Five Souls One Fox: A Souls Series Playthrough (Bloodborne spoliers abound!)


So now in the final(ish) stretch of the game we have two brief areas and three bosses to deal with. So first let’s talk about the secret area that has the only Blood Rock in the main game, which I did not even find my first time through the game. A bit past the post Micolash lamp you’ll find another elevator that takes you back to the entrance to Micolash’s fight which seems pretty weird. And is but the real reason for this is that the elevator isn’t really a shortcut (they it may also be that left over from a time when the game had fewer lamps) but a path to a side area with some cool stuff. And also a ton of Winter Lanterns. Like three of them. Which yes counts as a ton that’s how bad they are. And this time you more or less have to face them. The area you find them in is a bridge with tons of those skull rocks on it forcing you to face them head on. Even if they are facing away from you as their head is sort of a 360 no scope of eyes and they can always see you and much like the tower with the brain in it are constantly hitting you with frenzy. But there’s a trick! You can’t take damage in the middle of a visceral attack, and the one attack the Lanterns have leaves them wide open for a backstab if you time it right! If you don’t your fucked though so bring plenty of bloodvials. Another fun thing is that they drop really good bloodgems for physical damage and just for getting through this area I had enough to be doing +400 some damage on my Pizza Cutter of doom. What that means in terms of real damage I have no idea but the numbers went up! The next section of this side area is the room of Spiders Wot Have Human Heads And Graduation Caps Of For Some Reason and I hate them but they are pretty easy to kill. But I hate them. Past the non copyright infringing Spider Men you get to a lever that when pulled drops the thing that was shooting the mind spears of doom at you which turns out is a giant nightmare brain that you only get a brief look at in this cutscene down a deep hole. And that’s it! OR IS IT?!?! It’s not there’s a hole you can drop down to go even deeper. Here you find a few more spiders but worse another Lantern that is on the other side of one of those beam walking section the series is so found of so I hope you have either some sedatives to cure the frenzy or a way to take out the spiders without being in it’s line of sight. After that you can either leave out the side that does not have the Lantern on it or go over a beam and take it out so you can claim a Hunters Tool that let’s you use bullets to heal people in an AOE (area of effect) for in PVE. Not sure if it heals you though I forgot to test it and am too lazy to check the wiki right now. Once done with that the only way out is back on the other side and leads to the area right below where the brain was (in retrospect I should have checked if you could see the brain from here. I think you can and it doesn’t actually attack you if you do but I am unsure) and here you find a way down to an area you can also get to via the Miolash arena if you have a key I did not find and if you dig around a bit more you can find your way into the tower the brain was in and find the corpse with a Blood Rock on it! Now you might think, oh this has to be it right? But no! If you go back to the area with the golems in it you can now take an elevator all the way down into the black void the brain fell into and find it quite alive! And just sorta staring at you with no seeming ill intent. So remember that weird corpse all the way back in the area with the Celestial Emissary that was making the weird clock pose? Well if you use that emote here in front of the brain long enough and it grants you the highest tier of rune that gives you bonus blood echoes. I think it’s call Communion? After that you murder it for an item called living string that you need to do all the chalice dungeons watch as blood rains down on you for having killed a thing that seems at least resigned to its fate? I have no idea and it’s dead now anyways so on to the actual level leading up to the boss

The Actual Level

Okay so this area is pretty damn short. It’s more or less one long hallway to get to the boss. The first part of the hallway has a few Shadows Of Yharnham (amazingly it has taken me this long to not care how Yharnham is spelled anymore) and then leads to the las section of the area that has three pigs with more eyes popping out at weird angles wondering back and forth with some more shadows in a pack of like four just past them. Worth noting that while they have largely the same moveset they don’ have the snake phase or anywhere near as much HP so they aren’t any harder than any other enemy at this stage of the game. There’s also a side path that takes you around the pigs and let’s you take out the bell ringing maiden that spawns if you’re online. I think, I logged off while doing the Orphan fight as every time I Would set the PS4 into rest mode it would yell at me to not do that in online mode and kick me into offline and it was annoying. Also my internet sucks so the PVP in this game is really just me jumping off a cliff somewhere where I can get my souls back easily anyways so like just imagine I did that a few times here it’ll be fine. In this side area theres like a crystal lizard bone thingy and a few shadows it’s not too exciting really. Past all that you get to the stair way and see the same ghostly women you saw after killing Rom staring off up at the boss arena, and off to her left is a shortcut that lets you skip all that. If I sound down on this area it’s not really because it’s bad it’s fine honestly it does all the same stuff the prior areas in this section do it’s just not a very interesting area to write about as I have covered everything about it already. It’s a nice capstone and the way it seems kinda eh but hides that big secret is cool so I do like it! Just not much to cover here so on to the boss:

Mergo’s Wet Nurse

So if you’ve read the lore notes around the game you’ve read something about how the Great Ones long for a surrogate child and every child needs a caretaker. As you enter this arena you here a baby crying and see a baby carriage, go up to it and a cutscene plays where the boss swoops down over it and the carriage will be empty if you go up to look in. From here the boss fight proper begins and the Wet Nurse shows up. This fight is, nothing to write home about? The boss looks cool as hell. It looks vaguely crow like with a tattered cowl over an invisible creature armed with like six swords. And it moves at you in a way that’s oddly menacing. It’s an A+ design for sure. The fight is almost also really good! It has a lot of attacks that can catch you unaware but you can see coming and and a few phases it can go between. But most of them can be over come by standing behind the boss and hitting it. And the first time I played the game there was a bug in the game where if you had been playing for 7 hours it would never move past the first phase at all making it very anti climactic. Yes I had been playing for 7 hours straight don’t judge me but also don’t be like me you will get an RSI doing that shit if you do it long enough. Learn from my mistakes kids! Having said all that with the bug fixed (and not even an issue for most people) I do like how this boss plays out, especially as the the lullaby from the music box you get from the girl in the first level of the game that helps you with the Gascoine fight plays as the boss theme and it’s eerie as hell and strangely sad. Like so much else in the game you wonder what is going on with no real way to know and only a foolhardy impulse to just keep going forward to drag you along in spite of it. It’s not the worst thing for the game’s difficulty to go down at this point it’s been hard enough throughout most of it and the reality of the situation is that you’re likely being used anyways so why would they put up much of a fight at this point. It’s a cool fight just maybe not a super interesting one as things go. Once the Wet Nurse is down the game just sort of stops for a second as the boss fades and the baby cries one more time and the music stops with the NIGHTMARE SLAIN image popping up only after the baby stops crying, implying that the real thing you’ve done is slain a baby by killing it’s nurse, and you get a third of umbilical cord for your trouble. I’m going to have to put up a warning for infanticide on this now… (As always remind me if this goes up without one in case I forget) Go back down the elevator you took to get here and you’ll see the women that was looking up at the arena bow her head in seeming gratitude as she fades away

After all that you move on to the last boss(es)which take place in the Hunters Dream. Enter and the Doll tells you that the dawn will soon come and the Gerhman waits for you by the tree as the dream burns in the light of day. So now you can either end the game by talking to Gerhman or just wonder around and do side stuff you missed there’s no time pressure. But as I have done all of he side stuff let’s get on with it:

Gerhman The First Hunter

When you get to the tree you speak to Gerhman and you get a choice, wake up from the dream and forget it all, or don’t, and get into a fight with him. If you take the first option the game just ends and you don’t get to change your mind. If you want to fight him you have to start the game over in New Game + or start a new character. In this ending Gerhman gets out of his chair and lops off your head with his giant scythe and you just wake up in Yharnham afterwards and watch the sun rise seemingly no worse for wear. That’s the good ending. We don’t want to good ending so let’s fight an old man. When you chose either option he gets up and attacks. His a lot like the Orphan in a lot of ways but less extreme as you would expect from the last or second to last boss and not an optional super boss. His main attack here is a fast swipe with the blade of the scythe which makes up the untransformed weapon. His other attack is a charge attack where he holds back the blade and charges up before very suddenly striking with it. This is somewhat easy to parry if you can get it down a few times. Now he also has two phases but really they’re mostly just powered up versions of this first one with a few added moves like a mid air attack that flings blades of wind at you and some strong blasts with his shotgun that can trigger a visceral attack which is mean of him as that’s my thing not his. It’s a cool fight and having the old dude in the chair that’s a bit creepy be the last boss is cool but I have talked about him elsewhere so his character is pretty well covered I think so let’s get to the next boss:

