Five Souls One Fox: A Souls Series Playthrough (Bloodborne spoliers abound!)


Stats and character build
First let’s get the stat breakdown done so I can turn of my PS4

in order I have

Vitality at 20 where it will likely stay
Endurance at 10 which I think is fine for this build I can’t hit a lot but I can hit hard
Strength at 40 which I will likely pump up to 50 by the time I am done
Skill at 12 which I needed it at to equip the Holy Moonlight Blade
Bloodtinge at 7 as I really don’t need guns for anything other than parrying so there was no point in going higher
Arcane at 40 which I will get up to 50 for sure before the end of the game as a lot of the Hunters tools in the game only start to really do some damage past 40

For gear I have the Holy Moonlight Sword as my main and the Whiligig Saw as my secondary. The sword in it’s default state is a pretty basic weapon that sweeps back and forth with it’s normal attack and has a basic stab for its charge move on R2 (Side note I wish they hadn’t made R2 a charge move it limits the available moves a bit more than I like but it hurts Dark Souls III more than it does Bloodborne where they can have fuller movesets thanks to the transformation attacks and such). But in it’s transformed state it turns into a glowing blue greatsword with hints of gold inlay only towards the tip of the blade and faint sparks of light raising from it. When you swing it it also leaves a trail of blue light behind it giving the whole thing an unearthly beauty. It’s main attack isn’t too different from the basic form but is more about up and down slashing than side to side moves it’s in the L2 and R2 that it gets a bit more interesting. The L2 is quickly charged stab that uses a quicksilver bullet to do a large amount of arcane damage, and the R2 is a charged move that takes a bit longer but sends out a blast wave that goes a medium distance also at the cost of a quicksilver bullet. It can also be chained up to twice. With the amount of stamina I have anyways I assume it can go higher. it’s a fun weapon that doesn’t break the mold that much but gives you a nice bit of range and a way to deal arcane damage without having to grind out gems to turn a more normal weapon into a fire weapon or what have you. The saw is maybe a bit weirder. it’s normal mode is just a mace which is fine. but when used in it’s transformed state you attach a big round chainsaw of sorts to the top so the whole thing looks like a big ass pizza cutter and and every attack makes this awful woodsaw noise it’s great. the R1 is pretty much the same all the weapons have pretty basic R1’s save a few outliers like the Threaded Cane but the R2 is a charge attack that does a shit ton of damage on a direct hit and thanks to the way it spreads that damage over multiple very fast hits stuns almost all enemies. And the L2 is where it get’s weird, in that it’s an attack that keeps going as long as you hold L2. IT just keeps sawing into enemies in a shower of gore until you let go or run out stamina and just feels nasty to use. It’s great ten out of ten would murder nightmare horse with it again

As for other gear there’s not a whole lot else to worry about. The armor in the game is all weightless and has roughly the same stats so I’m just wearing what looks cool in this case pieces of the hunter’s set and the Cainhurst boots and gloves



I have no idea how that hat would work on a fox and thinking about it was breaking my brain so I stopped

For runes I just have stuff that ups the blood echoes I get and gives me Quicksilver Bullets and I think health when I pull of a visceral attack

For general changes the biggest two are speed of combat and the Blood Vials. The speed is a good bit faster than the other Souls games III included. The dodge roll is still here but when locked onto something it turns into a quick side step that doesn’t go as far but still let’s you dodge through stuff and is what makes this faster pace work as well as it does. And it does work very well, it takes the basic ideas of something like a DMC or Bayonetta and slows it down to a pace that can be understood better by people who didn’t play DMC 3 six times over on ULTRA MEGA HARD or whatever it was called and places the focus less on memorizing how to pull of the combo for a stinger attack and more on the moves you do have and how best to use them for the foe(s) in front of you. The other thing it does is put the emphasis on parrying. Get good at that and a good chunk of the combat is pretty damn easy. Until you fuck it up then you are quite screwed as in order to parry you have to shoot something just before it lands an attack and the game is designed around you dodging out of those attacks as you can’t really take that many hits. The issues with it is that in putting more emphasis on the parries they also widened the window to pull them off a tad too much so that if you get it down it maybe makes a few fights too easy. Still it’s never not super fun to pull off and there’s enough bosses that can’t be taken down with it that you can’t overly depend on it. But hopefully in Bloodborne 2: Shadows Die Twice (Which I assume isn’t actually Bloodborne 2 but basically is ala Demon’s to Dark Souls) They tighten it up a bit

And for Blood Vials this is maybe the games biggest mechanical misstep. The vials themselves work great they let you heal on the go much faster than Estus and work super well for the pace of the game but the issue is that you don’t have a set amount you get whenever you respawn you they’re consumables that can run out you’ll sometimes have to grind for. The trade off here is you can have up to 20 at a time but in reality you’ll rarely ever need that many in a boss fight and only really need that sort of volume for the getting through a level. It’s not a deal breaker and there are some pretty quick places to get more but it’s the biggest single flaw in the game for my money.

I’ll also touch on the Quicksilver Bullets and Blood Gems real quick. The bullets have the same issue as the vials but you need them less and with the right runes you can get them faster than the vials. Aside from being the thing you use to fire guns also fuels the hunters tools that act as spells in the game. And the gems are things you slot into weapons to add Diablo style loot stats to weapons and are randomly generated. It’s a little half baked all told and was I assume designed to help give you a reason to dive into the chalice dungeons


Oh hey I am going to be playing the new God Of War for a bit so if anyone is especially interested in my thoughts on it let me know and I’ll see if I can write up a quick post ala my post on Nioh


Post Forbbiden woods you find a long hallway with a single enemy in it. Granted it’s a horrendous fly monster called a Mi-Go Zombie according to the wiki and a Garden Of Eyes by seemingly anyone else. Which is fine as Mi-Go is a creature from the lovecraft mythos and thus I assume super racist. These things only show up here and their main attacks are all about building frenzy via sound and jumping up and landing on you. They are scary but once you get over that they don’t pose much of a threat which is actually a thematic choice the game makes I swear. Sort of it might be all unintentional who the fuck knows. After that first enemy you find the lakeside Byrgenwerth grounds proper and realize that this place is tiny. Like this university is the size of a guest house you see in a TV show about rich people who are also secret fish people or something. Now I want a show that is The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air but about lovecraftian fish people and I know that show would be extremely problematic but I’d watch at least the pilot I can’t lie. You find another Lamp here which is a little weird given that the boss Lamp for the Shadows really could have just been moved up here without losing anything and you start making you way around Byrgenwerth school of hard partying. The things of note outside the shack/school are the brain sucker you find just past the first gate and the weird as hell Celestial Centipede which is like the Gaping Dragon from Dark Souls but with a flower for a head and shoots fireballs at you. They don’t really pose much of a threat here and mostly act as turrets of a sort in the chalice dungeons where you see them more but mostly they just look weird as hell. Past that you head into the school proper and might expect to find a basement or something with the Lecture Hall we’ve already been to in it but nope it’s as small as it looks from the outside and just as empty except for one NPC hunter who is pretty much Isofka in all but name so I won’t write this fight up but it is worth pointing out that having a member of the Choir here strongly implies the Church is looking to cover this place up. Not sure why they leave the weird fly people wandering around though you’d think they’d be worried about them like escaping or something but I guess the snake dudes in the woods take care of that or something. Actually thinking about what Yharnam looks like maybe fly monsters wouldn’t be that weird. In this place you can find some student clothes you can wear as gear and in the attic the Empty Phantasm Shell which works like bolt paper for arcane damage and can be used to buff a weapon, and unlike the bolt paper never runs out. It’s very handy. Also in the attic you get jumped on by a damn fly and find the key to the observation deck overlooking the lake where a man with cordyceps mushrooms growing out of his spine in a heel chair who says nothing but points off to the lake. You’ve actually seen him before in the scene you get when you touch the skull in the Grand Cathedral and you learn the phrase “Fear The Old Blood” from him. He’s the head of Byrgenwerth and at some point seems to have realized the mistakes that were being made. The biggest one is coming soon. But first you need to figure out where to go. You see the deck doesn’t lead any where it ends over the lake with the moon right below it. The Souls games have a long history of player messages telling you to jump into obvious death voids like this so I can only assume this is From messing with people as in order to get to the boss you have to jump into the lake with the reflection of the full moon in it and enter the full on cosmic horror phase of the game by fighting

