First video game you remember playing?


The first game I remember playing is Monster Bash. The quality was about what you would expect from a typical 3DRealms shareware game. The game was not good as it had a bunch of annoying BS difficulty issues but I still have fond memories of it and like to occasionally play it still. I still really like the cartoony horror movie aesthetics.


I remember sitting in my living room in front of an atari and looking at the cartridges of Haunted House and Pit Fall. So probably one of those.


Crash Bandicoot, which is still a very good video game.


Adventure for the Atart 2600. Was my Dad’s old console at my grandparents. First game I remember playing in my house was probably Ultima for the C64.


Was either Mega Man X or Sonic the Hedgehog 2. Pretty sure it was the latter though as we had a Sega Genesis before we had a Super Nintendo.


Pac Man on the Atari. For some reason one of my relatives had it at their house and since I went there often I got to play it. I think we also had Pong and MAYBE Pit Fall, but I liked Pac Man the best because it had a neat cover art where Pac Man was eating those dots like they were candy bars. :stuck_out_tongue:


First game I remember playing would probably be Star Fox 64. It would be the start of a , so far, life-long love affair with Nintendo products.


Super Mario Bros on the NES back in the 80s.


Kung Fu on the NES. My dad gave me an NES when I was really young and that was one of the only games I had besides mario. That game still has a huge soft spot in my heart.


my parents are anthropologists


lego island, at like 5 years old. i remember crying my eyes out because i couldnt understand anything the characters said and not knowing what im supposed to do


Balloon Fight. NES. This thread is making me feel old


Super Empire Strikes Back for the SNES.

Though “playing” might be too strong a word for it; I just remember falling down cliffs a bunch while riding a tauntaun. That thing’s death screech still haunts my dreams.


Chip’s Challenge


New Zealand Story, I think? Yeah, for C64.


Fiendish Freddie’s Big Top O Fun for the Commodore 64, was on a cart. Was gory as hell but no one cared yet.


Alex the Kidd on my brother’s Master System. Havent thought about that game in ages.


Super Mario Bros. 2 (The Lost Levels)
Wasn’t the first game I ever beat, but I sure did beat it!


First console game: Super Mario Bros.
First PC game: Putt-putt Goes to the Moon
I was pretty young, can’t remember which happened first.


There was this Mexican restaurant me and my family used to go to on Fridays after my brother finished baseball practice. When you walked in there was a small arcade area to the left with a Ms. Pac-Man machine, I remember tugging on my mom’s shirt and pointing at it. She pushed over a chair from an empty table and hoisted my up so I could see the screen, and put two quarters in my hand so I could start. I quickly became obsessed with this game, and a few months later, I asked for a GBA for Christmas and got a copy of Namco Museum. I was hooked on games ever since.