Flipping’ Out: World Flipper Thread

World Flipper, the pinball gacha game from a Cygames, is now available globally!

Post your PID, teams, characters, general impressions, I dunno!

PID: 428827945362


Been playing for roughly an hour, and it seems alright so far. The story feels a bit slow, but I enjoy the game mechanics enough to continue playing.

So far the gacha elements haven’t been a problem, but it’s too early to say anyway. Games like this usually are very generous upfront to get you hooked. Hopefully it doesn’t feel like an impossible grind later on without paying.

My PID: 467827913652

Edit: I think it might be region specific when comes to adding players. I’m in Europe, so might only be able to add others in the same region.

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I’ve barely advanced in the story at all. I really enjoy the gameplay. It’s very fun. Though I think it can be a bit overwhelming when you throw in skills. I’m hitting the gatcha dread I normally get though. I just did the x10 pull and now feel immediately overwhelmed. I don’t know where to begin or what to do with all these characters now. I’m just going to focus on the fun pinball, and then maybe come back to the characters later.

The plot is pretty minimal, but cute, I find the pixel art/graphics to be very charming, and the pinball gameplay to be chaotic but enjoyable. That said, I have no idea what I am doing on a larger scale. The gacha/team building mechanics are totally lost on me at this point but I am really just looking for something mindless to do during the day and the pinball is really hitting that spot right now.

Edit: game gives you a url to share for friends which may be easier than numbers…


This music, this look, oh wow.

Excited to see what crossovers they end up doing :cowboy_hat_face:

Add me!

I adore the presentation of this game. feels very fitting for mobile.

load times seem pretty rough and i’ve had a few weird light crashes, but overall really liking it.

EDIT: forgot to say i just finished Yoku’s Island Express this week and ended up preparing myself really well for WF


I only just started the game but I have to know… am I the only one who can’t listen to the main theme without hearing Undertale (specifically that one melody from Hopes and Dreams)?

Loving the gameplay of this so far, but the story is a real drag, I hope it happens up or introduces something more. I’m only on Chapter 2 so far, so plenty of distance to travel. Either way, add me if you’d like!

PID: 269927952483
(The forum won’t let me post the URL)

I love a good pinball inspired game, and this is no exception. It’s a pity that such a genuinely fun to play game is delivered in such tiny bursts and is buried behind brutal load times, unstable code and gacha tricks.

I don’t know how much of this I’m going to play, it doesn’t seem like it actually wants me to play it.

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  1. There’s an option in settings to remove some effects, which probably helps with load times and performance.

  2. Reading through guides on the Reddit and Discord, it seems like team composition isn’t really important until you beat the story and presumably have a lot more characters to choose between. Until then, you can either use whoever you want or just hit the “Recommended” button.

  3. PID 742927957923

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Haven’t played a ton, but I like it so far! Ever since Kingdom Hearts Union Cross ended, I’ve been looking for a new game to scratch that gacha itch, and this may be the one!

PID: 939927964883

I have no idea what I’m doing in the game, to be honest. Still in World 1 and have received S+ in every battle, which I’m sure is by design. What I do know is that the lil Mushroom is cute and I love pinball.


Loving the look and fun pinball strategy. Daily tasks are easy enough to complete for bonuses, and I’ve got 3 5 :star: characters and several 4 :star: . Enough for several leveled teams with main elements covered.

My only complaint is that main skills are localized well. Often including the original characters instead of text.



I’m liking the game so far, although having only gone through what I assume is 1/3 of the story everything feels very light and frictionless to the point where I just don’t know what the hell I’m doing or why any of it matters. I think it’s why a lot of these gaccha style games bounce off of me entirely, I’ve barely played the game at all and I’ve got literally dozens of anime ladies in a roster and no clue what any of them do differently or even an idea of how I would find that out other than equipping them all through trial and error which feels like a task that would take me until the heat death of the universe. I feel like for me to be truly roped in I need the exact opposite of what’s currently happening, I need to feel a depth to the gameplay that I’m not getting and I need way fewer random new characters.


Wanted to add my url
Let’s be friends in #WorldFlipper!

Catch you on the flip side

You know, once I acclimated to the load times, and got somewhere in the game? I like this game. I can’t see myself needing to spend money, it’s fun as is, and I’ll play it until that part stops. Patrick highlights the tension between skill and “auto-play” well. There’s pull to make this game something akin to an idle game by chasing the high power builds, but you can indulge in some moderately skill based play at the margins. And I’m enjoying that.

I can see the wall coming though. So much of the Lodestone currency is only given out the “first time” you do a thing. Once that’s past, the daily and event based flood will become a trickle.


Can someone further along spoil for me if you ever encounter boards that are more than two levels? This fodder first stage then weak boss grind is wearing on me


its only ever 2 or 1 stage levels.

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Thank you though.


The tables get a bit more interesting as you go (there’s more lanes and targets to hit for special effects) but yeah, I’ve never seen anything other than 1 table (with a big boss) or two tables (goons, then a miniboss). The big bosses are probably the most fun but it seems like an underused idea.