Rom, the Vacuous Spider
Now first if you are looking up this boss heads up the Japanese name is apparently also contains an ablest slur so heads up on that. I don’t know enough about the Japanese language to have any thoughts on that so I’ll leave that at that but feel free to let me know if you have more info. When you land in the lake proper you’ll find Rom this horrid maggot spider looking thing just kinda chillin until you get closer. Once you do she (the wiki uses she/her pronouns so I’m going to go with that) summons in more spiders like herself but smaller and the fight begins. There’s a few things to keep track of here. Okay there’s a lot to keep track of this is the last of the fights people tend to get stuck on in the base game as it demands you focus on a lot of things at once. The first is all the spiders she summons in. She summons a lot of them in at once and they all hit pretty hard. Their normal attacks can do about a third of your health in a swipe and they can also jump up into the air and land on you stone head first and damn near take you out in one hit. All of this is fairly easy to dodge though if you can see them and they aren’t hard to take out if you hit them from behind so it’s not a big deal. But then you have to watch out for the bosses attacks of which there are about three, first is a meteor attack that will kill you if you aren’t running away from it. Not Dodging mind you, running. If you just try to dodge you’ll get hit and killed. The second attack is an AOE blast around the boss. It’s not too hard to get away from but again you have to run not dodge. Third is the upward ice barrage that summons chunks of ice from the ground, it’s a bit easier to dodge in my experience but will do a ton of damage if it hits. And lastly she has a body slam attack that I have never seen in all the times I have played this game. So, that’s a lot of things that can kill you very quickly but the trick is that as long as you don’t let yourself get overwhelmed the boss can’t really fight back. The attacks she does have all have a fair bit of build up and as long as you aren’t in the midst of a charge attack you can always get away from it. So the real trick to this fight is to take out the spiders on one side of the boss and unload your best attacks into her as fast as you can as every third of her health you take out she tries to teleport away and adds new attacks into her repertoire, though you can break her out of it by hitting her with a fully charged attack if you time it right. There’s also two ways to cheese this fight though you always have to deal with all the little spiders save for one glitch I won’t get into. You can break out the flame sprayer and buff it with Bone Marrow Ash which ups the damage of most left hand weapons a fair bit, and then use it to just shred the boss as she is super weak to fire. I am told you can take her out in like two phases this way. You can also kill her in two goes if you use the Pizza Cutter and buff it with the Empty Phantasm Shell like I did. The L2 on it stun locks the boss and does massive damage and I am pretty sure with enough stamina you could take out the boss before the spiders even show up. This is one of those bosses that only made an impact on subsequent playthroughs when I realized all that was going here. The short version is that Rom was once a scholar of the collage who via something to do with the great old one Kos and was turned into what she is now, She is also what keeps all the normal people from being able to see what’s really going on in Yharnam. She was granted eyes on the inside as the saying goes and gained great insight into the nature of the Great Old Ones but now only stares off into space in the lake sharing none of the secrets she has learned hence the the title of vacuous and why she is sometimes called a failure of sorts. She seems unable or unwilling to share what knowledge she has and is look down upon for it

After you take out Rom you see a women in a wedding dress with blood soaked through it crying while looking towards the sky. This women is Queen Yharnam and as you might guess from the blood on her dress she was pregenent and had her child stolen from her for reasons. This is maybe where the old blood comes from but for now what is important is that it turns the moon blood red which I really should have seen coming given the name of the game when I first played it and starts the last phase of the game. If you don’t have the DLC anyways in which guess now is a good time to do that

Stray Thoughts

Since the last time I posted here about three knock of~err homages to this thread have spawned and you should go report them for copyright thef~I mean read them at

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The actual reason that this place is so small is that the main university is located in the nightmare frontier in the lecture hall area. The weird blob dudes you see there being whats left of the student body

I watched some Top Ten Things You Missed In Bloodborne! Videos and y’all I am so glad I don’t have to mine these games for banal tidbits for a living you have no idea

I seem to be much better at writing these at 2AM which is maybe not the best way to live my life my oh well I was up anyways and it’s the weekend. Also I work nights so it dosn’t really matter but waking up after noon does suck


In my experience, you see it exactly when you get her down to a sliver of health and run too close and let your guard down. Fun times at Byrgenwerth.

Also I thought your description of the area was really entertaining and it inspired me to do this top-notch piece of graphical design:

I really like this part of the game, actually. I’m a bit meh on Rom herself as boss (I think the design is great), but when you first get to Byrgenwerth, you’ve heard so much about this place already, and it’s this arcane, menacing place full of these messed-up looking things that you don’t know what they are and there’s this hunter using space magic on you and ahhh this game is so good

As for lore, I’ve seen suggestions that Rom actually looks like less of a spider and more of a caterpillar. This will become relevant at a later point in the game, (warning for late-game spoilers) when you meet Ebrietas, who looks like a butterfly, and is mourning a replica of what appears to be a Rom-like creature. “Every Great One loses its child”, right?


