'Flight Simulator' Players Are Flocking to Jeffrey Epstein’s Private Island

A defining feature of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 is that it roughly simulates every corner of our planet, with varying degrees of detail, by leveraging the satellite data that enables Microsoft's Bing Maps. Pick any spot in the world, fly your plane there, and chances are you'll see something resembling the reality.

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While I think dark tourism is going to be a constant factor in this new FS2020, (Going to North Korea is a harrowing experience) this feels too dark even for me.

I’d rather just continue slamming my plane into Confederate war monuments:


I knew nothing about this game until I logged on to Twitter and saw someone flying a plane into the Pentagon. I don’t know what else I have to say.

I’m not sure what’s being implied by this comment, but I certainly don’t think one can condemn an open ended flight simulation game based on the fact that people are shitty on Twitter.

I came for Lee in Richmond next. I’m taking commissions on slamming my plane into Confederate Monuments. Anyone know of any other big ones?


Wasn’t a comment on the game more just me doing that Ron Burgundy meme from like 15 years ago lol.

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Rushmore is like 70% a Confederate monument. Gotta be on the hit list.