First Experiences With Horror Movies


I love horror movies in theory but am a total scaredy cat deep down

The first horror movie I watched was Insidious


Is Mars Attacks! horror? It kinda feels like it’s too on-the-nose as a B-Movie parody to really be “horror”, although I guess it you’re 6 years old, that threshold is a heck of a lot lower…

For my part, I’m generally not a fan of horror - in games or in movies - but that’s mostly because I’m really adverse to “realistic” violent things happening to people, and have a bunch of things which are just too much for me (I’m weirdly okay with the cartoon OTT violence in action movies - although bits of the surgical recovery bits near the start of Doctor Strange did make me go a bit faint, by contrast) and with the current trend towards “torture porn” in horror movies, it’s not worth the effort.

All that said, I think my first experience of actual horror movies was probably Alien - which I still weirdly like as a film, despite my issues with the genre in particular - at the age of about 13, I guess. Like Luis, earlier, I was more interested in it because it was a sci-fi classic, rather than it being a horror movie (and I did develop a bit of Alien/Aliens fandom - I had a bunch of the Dark Horse comics run of Aliens stuff and so on, when that came out).
I don’t think I’ve seen many of the “classic” horror movies by choice though - just Scream, Ringu (the original Japanese one; I was terrified of ringing phones for about a week after) and Hellraiser (which, obviously, I was not up for the whole spikes-and-hooks bit of, but since it was on TV, it was easier to avoid). I did go to see The Cell in cinema, and walked out literally 15 minutes in, as I actually felt faint and nauseous. People who saw me said I was white as a sheet.


I think your right that it’s not a true horror movie, which is why my parents thought I would like it probably. Looking at clips on YouTube, I don’t think would have any issue now watching the movie as it seems like a campy b-movie parody. But, at 6 years old it sure felt terrifying!

Despite my love of sci-fi, I still haven’t been able to bring myself to watch Alien. I feel bad as it seems like it has huge cultural presence.


Alien is almost certainly worth it - you’ve almost certainly seen the goriest bit of the entire film already in clips, and it’s basically a haunted house movie in space, with the patented Alien design etc.
(I’m weird and think all the Alien movies have something to recommend them - although, of course, we need to remember that they stopped at Resurrection. :wink: )


The first movie that freaked me out was not actually a horror movie, it was Time Bandits. They defeat Satan and he explodes, pieces of him all over the place. Protagonists parent reaches down to touch a piece of Lucifer.
“Don’t touch that it, it’s evil!!!”
They disappear. Movie ends,
Gave me nightmares and anxiety for about a year.

First horror movie I appreciated was Evil Dead 2, it opened my mind to a whole genre, which previously had seemed kind of formulaic and dull.


Have two answers like most. The true first one being Pumpkinhead. Every other Thursday my mom would go out with her friends and myself, my brother and my dad would hang out and eat unhealthy amounts of unhealthy food. It was always something to look forward to. Occasionally we would go to the local video king and perused their wares. Most of the time we ended up renting a game or two we would play until bed time. This time though my brother and dad grabbed a horror film. My brother was 11, an adult, and I was 8, a wee child. We watched it together and then my father decided to put me to bed before the climax. I woke up in the middle of the night, had wet my pants, and wanted to sleep with my parents. I overheard my parents arguing (my mom telling my dad he should let an 8 year old watch horror movies) and essentially I wasn’t allowed to watch horror movies for three years.

Then I got invited to a Halloween party where a big “thing” would be watching this new horror movie, Thirteen Ghosts. I somehow convinced my mom to let me watch the movie before the party so I could 1) see if I could handle it and 2) not be embarrassed at the party. Well, the movie wasn’t that good but the Tony Shalhoub led flick got me intrigued in the genre in a way my mother probably still wishes it hadn’t. Then we never ended up watching the movie because the kid’s parent thought the movie was too violent. What a hoot!


As someone with extremely mixed feelings on adrenaline (to explain: as a child I was fascinated by rollercoasters. Loved them. Dumped hundreds of hours into the Rollercoaster Tycoon games. Always asked my parents to take me to theme parks. And then, in line for one? Flipped out. Cried several times. Felt queasy. And then once I got off I was hyped! I wanted to go again. So it’s a little complicated.), horror seems like a natural fit. It’s thrilling, but safely contained to the screen.
This made more sense when reading - I loved Goosebumps, Coraline, Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark. By controlling the enitrety of the imagery I could make things as intense or goofy as I wanted. It was great. But movies freaked me out for the longest time. My love of the paranormal and strange was restricted to fantasy until I got to college. I was over at a friend’s watching Netflix when they pulled out Trick’r’Treat. It was just the ticket! It has so much going on narratively that the substantial gore and freakiness felt contained, and it introduced many basic horror tropes at once. Once I was familiar with the tropes and themes, I was hooked. Over the next few months I went from horror illiterate to someone who would defend Krampus.


My first two horror movies were such bad movies: When a Stranger Calls (2006) and The Haunting in Connecticut. Both are terrible movies that scared me so badly as a teenager. I kind of swore off horror/thrillers until my current bf eased me into it with You’re Next which isn’t really horror but more of an action thriller. Then I went back to a lot of classics like Alien. This past Halloween I watched The Conjuring with some friends and was able to only cover my ears for three or four of the scary scenes. I’m such a scaredy cat when it comes to horror movies. It’s bad.


Friday 13th and Halloween are the best horrors of the times! : D


I filled my pants with shit, after watching Hostel…:scream: