Fitness Trackers || Recommendations!


Hey all,

I wanted to ask about fitness trackers here! Anyone know of any good ones that won’t break the bank? I have an old Fit Bit Charge HR but the battery quality has diminished. Although I liked it, I really don’t want to dish out $199.99 CAD for another one.

I was looking at the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 on and it’s going for ~$50 and seems to do the same things as a Fitbit. Has anyone had any experience with the Xiaomi fitness bands? Also, is the dedicated app that works on iOS/Android any good? The Fitbit one is quite nice so I’m hoping the Xiaomi experience would be similar.

Thanks in advance!

  • Haz


What specifically are you wanting to track with it? I use an apple watch, so not cheap, but before I got that I actually used a heart rate chest strap monitor just for working out, which was great and around $50. I care a lot more about tracking my heart rate during workouts than steps, so that was a better solution for me than most of the fitness trackers.


Ideally both a heart rate monitor and step counting, though more or less I’d like to see some statistics as well of what I’m doing during the day and while I’m at the gym as well.


I ended up getting the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 because it went on sale :slight_smile: