First video games that hold a special place in your heart


Mine were Tomb Raider 2 and Tekken 3 for the PS1.
That’s why I’m both gay and feisty. I love those 2 games so much :sob::sob::sob:


Cave Story was one of the first indie games I ever played, and certainly the one that’s stayed in my memory for the longest. As a creative type, the fact that the entire game was the product of one dev’s passion and dedication was and continues to be a huge inspiration to me, and I still firmly believe it stands as one of the greatest indies ever made.


This is a really difficult question for me to answer. Although I had a thing for video games for many years, it wasn’t until I played Planescape: Torment and Morrowind in my mid-teens that I found games which engaged me on more than a superficial level.

However! I also remember literally pissing myself laughing at some of the cheats for Age of Empires, and having countless late nights playing Timesplitters 2 at a friend’s house.


oh some passionate game devs can pull off miracles all by themselves sksksksdjksdkjs.
remember that all the people in the dev team for the original silent hill were basically the outcasts of konami.


ok thank u so much for bringing this up but laughing at cheat codes on games u don’t even care about sometimes is PURE NOSTALGIA like I can’t even stand GTA games but i spent most of my childhood printing and writing out cheat codes in my little notebooks.


I kinda miss the creative, crazy cheat codes that some games had, including AoE, GTA, Goldeneye. What happened? :frowning:


uhhhhh games became more focused on being cash magnets so now instead of big head mode we have big head costume dlc for 4.99


I can’t even remember what game had big head mode!


most fighting games i think though they made a whole game based off of virtua figther 2’s big head mode called virtua fighter kids and it was super cute but like…ur paying for the same game with big head mode and some cute chibi shit thats a NO


UN Squadron. One of the first games I got for SNES. I can still hum the music from that game. It’s not even the type of game I like, really–although I loved it at the time–but something about it has really stuck with me over the years.

The biggest one for me, though, has to be Willow for the NES. That game is an actual landscape in my memory, and I can call up the music and the graphics and the feel of it at will. It was the first game that really took me wholly to another world. It’s what made me an RPG/Adventure game fan, and I think every game I’ve played in those genres since then has been a desperate chase for that feeling I first had with Willow. I’m not sure any game has ever really reproduced that feeling. (The closest example I can come up with is Soulblazer…that one is definitely in the neighborhood.) I’ve also never gone back to the game since I first played it and beat it as a child. I’m not sure I would have the heart to experience it as anything but the amazing and pristine escape I recall.


ok this is really weird because I haven’t heard of Willow until now and I looked it up and for an NES game it looks AMAZING!!! Like…was this some kind of hidden gem game it looks super good! and it was released in 1989???
OH but it was made by capcom i thought it was one of those newcomer companies of that era.


The original Spider-Man game for the PS1. I remember playing that with my dad and brother, I think it was the first T rated game I ever played. I’d also say Star Wars: Dark Forces 2 and Psychonauts.


It was so good i would always just float around the skyscrapers and enjoy the yellow fog while searching for the hidden comic books. It was a therapeutic experience for me basically.


Arkanoid (2) Revenge of Doh - first game I played enough to have dreams in which I also played the game.

SimCity ('89), BattleTech: The Crescent Hawk’s Revenge, Mega lo Mania & Dune II - first games that led to me creating detailed design docs for my own ideas of what games might be, beyond just drawing new level arrangements on graphing paper.

Pushing forward a bit in time (so maybe it doesn’t cut it as thinking about early pivotal experiences):

Magic Carpet - when I realised I was moving my head around as my brain tried to look around the 3D scene (which obviously didn’t work but I realised part of me didn’t understand that and then spent time figuring out why - a “what do optical illusions mean for how my vision actually does work” moment).


You know, nobody I’ve ever mentioned that game to has had any idea what I was talking about. I think I must’ve just been really luck to stumble into it as a kid and get to have this experience that so many folks missed out on. I have no idea if it has aged well but it is absolutely seems to be a diamond in the rough from that era. There were so many great things about that game. Now I’m just looking at pictures of it and swooning. I feel like I remember almost every screen.


so u grew up on old pc platform games huh? Or does one of these games have a console port?


It looks super detailed for an NES game like the environments, the sprites, the frames on the HUD like… Capcom really went all out with this one. How did it manage to go undermined? It wasn’t released near the end of the NES life span i don’t get it


Yeah, unfortunately I was young enough (and the internet was non-existent enough) that I didn’t really have a sense of that sort of thing back then. I’ll have to do some digging and see what happened.


My guess is that people we’re kinda too busy with spending money on games like final fantasy or castlevania. Like from what I know doing video game hauls wasn’t all that big of an idea yknow? Like people probably felt weird spending lots of money to buy games that aren’t rumoured to be “one of the best ones” from their neighbours/ classmates/ whatever. IDK ITS JUST A SHAME THE GAME LOOKS GOOD :frowning:


I grew up in Europe so a lot of that environment was PCs and microcomputers. Plenty of console ports for some of these games (Arkanoid was arcade first) but I didn’t have access to any consoles until the latter end of this time period.

Consoles existed but maybe not with the same singular focus as in North America (especially with often years of delays before release, assuming games even got a release at all - pioneering work in restricting consumer rights meaning we had to deal with it because imported games, even sometimes from different bits of Europe, didn’t work).