus on building off of three houses foundation.


I feel like GD feels more like a group of friends, while BE felt like a bunch of random weirdos united because Edelgard is a great leader. I could imagine everyone in GD going to McDonald’s and hanging out in a way I can’t really with most of BE.


I got to the end of part 1 with the Black Eagles and my motivation to continue has really taken a nose dive. It seems my choices are a warmongering dictator or a probably evil dragon pope?

Yo what’s up I just started this game is there any discourse left???

Initial take: So far I think it is good!


Yea that is your Choices. I finished the Church Route and it was ok. I am having more fun on the other route however but I haven’t finished it yet.

I’m still in the early going. There’s dozens of us (I think)!

I went with Edlegard and think the second half of the game does a better job explaining some motives. For how long I spent on part one, the choice felt very abrupt as did the reasons behind why sides were what they were.


Hey so what’s the deal with most A rank supports being romantic or implying two characters are pairing off for the future? Do characters have actual canon endings or does the last A rank they unlock dictate things? I ask because I really liked Bernadetta and Linhardt’s support chain but since then she has hit A rank with a bunch of other characters and I am gonna be bummed if that means she and Linhardt won’t be “alone together” post-game.

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From my experience it seems random. I have heard in some play through Dorothea was paired with Manuela while in mine she was with Petra

There’s a “closest ally” menu for each character, your endings will be determined by those

DLC Speculation

So is the DLC going to be about the war against Those Who Slither in the Dark or whatever they’re named? I was expecting one more chapter then it abruptly ends without resolving that. I kept laughing in the epilogue whenever they mentioned the long and hard war against them. And what the hell is the deal with the Death Knight? I know there will be new characters for dlc so I’m assuming he’ll be one.

Did you just find this fan art like I just found it? Cause it’s my favorite. The fan art for this game is incredible


I’ve not played through all of the routes yet but at least one of them definitely deals with that, the church route specifically.

No because thats dealt with in every other route of the game, in the church route its even Hubert that gives Byleth the intel to locate them. The way I see it not being included on Edelgards route is because in my mind, the developers think the Church is good and Edelgard is bad, and they didn’t want that route to conclude with Edelgard and Byleth doing something good by getting rid of those who slither

I think there will be a path where you can recruit all the houses/not cause them to fight (Kinda like FE Fates: Revelations) and then you do battle against Those who slither in the dark

Spoilers on several routes below


It is DEFINITELY not my impression that the writers think the Church is good and Edelgard is bad. Rhea is the classic Evil Pope for all of act 1 and even goes crazy (and turns the whole church crazy along with her) in the Church route, which makes no sense if the writers are trying to present her as the wronged party here. Rhea and Edelgard are both extremely gray characters. With the issue of Edelgard’s route being short and unsatisfying re: Those who Slither, I imagine it’s a mix of things: it is traditional for an FE the final fight to be against The Dragon (and from Edelgard’s perspective, it’s foolish to antagonize Those Who Slither before defeating Rhea, as she would be fighting on both fronts), and also possibly straight running out of time. There are a lot of reused maps, cutscenes, etc., that speak to a lack of time, and the BE route is already actually two routes. Also, each route is (probably intentionally) incomplete in terms of the Big Picture, and since the Church and GD routes focus on Those Who Slither, they probably just cut it from BE for scope.

I think it’s a shame, because Edelgard’s route definitely could have been tinkered with to provide better closure than a “she killed the bad guys later!” ending narration, but I really doubt that it’s because of the game’s preference for Rhea over Edelgard. If anything, the game seems to heavily champion Edelgard compared to what she objectively does (start a bloody conquest war) by giving her somewhat unrealistically noble motives/ending. (Like, most revolutionary dictators don’t overthrow the corrupt system via bloody war and then say My Work Is Done and peace out, you know?).

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