Flight Simulator Photo Thread! (Image Intensive)

It seemed like we generally thought we needed a dedicated thread for this, so…I made one!

I’ll start off with these shots I took whilst flying around yesterday evening here in PDX:

I was running live weather & time so things were particularly lovely with some interesting low cloud areas but otherwise clear.

Buzzing the trees of North Portland

Skirting the edge of Forest Park as the low clouds weave through between the hills

Cruising over downtown and the South Waterfront, framed by a gap in the low cloud layer

It’s always easy to spot the distinctive X-pattern of the Ladd’s Addition neighborhood

Buzzing over one of my fav vegan restaurants on the east side

Flying low over Mount Tabor and the old reservoirs


Thanks for starting this! I’ll be flying the friendly skies tonight and will be sure to take lotsa pics!




Did a little online play the other day

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How does that work exactly? Is collision on for both aircraft?

Yep, you can pass through other planes

Also some clips of me buzzing him at high speed

Ghost Plane is coming my way!

Some photos from my world exploration, both good and bad:
Mount Fuji:

Victoria Falls:


Ankor Wat:


Machu Picu:

Attempt to fly under the Twin Towers in Malaysia, turns out this game isn’t trick plane simulator, got stuck with two friends:

I had a friend of mine fly over my old home town. Yup, it’s there. Every oil tank rendered in that full North Jersey industrial sleaze I love so well.


So uh, Flight Simulator suddenly stopped working for me last night and I haven’t been able to figure out why. Then again, flailing against my computer to get the dang thing to work seems to be the authentic FS experience at this juncture, so whatevs.

I’m really blown away how unready this game was for launch. It’s a mess.

When is it supposed to launch on Xbox? Because if its this messy on PC

Took the Icon to Crater Lake :smiley:

What if we cuddled by a lil island in a crater,and we were both girls,haha,unless


Had some lovely live weather clouds flying from PDX to Eugene yesterday