Food combinations that don't sound good but actually are

Everyone seems to come across a secret combination at some point in their life for me it was the other night when I realized the only two foods I have left in my apartment that I could cook were hash brown patties and a can of brown sugar baked beans. It sounds terrible but the sugary sweetness of the baked beans compliments the saltiness of the hash browns quite well. Or it could just be that I was really hungry.

So what food combos have you come across?

Generation Remix represent. I like to mix cooked spinach into my cheap-ass powder mashed potatoes. It gives them texture closer to real mashed taters and it makes them like 0.1% healthier. Recently I cooked sliced beets with my eggs. The beets got a bit of a snap with the fried egg on them and the eggs got some of the mild sweetness of a beet which compliments the yolk quite well imo. I guess neither of those sound bad exactly… Okay how about this. I use water with cookies the same way others would use milk. It functions pretty much exactly the same and you don’t have an enormous glass of milk to chug after the cookies are gone. Then it’s just water again.

yellow mustard on pepperoni pizza

it’s good


Pringles (any flavour) with vanilla icecream. Just scoop the icecream like a dip. That was a revelation when I first had that.


Hot french fries dipped into milkshakes for me.


Nacho Cheese and White Russian



I pour Sunny D over Crispix cereal instead of milk.

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I remember as a kid, I enjoyed rice with ketchup and hot sauce. I haven’t tried it in a long while so I don’t know if I’ll still like it.

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Oh hey Meophist!

My sister does the same thing to this day and still enjoys it. You should try it again, haha!

My classic one is trying to convince people to make grilled cheese sandwiches with mayonnaise (on the outside). Lots of people don’t believe me that it’s any good, lots recoil with disgust, and every single person I have convinced to actually try it has converted to making grilled cheese this way.

Basically, instead of butter, you slap a decent (but not insane) layer of mayo on the outside of your bread. Then you do the grilled cheese thing as normal. Works on soft white breads, on fancy baguette grilled cheeses, and lots of others. Yields a profoundly crispy greasy crunch, whereas butter can sometimes give you a softish limp crunch/toast (depending on heat and whatnot).

Mayo for grilled cheeses. Just try it ONCE.


my grandma used t do that for my mom and uncles my mom was the only one that liked them. I do not like Mayo at all so I will pass but your not alone out there my mom and lil brother enjoy there grilled cheese this way

I Cant really think off 2 food combo I got Cold Pizza and Milk Cold Pizza and a Cold steak , Curly fries and sweet an sour sauce

there a bunch of work creations that iv done but that usually a joint effort except for my spicy chicken salad but that not really not sound good qualifier

You just gave me flashbacks to that segment and I want to vomit now

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People give me weird looks when I double fist pizza & ice cream but I need to eat them fast or else the ice cream will melt & pizza will get cold!

Pour a small amount of salt into your Coke or Pepsi.

Dip your mozzarella sticks into strawberry jam.


I once put a bar of chocolate inside of a build-your-own bean burrito and it actually kinda ruled?

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My husband makes grilled cheese sandwiches this way! Can confirm it’s really good.

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That’s the restaurant standard.

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Dill pickles with salty potato chips. :ok_hand: