Fire Emblem: Three Houses (formerly Persona Hogwarts edition)

Did you just find this fan art like I just found it? Cause it’s my favorite. The fan art for this game is incredible


I’ve not played through all of the routes yet but at least one of them definitely deals with that, the church route specifically.

No because thats dealt with in every other route of the game, in the church route its even Hubert that gives Byleth the intel to locate them. The way I see it not being included on Edelgards route is because in my mind, the developers think the Church is good and Edelgard is bad, and they didn’t want that route to conclude with Edelgard and Byleth doing something good by getting rid of those who slither

I think there will be a path where you can recruit all the houses/not cause them to fight (Kinda like FE Fates: Revelations) and then you do battle against Those who slither in the dark

Spoilers on several routes below


It is DEFINITELY not my impression that the writers think the Church is good and Edelgard is bad. Rhea is the classic Evil Pope for all of act 1 and even goes crazy (and turns the whole church crazy along with her) in the Church route, which makes no sense if the writers are trying to present her as the wronged party here. Rhea and Edelgard are both extremely gray characters. With the issue of Edelgard’s route being short and unsatisfying re: Those who Slither, I imagine it’s a mix of things: it is traditional for an FE the final fight to be against The Dragon (and from Edelgard’s perspective, it’s foolish to antagonize Those Who Slither before defeating Rhea, as she would be fighting on both fronts), and also possibly straight running out of time. There are a lot of reused maps, cutscenes, etc., that speak to a lack of time, and the BE route is already actually two routes. Also, each route is (probably intentionally) incomplete in terms of the Big Picture, and since the Church and GD routes focus on Those Who Slither, they probably just cut it from BE for scope.

I think it’s a shame, because Edelgard’s route definitely could have been tinkered with to provide better closure than a “she killed the bad guys later!” ending narration, but I really doubt that it’s because of the game’s preference for Rhea over Edelgard. If anything, the game seems to heavily champion Edelgard compared to what she objectively does (start a bloody conquest war) by giving her somewhat unrealistically noble motives/ending. (Like, most revolutionary dictators don’t overthrow the corrupt system via bloody war and then say My Work Is Done and peace out, you know?).

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Something that a lot of y’all have referenced with your posts and something that I think is so wonderful about this game is the fact that no one playthrough/route is the “objective” story to this world. Every house’s story is set in the same exact world and given the same starting conditions, but they branch out in so many different & meaningful ways. I’m on a second playthrough after my first, and even in the first couple months there are some fairly different characterizations of events that each house experiences. Of COURSE people closely allied with the Empire are going to have a different understanding of events/social network than people allied with the Holy Kingdom, and that’s reflected so well in the way storytelling works in Three Houses. From what I understand there’s no route that has a dump of “okay here’s everything that’s happening and why”, an understanding of the world can only come together with experiencing every possible route. Every player will walk away from a different stance on every major character based on what houses they’ve played, but none of those views are invalid because of how everything is structured. Maybe it’s a tactic to inflate how much people have to play this game, but it’s something I really appreciate from a storytelling perspective.


just got to the ending of Black Eagles and i’m howling laughing at Edel “The Ends Justify The Means” Gard suddenly yelling about how we fight for our friends just like a real Naruto.
i was very surprised by the pairings in my ending (Hubart/Bernadetta, Dorothea/Petra and Lindhart/Annette were the only ones i got) but Hubernie was surprisingly sweet and the others were good too.

well time to go see how claude’s doing and murder all my good friends


I am fairly certain I read that the developers have stated the DLC will not be anything like Revelations and will focus on side stories, new (?) characters, and parts of the lore already established or mentioned in the game. It is possible that we will encounter what you mention in the spoiler tag but my understanding at this time is that Three Houses is committed to denying players an ending in which everyone is happy.

Edit: here is the interview I was thinking of:

Yokota : These will be spin-offs that won’t affect the main story or the post-game either. We’re also thinking about introducing some new characters. We’re talking something fairly big here, so I think fans might have to wait a while. Also, aside from the expansion pass there will be a free update post-launch to add a new ‘Lunatic’ difficulty. Again, there might be a bit of a wait for this, but I think skilled players can definitely look forward to it.

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End spoilers and stuff Rhea is obviously bad, but the way I see it is that by allowing the player character to become the head of the church, the developers basically think the church itself is good because it “maintains peace” (regardless of the fact that obviously lots of people have suffered under that peace). You’re probably right about it being a running out of time thing though, there’s so much stuff in the game lol

Spoilers for some Golden Deer stuff:

Claude flat out tells you that he thinks the reason that Fodlan is so discriminatory and closed minded is because the church discourages free thought and wants Fodlan to be closed off from the rest of the world. He also says that this is the churches influence has led to the continuation of the Noble class. He pretty much says he wants Byleth to take over the church because then they can work on opening Fodlan up from both sides.


I’m still pretty early in the game as well. I’m really taking my time with the exploration portions.

I was hesitant to get this game because I am terrible at tactics but the story, characters, and adjustable difficulty have really drawn me in. I’m having so much fun playing this! I adore my kids (Golden Deer for life). I’m also happy to hear that there will be DLC. I wanna keep the magic going.

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Regarding the ending romantic pairings (I completed the Black Eagles Church route): I had Ferdinand pair off with Bernedetta which was a shrug for me, Linhardt and Dorothea which I was extremely into and I had Byleth marry themselves. God I love this game.

Who all was in your roster by the end? I’m curious how it generates the endings.

I also did the Church route and ended with everyone alive + Mercedes and Ingrid. My endings had Caspar and Linhardt going around helping people then “settling down” some years later, and Dorothea going to Brigid with Petra and being “the one she loved most.” I have a feeling Ferdinand and Bernadetta were the same for me.

Yeah, I’m in the same boat. I bought a physical copy because I wanted to be able to sell it if it wasn’t my sort of thing, but it turns out it is 100% my thing.

Do you know what the DLC is going to include?

Edit: whoops, just saw that @Alveric covered it

The game generates paired endings based on who has the most support points with each other, which you can check in the “close allies” section of the roster screen. They also need to share an A-support, and you can control who gets paired by only watching the A-support cutscenes that you care about (though not all A supports have paired endings).

There’s presumably also a hierarchy of pairings for overlapping preferences, but how that works is anyone’s guess.

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I am regretting all my comments in this thread about how forgiving the difficulty is because I am on the second to last (or very very close to the end) mission for Black Eagles siding with Edlegard and holy cow did the game wait until the last moment to get hard and really make me regret not caring about battalions or how to properly deal with monsters.

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I just finished my Blue Lions run and have started new game plus with Black Eagles. Really eager to see the changes as things go on. There are definitely threads that don’t get pulled on so much in the Blue Lions route that I suspect will be yanked hard with Black Eagles, and it’ll be interesting to see how the Blue Lions end up without me leading them.

I finished my first run with Black Eagles. This game is so good and I will confess I got lil emotional seeing what all my students did after the war. There was a vey funny abrupt lore dump right before the final two missions that was a lil clunky but Ioved playing this game. Really wish supports/end pairings were a little easier to navigate but that is just pleasant fluff.

I think I am going to do the other Black Eagles route before trying the other houses. I do not think I am ready to go against my precious students (and absolute beast, Caspar—seriously are other folks having brawler powerhouses in their games). I am going to have to wait a week or two as my left joy-con has developed a serious drifting issue in the final hours of the game.


Felix’s passive gives him plus five damage on weapon attacks with no battalion equipped, and his crest occasionally boosts them by a further five. He is monstrous with gauntlets (though I eventually specced him toward swords because he had a bunch of lines referencing swordplay).


Thank you to whoever suggested recruiting Lorenz. Lysithea is now an unstoppable fluffy-haired Terminator.