Finally this thread has proven it’s worth via 90’s sitcom photo shops!


I think Rom is especially interesting as a boss that only attacks in self-defense in a game that is so thematically and mechanically wrapped up in aggression and violence. Up to that point every enemy and boss attacks you first and everything wants you dead. You’re told that you are a Hunter and your job is to go out and kill beasts, and don’t think about it too much cause that’s just what hunters do! Djura in Old Yharnam and his belief that the beasts are victims is maybe the first sign that things are not what they seem, but those beasts do still want to eat you. Rom is the first one where the fight literally does not start until you force it to. Even hitting her once or twice she just backs away in fear and pain, you need to attack several times before her children drop down and start protecting her. Rom clearly does not want to fight or to die, and spends the whole fight running away and attacking defensively as her babies run interference. The fight made me feel like I was committing a murder, doing something deeply wrong that I should not have been doing, and I almost cried from guilt the first time I did it which is an emotion that a game had never evoked in me before. What happens afterwards with the Blood Moon and everything in Yharnam going to shit only reinforced that feeling of “OH NO I’VE MADE A HUGE MISTAKE”.

And then later you find Ebrietas mourning over Rom’s corpse, so lost in grief that she doesn’t even notice you until you start to murder her, and it doesn’t quite rub your nose in it but lets you realize on your own, if you’re paying attention, that you’ve become a monster. It’s one of the least ham-fisted “mankind is the real monster!” turns I’ve seen in a game.

Bloodborne is a very good video game.


Yo, I never even considered that that could have been Rom’s corpse. I thought it was a giant centipede with Rom’s face, possibly someone else who managed what Rom had.

God, Ebreitas braught Rom’s corpse to the Altar of Despair to try and bring her back.

The Hunter is an arsehole.


See. I don’t think it’s Rom’s corpse, and the fact we see Rom again in the Chalice Dungeons implies that even after killing her in the dreamlands, she’s still alive in some sense. I think what this all implies is that Rom belongs to a species that evolves into Ebrietas’ species.


I find it more likely that The Rom you see near Ebrietas is a failed attempt to recreate the first one and that the one in the chalice dungeon is there to act as fill as they need a boss for every floor and dosn’t really mean anything in lore as they had given up by then and just stuck the Yharnam fight in there since they needed something at the end of it all


I think those are valid interpretations! The idea that Rom is the caterpillar to Ebrietas’ Butterfly and is thus her child, a surrogate ascended from a human, is probably correct. The Altar of Despair does have the power to revive the dead as we see with the Queen of Cainhurst so I took it as, Ebrietas was mourning the Rom I had just killed and trying to bring her back to life. Or maybe she’s actually praying to the altar and by fighting Ebrietas we interrupt the revival ritual, ensuring that mother and child are both dead?

I think the chalice dungeons are more meant to be memories of the old labyrinth, separate from the rest of the game worlds, in their own dream pocket dimensions. Like how the Hunter’s Dream is a recreation of the Old Abandoned Workshop in the actual Yharnam, and even that “actual” Yharnam that you explore in the game is heavily implied to be a dream created by the Great One Oedon in the image of the real Yharnam. Or how the DLC locations are a trip back through history in their own separate dream-world. We see an Ebrietas in the chalice dungeons as well, and I took that to be a recreated memory of where/when the Healing Church first discovered her down there, or maybe just before the discovery. Likewise for the chalice dungeon Rom. As well as just being video game-y boss rematch filler of course!


There’s definitely a degree of filler rematches in the Chalice Dungeons, but I did note recently that you fight Rom on the route towards Queen Yarnham, and that Ebrietas is down a different branch, mirroring the way in which you encounter them in the main game. That’s probably just video gamey, and there’s probably no insightful lore to be determined by that placement which is not contained elsewhere in the game.

And I was sooo disappointed after killing Yarnham for the first time last night after skipping the Chalice Dungeons on my first playthrough that there was no cool lore drop. :disappointed:


I understand that almost no one likes the Chalice Dungeons - I don’t either - but they’re far from an afterthought in terms of lore. There’s a ton of detail not only in the dungeons themselves, but in the items and the ways we used to create them. And they’re not part of the dreamlands (which are also physical places) - we are told very clearly that they lie below Yharnam and that they’re remnants of ancient Pthumeru.

Rom isn’t the only case in the game where we see that a Great One has a separate existence in the dreamlands and outside of them, either. There’s Ebrietas herself, and if we look outside the Chalice Dungeons, there’s Mergo, who is still alive in Mensis despite being stillborn in Pthumeru long ago.


DS3 venting: I’ve beaten every DS game from Demon’s Souls to DS2, and for each of them I purposefully do not research the established meta of Best Builds because what fun is that? And lo, with each game, I have a super hard time and finally give in and look up the meta and find that I have chosen the established Worst Build. Usually my builds are informed by the challenges I had with the previous game, so I do the opposite for the next game, only to find that that approach has been nerfed into oblivion and actually the worst build from the last game is now the OP god-build.

So fuck me wouldnt you know it, the dex/magic build i made for DS3 using a sharp uchigatana +6 and Great Magic Weapon spell is actually pretty shit against most everything!! and to top it off, there are basically zero S-scaling dex weapons. so this is my warning to you, fox: i super highly recommend not doing a dex build, and go with FAITH instead of intelligence because everyone is always allergic to lightning but no one gives a mother fuck about magic


My experience with the game is that magic all around is more than a tad over nerfed but that physical is pretty solid all around. Can’t vouch for the uchigatana though. I feel pretty safe in the knowledge that I can just brute force my way to the point at which you can respec at the very least

Also I meant to have the next write up down by now but uh, I kinda totally forgot and just played a bunch of Destiny 2 and Minecraft. Whoops


After Rom you head to where the Goal is but I only ran in there to get the key to unlock the door in the church workshop that leads to the last of the major side areas in the game. But first I’ll touch on the church workshop real quick as I don’t think I have before. This area is found after you take out the Bloodstarved beast and is connected to the Cathedral Ward area where the church you send everyone to is. In it you find a tower of sorts with dudes in it ending in a hallway with what appear to be urns in it and a locked door at the end which leads to the Upper Cathedral Ward which is what will be covered in this write up. But first below this tower is the abandoned workshop. This is what the hunters dream is modeled after and the place where you can find one of the three umbilical cords you’ll need to get the actual final boss. You’ll also find the original strange doll, odd doll? Old Doll? * checks wiki * The Plain Doll? How plain can she be if she’s a talking doll? Anyways you find the doll she is based on here presumably made by Gehrman for extremely creepy reasons that we will talk about later in the DLC write up(s). In here you also find an Old Hunters Bone a hunter’s tool that let’s you vanish in a puff of smoke adding invincibility frames to your roll/dodge (Which means that when rolling/dodging there are more frames of animation in which you can’t be hit) at the grave where in the Hunters Dream you warp to the DLC from, and in one of the display cases in the workshop itself is a comb you can give to the Plain Doll which makes her shed a single tear. That you can put in your weapon to help you murder things on mass. It’s very sweet really. That’s about it for this area that I may or may not have already talked about so let’s move on to:

Upper Cathedral Ward

So when you get to Rom things get weird. And in the area where you find the key to this door things get weirder, and then if you find that key and make you where in here you find that things will get weirder still. And then after that it gets yet weirder if you know where to look and then the DLC happens and yet again, even weirder. But first let’s go through a haunted house. The first and really only lamp for the level is not far in past two of those pale Church dudes over a bridge. This bridge is actually right over the Cathedral Ward district and if you look to the right you’ll see the Grand Cathedral itself. This is called foreshadowing. I think. Soon after the lamp (Note to self find more ways to start a sentence) you find yourself in front of a big ass gate with horrifying slug creatures all around you with awful little suckers for mouths. If you pay attention you’ll notice that all of them are staring to the Grand Cathedral. This is called Chekhov’s Gun. I think. Anyways these things are awful and only get worse when you know what they are. Once you get into the building via the left side entrance you’ll find the first of the many brain suckers around here chowing down on a corpse and enter a side hallway. To the left is the way further in and to the right is a jump scare with a werewolf and I think some molotov cocktails to draw you over there. Something something Resident Evil. Head left and you’ll find yourself in a grand ballroom looking room with a big chandelier with a really cool lighting effect. Head toward the stairs down unto the dance floor and notice that the chandelier is swinging around with strange shadows dancing around it and surprise it’s more werewolves! Three of them! Good luck with that I recommend hanging out in the doorway you enter the room through and hitting them with charge attacks it’s not really a souls game if you don’t do that at least once after all. About here is where you’ve likely really picked up on the straight up horror vibes of this level. As much as Bloodborne is a horror game this is the only place it really goes all out on the tropes you’d expect from the game after hearing about it. With the first two jump scares out of the way you get to the Brain Sucker portion of the level. Walking around here you’ll likely hear the nasty wet sounds they make as they walk around and wonder where they are and surprise they are EVERYWHERE. There’s one for each hallway and each hallway is small enough that that it’s very hard to dodge their ranged stun attacks they use to get in close and use their insight draining attack on you maybe even killing you in the process depending on your health. And to get through the area you’ll have to go through about three of these hallways. Fortunately this area also has about one door that can only be unlocked from one side despite the fact that you are posses monstrous inhuman strength and could in all cases punch through the window and reach around to unlock the door. Hell I could pull that off and I ain’t hopped up on magic blood potions. Except on the weekends please don’t narc on me I am already banned from the Pizza Ranch. In here you’ll find a badge item that allows you to buy a few new things and the door out to the balcony where a corpse frozen in place making a strange clock gesture. Upon examining the corpse you’ll learn the Make Contact gesture which, is actually quite important latter on believe it or not. You’ll also find the key you need to open the door below the balcony guarded by two of those brain suckers and I hate them so much. After the key you find yourself right in front of the gate with a lever nearby to open it which means it’s boss time!

The Things I Fought Like A Month Ago And Whose Name I will Have To Look Up Now AKA Celestial Emissary

This is one of those large group fights the series likes to toss at you from time to time. This one starts off with just a bunch of the blue mushroom people in a large group. As you can guess it doesn’t end there and eventually a special mushroom person who is slightly different. Attack them enough and and they get HUGE. After that it’s basically the same fight as it was but with a bigger dude that does more damage. It’s not a super exciting fight to be honest. Almost like it’s a deliberate let down that’s just there to hide a secret of some dark sort. It’s not, as a good boss fight could have done that just as well, but it’s almost like that!

So the first time I played the game I beat that boss and though: “Huh, that’s it I guess!” and left not knowing the dark secret until my second play through. Right next to the lamp that spawns after the boss is the big stained glass window that you can see from inside the Grand Cathedral, and at some point you may have noticed that there seems to be something up there when you were fighting the Vicar. So, for the first and only time in the game, you can break this thing that you should be able to break and go in! And that’s the dark secret! Also Cuthulu is in the basement just sorta hanging out there. On this upper walkway there’s some more of those awful slug things, an alien mushroom or two, and the Hunter’s Tool, A Call Beyond, which calls in a small nova that fires homing projectiles at the cost of 7 quicksilver bullets. At the opposite end of the hall from where you eter in from the window an elevator down to where you find the boss:

Ebrietas, Daughter of the Cosmos

When you walk into the boss arena you’ll see her appearing to be kneeling down much like Amelia in front of an altar of sorts and much like ROM she’s perfectly happy to do so until you attack her. Once you do she turns around AND HOLY SHIT NOTHING SHOULD LOOK LIKE THAT IT”S NOT RIGHT THERE’S TOO MANY EYES AND THEY ALL MOVE AND THEY ALL LOOK AT YOU ALL AT ONCE AND THEN THE EYES SPREAD OUT AND YOU SHE HER FACE AND AAHHAHAHAHAHDHIGHADFBHFSDHBSHFVBHSDHGFBFGSNBGNB. It’s the best monster design in the base game and legit one of the all time great horror monster designs period. The way her head looks like a baby bonnet is an especially nice choice. I can not say enough nice things about how this boss looks. The fight itself, is fine. She’s off the stand in the right place and you won’t have to do much mold sadly. Most of her first phase is lunges and sweeping attacks with her tentacles, and one attack where she just falls on you. She has a few neat tricks though once her health gets low and the fight moves unto it’s second phase she summons in a field of stars that damages both you and the boss oddly enough and she can also use an attack much like A Call Beyond but much larger and will almost certainly kill you if you don’t run away from it. Also she screams more at this point I think… It’s not the most interesting fight in the game (Most of the late game fights in this aren’t really) but it’s a hell of a moment

