Fireside Chat from Moderators to Old & New Members

Hello, users new & returning! We have had an influx of new users joining the forums. We’ve been responding piecemeal to individual users and in specific threads, but we feel that, to allay concerns and set expectations, it was best to set out with a comprehensive post answering some questions we’ve had.

Firstly, we’d like to remind folks that are the Waypoint Community Forum. We have our own posting culture, approaches, and way of dealing with issues. If you haven’t yet, please read (or re-read) the Forum Rules & Code of Conduct. We take these seriously and encourage all users to adhere to them. We want people to become Waypoint members, not just former members of other sites. If you have disputes or issues with other users based on previous forums, we’d request that, if serious, you raise them with the moderators or leave them at the door.

A few folks have asked regarding megathreads. We have no opposition to mega-threads covering certain topics, but we want to be clear that these are threads on our forums. If there is continuity with previous threads on other sites, we would rather folks proactively chose to be inclusive and integrate with our community. We strive for high-quality qualitative discussion rather than narrow focus on review scores, for example. Furthermore, our forum software encourages people to split threads out if single topics become too large and overwrite existing discussion (e.g. big news on a game comes out). We would hope folks would do that when appropriate.

Finally, we would like to emphasise that our community includes many marginalised peoples. We take their safety and security seriously; we encourage all users to make vigorous use of the flagging feature when appropriate. Please behave in a way that is respectful and courteous towards all of our users. This includes, for example, not using slurs in your posts, even if quoted, without censoring them.

In summary, we welcome our new users into the forum. Please get in touch with the mods if you have any questions about what we’ve said in this post or if we’ve left anything concerning you unclarified. We hope to see you tomorrow, next week, and the week after that. We’re glad to have you aboard, but we hope you’ve read our ship’s charter before you climb the plank… or something like that.

Waypoint Mod Team