Okay first let’s talk about umbilical cords. Over the course of the game you’ll find at least one of these things and notice something about how it talks about eyes on the inside, and if you piece that together with all the talk of how the old ones long for children you can guess that if you eat three thirds of umbilical cord something might happen. And in fact it’s how you get to fight the final final boss. After you take Gerhman this nightmarish spine creature descends from the moon of the Hunters Dream and attempts to grab you to make you the caretaker of the dream the same way Gerhman was but if you’ve eaten at least three umbilical cords you rebuff the attempt and get to take on:

The Moon Presence

So this boss is creepy as fuck but like, not all that much to it as a fight. It fights a lot like the Blood Starved Beast with the gimmick of a laser attack that stuns it but reduces you to a single hit point and also has a blood rain attack that makes it so you can’t heal for a chunk of time which good luck with that I guess. But since the game doesn’t make you do this fight in one go or take on Gerhman again to get here you should be fine. As for the lore part I don’t really know a whole lot about this specific Old One. I assume it’s either the one that like, runs things or something? At least it’s the one the runs this dream and most directly controls things by way of keeping the Hunters Dream around with Gerhman as its puppet. And by killing it you put an end to the Hunters Dream and presumably the curse so congrats that’s it you win!

Okay no you don’t. You might be thinking to yourself “Oh wow I killed the great evil! I win everyone is safe!” but no, you should be thinking about what you did, but not what you just did. As in order to get here you have to kill at least one women who has either just given birth or was about to and you’ve had to kill a being that was on some level keeping a child alive. Hell even the one umbilical cord you don’t have to kill something for is still the result of something like that and you just ate to increase your knowledge of arcane horrors in some mad quest for power and in the grand tradition of “Man was the real monster all along!” you’ve become as much a monster as the Old Ones themselves and as the game and to really drill this home the last time you see yourself in the game you’ve turned into a slug creature much like the ones the Choir were making/caring for and the Doll picks you and walks off into the workshop in the dream you having now become a baby old one, as incapable of caring about people as the things you hunted down and that’s the note Bloodborne leaves you on if you go through all this just to say you’ve gotten the true ending. Good job I guess?

And for now that’s Bloodborne! I’ll do at least another post on the overall themes of the game in regards to the ending and all that I suspect but I have recently moved and am in the middle of getting my life together so it may well be a bit before that is done butt I would like to just the same and do still plan to get to the boss in the Chalice Dungeons on a different character (the game just boots you to new game plus when you beat the last boss and while I think that doesn’t matter for the chalice stuff as I think all that stuff carries I want to do it on my bloodtinge build as it’s way tougher of a build anyways and those things are kinda boring) plus dig into all those cut bosses people found not too long ago.

Stray Thoughts

I have none I had to ship my PC off to where I moved and forgot to put my text doc for this on my tablet and thus have only been able to finish writing this weeks after I beat this last section which does not lend itself well to this subsection of the write ups


Update! As I said last time oh so long ago I have moved rather uh… Surreptitiously to get away from a rather bad home life and thus have not had time to get back to this! But I do still plan to finish it it’s just not going to be till this summer when there’s more of a games drought I suspect. Though at some point I will also have a job and not just roommates (who are great) distracting me from doing absurdly long writes ups on Souls games but one bridge at a time I suppose

Stray Thoughts:

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I will be playing Sekiro when it games out not even joblessness could keep me from that! Also I still have a pretty decent savings account so why not


Good luck with the job hunt! Work is still hell. They haven’t changed it since you you last checked.

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