After the fight you get a chance to examine the altar she was praying at and notice that it’s not so much an altar as it is a corpse for something that looks a lot like Rom most likely a failed attempt at making a Rom or a similar creature found in the Chalice Dungeons by Byrgenwerth. If you go up to the altar you can also bring the Vile Blood Queen back to life so that you may continue to level her covenant so that you can get the rewards from it like, one emote, and nothing else. It’s a bit half baked all told. As for Ebriates this implies something you don’t really see elsewhere in the game on a surface level which is that the great ones seem to mourn despite presumably being horrifying monsters from the cosmos. Which they are to be fair but there’s a bit more nuance here. Ebriatas seems to just want to be left alone and won’t really do anything to you if you leave her be, much like Rom you have to start this fight, this is a not so subtle hint to the nature of your quest and seeming thirst for power that chasing down this creature buried under a church out of fear and a search for answers implies. It might seem strange but the fight this most resembles is Sif, there’s a sense that you’ve done something wrong here, and it’s not an unearned one

Stray Thoughts

This area actually has music in the background all throughout it complete with creepy singing! It’s unnerving as hell!

Around now you can also finish Elien’s arc which I will cover in a smaller write up soon

We’ve now caught up to where I am in the game which means I need to start playing again after like a month and I am sure this will go well

God Of War doesn’t really have much in common with the Souls games and the discourse around it is A Lot (which is fine and valid to be clear) so I have not and will not do a write up on it (I did think the long take worked though)

There’s really only a few major areas left so by all rights I should be done in early June so look forward to me finishing this game in late September

I briefly thought about doing another write up thread about reviewing all the tea samples I bought recently but realized it was a fool’s errand


Jolly good writeup. I really like the Upper Cathedral Ward - it’s one of my favorite parts of the game and it scares the crap out of me. The music you mentioned sure adds to it.

As for Ebrietas, I actually like that boss fight a lot more than you. Maybe this has to do with the fact that on my first playthrough she took me an eternity to beat, mostly because of how broken her lunge hitbox is. But yeah, nowadays I view beating her as a pivotal moment of any of my playthroughs.


Oh I guess Dark Souls Remastered is out early. Cool


After the whole Rom thing you can finish off Eileen’s questline. You’ll find her in the Grand Cathedral area but there’s two endings to her questline. In one the one I did you find her blooded on the stairs, dying having taken on a target that was too much, in the one I didn’t do and did not know was a thing she goes mad like many other hunters and attacks you. I would say that she doesn’t go mad and that in fact she is right to try and kill you you are going mad but she does a whole evil laughter thing according to the wiki so I am inclined to say she just goes blood mad like so many others. In the one I did you speak to her at the top of the stairs and she says a few things, first that she’s made a bit of a blunder, second that you shouldn’t worry she’s taken enough blood to heal an old woman like herself, third that this is her last chance there’s no more dreams for her, and that the thing that did this to her is still back there in the Cathedral. This is a masterwork of getting across large amounts of info in a sort and inconspicuous manner. The first part tells you why she is here like this, the second that she is likely not going to be okay but she doesn’t want you to worry, and the third is kind of a bombshell about how the hunters dream works that in some ways reframes the narrative completely, the fourth tells you what you need to do next. Not there’s a few problems that could pop up here. In the same way that Lucatiel’s questline ends up failing by the end due to the way her arc ending five feet in front of where her brother is makes the whole thing feel like a build up to nothing that frames her as always having been lesser than some dude (There’s more to it than that and it’s not quite that simple but you’ll have to go back to my Dark Souls II write ups for the details. I hope, I wrote that so long ago and by that point I was so exhausted with that game I may have fallen asleep on my keyboard and just posted whatever came out of that Hashtag Dark Souls II Is Kinda Bad But Still Like, Fine So Don’t @ Me) having Eileen die here (and she does spoilers) could end up undermining her character in much the same way but I think this works much better. For one the fight you get into is waaaaaaay harder. In Dark Souls II you fight Lucatiel’s brother who was always supposed to be the better fighter than her and he’s pretty damn easy but the thing Eileen refers to is maybe the single hardest fight in the base game. Second her comment provides context for how you’ve made it as far as you have. She talks about how there’s no more dreams for her this is her last chance. This establishes that the only reason you’ve made it this far is that when you get killed you go back to the hunters dream, you’re not where you are due to skill or talent, you’re here because you’re too stubborn to quit. You’re here because you’re willing to bang you’re head against all these horrors for whatever reason. And third her comment about taking enough blood to keep an old women alive tells you that she has been at this awhile, which tells you that even if this is her last fight she was none the less quite good at this once. Lucatiel’s arc intentionally or not frames her as lesser in some way, Eileen’s frames her as as doing her best to do a hard job that has to be done that no one else wants to do, and both end up speaking to her their respective games feel about women. One reads like the same old sexist bullshit reused and slightly altered to pass a modern day sniff test and the other is an attempt to comment on the way women are used by society. Albeit not one that is always successful by any means. It also helps that Bloodborne has more women with some kind of arc that doesn’t end abruptly before any kind of closure or with the end result being something about how she is evil, though the nature of the regency horror the game uses means it still ends up with it’s own issues to be sure, though I at least find they are more complicated than just a basic failure to empathize with women. Now assuming that you don’t want to just leave her here to bleed to death without at least finishing the job for her you’ll make you way inside to fight

