Fire Emblem: Three Houses (formerly Persona Hogwarts edition)

Praying that’s meant to be the curve of the bow and not evidence of a bad photoshop job.

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Using the Aum Staff (or Bifröst) to revive this thread because Three Houses comes out this month.

Personally, I have gone from wary excitement–and some resignation that maybe the series was moving away from what I loved about it–to extremely excited given the Treehouse presentation at E3. In addition, Nintendo has, starting this week, been providing some spotlights on the three houses featured in the game and the students with this week being devoted to the Black Eagle House. Depending on how much information you want “spoiled” or detailed before release, Serenes Forest has, as always, been doing a great job of compiling all information know about the game at this time.

So, how are other folks feeling at this time? More importantly, which house is everyone picking?!

Edit: forgot to add that I am going Black Eagles on the first play through because they got an axe wielding lord and that Nintendo feature says they specialize in magic.

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Feeling somewhat excited. I was down on doing so much out of battle, but all the Persona-ing can be fast forwarded apparently, so that works for me. Haven’t investigated the houses too much but I’ll probably be going with earring lad as I am also a dude with only one ear pierced.

Also (pretty minor spoilers) you can’t date any students until after the five year time jump. I understand if some people are still iffy about that, but that’s… fine with me. Everyone is an adult in that situation and you’re no longer the teacher.

Hearing about those conditions makes me feel slightly better, but I’m still uneasy about the direction the series continues to takes. Still hoping I’ll love it.

Re: the spoilers

I am “happy” about this distinction but still a bit frustrated with the relationship mechanic in the first place. I love how supports are used in the early games but this shift to making them explicitly romantic is… it all feels kind of gross and definitely not that creative. Whatever my negative/mixed feelings about the teacher/student in the upcoming game, I am THRILLED that they have seemingly scrapped the Fates face petting.


Yeah the direction they’re going in is apparently working sales wise so it’s hard to totally fault them for that.

But I agree that my favorite parts of the game are building the “friendship” supports between same gender units or siblings, etc. Those supports are always my favorite and feel the least contrived. It’s a real bummer that there are almost no boy-girl purely friend supports, they all have romance at the end and many of them you can tell halfway through. I remember Robin-Lissa was really sweet in Awakening in that it wasn’t really romantic until the S level, just more fun and friendly. I’ve never played games before supports were explicitly romantic, and what you said makes me want to check them out more.

The face petting I was annoyed with because they used theoretically resources to make really nice facial animations and they 1. Used it for some weird shit and 2. Didn’t really let us in America see the animations in the end anyways. I understand why, I’m not a CENSORSHIP person, but I am bummed that they used resources in that way. Nicely animated faces is a cool idea, would have been nice if they instead used them in supports or maybe for sidequests.

I really enjoy the supports in the GBA games and generally recommend those games if you can find a way to play them. (Not sure it we are allowed to recommend or encourage ROMs on the forum but that is a very easy option). They are a little more convoluted to trigger but well worth it and made the supports all the more exciting when I was first playing those games.

Genealogy of the Holy War has romantic pairings, and kids, but in a very organic way—the game’s story is literally told across generations. I know there was a recent fan translation released but don’t know much beyond that.


I’ll echo the cautious optimism here. So excited for the tactics and Hogwarts-ness of it all. So not excited for the creep factor that’s just been getting worse in this series. I’m hopeful that if they’re dropping the face-petting, this will generally be a step back from the direction Fates headed.

I really wish that Nintendo would release a collection of pre-Awakening FE games so that more people (including me) could be exposed to that version of the series.

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Fates was bad in a lot of ways, but one of the least discussed ways is that the maps were garbage.

When the whole thing becomes ‘your army can be hugr because everyone has kids!!!’ the maps become meandering and listless. Awakening also had this problem in the back half but Fates has it from much earlier on.

At this point I try not to think about Fates. If anything I feel like replaying Sacred Stones now.

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I see a lot of people saying Conquest had good maps, which I would agree with. Birthright I think is less beloved.

Conquest reminded me of the older games in how unforgiving it could be. The number of times the enemy landed a critical hit on like a three percent chance is pretty much beyond counting.

I like the characters in the Black Eagle house but I’ve a pretty firm stance against Empires, and I’m similarly non-plussed about Monarchies so the Blue Lions. Hopefully there’s some cool folks in the Leicester Alliance since they seem to be the most chill. Treehouse said something about being able to basically poach students from other classes though so maybe it won’t matter too much.

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The poaching is apparently limited to some degree. You can’t recruit rival lord or their retainers—not sure who the retainers are.

Fire Emblem is a series generally where my general dislike and wariness of anything that glorifies empire, monarchies, and a sort of triumph of the individual gets thrown out the window because I want to be friends with the characters with the insane looking weapons and can transform into dragons.

With regards to maps, @WeedLordVegeta, I have read some rumors that said the maps shown thus far for Three Houses are promising but I suppose we can take that with a grain of salt. I remember being pumped for Fates because Nintendo really highlighted the really Conquest mission in which you had to defend your position at the port and, as you noted, map design rapidly declined in that game.

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@Alveric just saw this thread for the first time, read it’s title, and for half a second I thought it was to talk about a new SMT: Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE and I got wildly excited

@LaSauce, I am so sorry for causing you heartache.

Forever sad that they don’t re-release that other than that special 3DS e-shop version most people can’t buy.

Have gone from hard pass on this to honestly considering picking it up. The darker story post time skip really intrigued me, and I do love fighting evil religious orders


We are two weeks out and are getting some extremely good previews by which I mean the previews are well written, detailed, and also full of high praise for the game:

  • Gita Jackson for Kotaku and ecstatically saying on Twitter it “FUCKING RULES.
  • Polygon class system guide.
  • GameXplain has a very nice detailed look.
  • Engadget has, I think, the most comprehensive preview at this time as the writer actually managed to finish the game.
  • Also, here is the opening cutscene.

Other details have emerged but I do not want to list them for fear of spoiling stuff for folks. All in all, I am extremely excited for this game and think it is looking like it does a very good job of giving folks old school Fire Emblem tactics but bringing in a lot of very interesting and cool new systems.


It’s great to see that Kotaku reviewed it well, because that’s a site that I know would be critical of more problematic elements (teacher-student dating). Looking forward to reading that review later.

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