First Black Panther Trailer


This is probably one of Marvels better trailers. Although the CGI looks kind of rough in spots but that’s usually the case for early trailers. I look forward to seeing the movie when it’s out.


Mostly I am down on superhero movies but there is simply too much talent to deny here!! Coogler! Jordan! Nyong’o! Kaluuya! Forest Whitaker and Angela Bassett are in this movie. I was concerned that any filmmaker with a strong vision and voice of their own was pretty much verboten, and Edgar Wright getting kicked off of Ant-Man felt like proof of that, but man, between this and how Thor: Ragnarok is shaping up under Taika Waititi…maybe everything’s gonna be all right?


Looking forward to this doing absolute Wonder Woman numbers in the cinema and causing the weenies of incredibly awful people shrink to atomic size


That CG show at the end is pretty terrible. Not just due to the CG being early and crummy, but from a shot perspective. It’s basically impossible to follow what’s going on.

Other than that it looks pretty cool.


Crossing my fingers the action direction/cinematography will be better than the average superhero movie, since Coogler’s the guy behind the amazing one-taken boxing sequence in Creed. Hopefully the messiness here is just trailer editing/trying to conceal a scene whose CGI is likely unfinished eight months out of release…?


This looks so fucking sick, that one lady had panthers on her hands that probably shoot lasers. Also the costumes, the sets, it all looks so incredibly cool.


Some of it will definently be that. It was same for the first trailer of GotG. Some of the CGI wasn’t finished and you can really see it compered to what it was like i the actual movie.


I’m beyond hyped to see this vision of Wakanda on the big screen in a big budget Marvel film. I am so hyped to see more Marvel films with actual craft behind it, even if I am sure there’s tons of marketing decisions that will hamper stuff. I definitely want to see this.


This trailer did a poor job of selling to me, but the movie could easily be great. It’s packed with talent from top to bottom. Black Panther has never been one of my faves, so it was always going to be tough to get me to care about a BP movie.

That last line is intriguing. “It is hard for a good man to be a king.” This movie may have more going on under the hood than the rest of the dopey action trailer would lead me to believe.


I think what struck me the most is how much of a different vibe this trailer gives compared to other Marvel films. Everything the Marvel Studio factory puts out tends to feel at least a little bit similar, but I’m really hoping that the kinetic energy of Coogler’s other works is also present in Black Panther. I don’t know how likely that is, but it’d be pretty cool.


My hype was multiplied after hearing Run the Jewels on that trailer!


I like how, beyond just having a ton of black people in there. they seem to be drawing from African cultures and mythologies for their aesthetics. it’s not an influence we get a lot of and even when hollywood represents black culture it’s mostly the one that arose in 20th century America.


Might as well bump this up rather than start anything new.

Watched BP two nights ago and I feel they pretty much delivered. I am not going to pretend I got a half of the references in the film, nor do I know much about Kendrick’s work to really comment on the soundtrack, but the film just felt, I dunno, a bit different? The cast is great, the action is well-done (though I found some of the close-quarters fighting a bit jumbled, but I feel that in a lot of films so maybe that’s just me) and I felt they managed to keep the wise-cracking down to a decent level.

It has been getting good press here in the UK. With everything else going on in society it is being held up as a landmark in some places and I don’t really know enough to comment on that but it would good to hear other people’s thoughts.

And when it boils down to it, social commentary aside, did you like the film?


I really liked the ‘Revolution will not be televised’ trailer. The way the Black Panther titles come up to BagBak was fucking badass. Really looking forward to seeing this movie! I really liked how they introduced Black Panther in Civil War as both apart and aside from the normal superheroes. I’ve been a huge fan of Ryan Coogler for a while, never thought it was possible for a Rocky sequel to actually be better than the original, but Creed was so freakin’ good.

My friend told me he is reserving judgement on BP, because there will undoubtedly be a SJW tumblrina wave of universal praise as with Wonder Woman… So I’m bearing that in mind, but am also seriously re-evaluating that friendship and thinking whether people still use tumblr anymore!