The Bloody Crow Of Cainhurst

The only fights that give this one a run for it’s money in the whole series is Ludwig and Ornstein And Smough and there’s not real trick to why that is. It’s not that there’s more than one of him (the wiki says the bloody corw is a dude but I’m not sure if that’s due to anything in the game or a dev statement or if it’s just an assumption on the wiki’s part) or a gimmick of some sort. He just has the same tools you have but slightly more powerful and knows how to use them. First his weapons, he uses the Chikage and a Repeating Pistol. Which on it’s own is whatever but blood attacks do a ton of damage to you and both weapons deal a lot of it. The pistol can actually one shot you (well technically two I guess) if you’re max HP is low enough and even with fairly high HP the Chikage can take you out in one combo. He also uses the Hunters Bone tool so that his dodges are harder to predict, Numbing Mist that he will toss at you to stop you from using Blood Vials, and he also has Blood Vials he will use to up his already substantial health. It’s as close to a good PVP fight an NPC ever gets to in this series. He moves fast, the fight takes a while, and From did their best to take out as many exploits as they could to keep you from cheesing it. You can still get lucky sometimes though, his swords transformed state is to coat it in blood and slowly drains his health whenever it is active and if you run out of the room fast enough his AI shuts off but the effect keeps going. You can also try and use the wooden shield which the game makes fun of by telling you it’s all but useless but actually blocks blood damage fairly well which is what most of his attacks are which is hilarious given how hard this fight it is for most people. The way to actually beat this boss is simply to play well. Parry if you can but even if you can’t careful dodging and smart use of your tools will get you through it but not without a hell of a fight. A lot of people think of this fight as straight up broken and if it was a main story fight I would likely agree, but as a sidequest fight most will never see and as an end to the arc of a character who should only be able to be killed by the baddest of asses I actually think it works really well

After that you head back outside and speak to Eileen. She tells you that you should listen to you’re elders more but thanks you in her way for saving her life before telling you that she’s not cut out for this life anymore. She gives you the Crow Hunter’s Badge which allows you to buy her gear, and the Hunter Rune which marks you as a hunter of Hunters when worn which has an effect on the PVP that I can’t discern from reading the wiki as no one seems entirely sure how it works beyond a basic sometimes when you summon other players instead of trying to help you they attack you instead. The covenants in this game make even less sense than they normally do. She tells you that the work of a hunter of hunters is one that bears no honor and that it is a burden you may chose to carry but is your choice alone to make. Finally she tells you she is tired and that she just needs some rest. If you come back later her blood is still here but she is gone. Most likely having died. Now before I warp this up I should comment a bit on the other end to her quest. In it she attacks you in the cathedral presumably going blood mad as I said before but I don’t really think it has much bearing on how I feel about her arc. To me it seems like a way for people to get her gear without knowing how to do her questline with the turning point being helping her with Henryk, if you never go to help her with that she goes blood mad and you kill her but if you do she carries on and you get the full end to her arc. I’ve only just learned about this other end to her quest, but as of now it doesn’t really alter how I feel about it. IT’s not really any different than any of the other hunters you might who also end up as your enemy and I imagine at this point they know that anyone who is really going to dive into the lore of these games is going to dig into a wiki and get the more complete version of this questline so it doesn’t read as some kind of shitty commentary to me, at least at the moment anyways

Stray Thoughts

This is nearly 2000 words about one NPC

Her crow mask is super cool and I thought about making it my headwear of choice for this playthrough but I have no idea how to render a pixel art fox in a crow mask and I am not paid enough for this to want to figure it out



Uhh, this is weird as hell: