Food combinations that don't sound good but actually are


yeah i’ve tried this but since mayonnaise burns at a lower temp than butter, i prefer having a much more toasted outside at a higher temp. also i think the grease level is kinda ridiculous lol but power to those who enjoy it


Do what makes ya happy first, imo.


anyways to actually contribute to the thread, a dash of salt on most sweet fruits is absolutely great. watermelon especially


Pineapple on pizza


I make people wince whenever I say how I enjoy putting more milk in my kraft dinner mac and cheese and putting in a lot of ketchup or barbecue sauce, alog with hot dogs. Pretty cheap and easy, it’s alright.


My Mom likes a slice of American Cheese in her grape jelly sandwich. Though I guess cheese and fruit isn’t that weird.

Doritos pairs well with chocolate. That’s… that’s all I got.


Dill pickles on pizza. Make sure to slice them thin, and squeeze out as much liquid as you can.


Boxed mac and cheese are my prime experimentation platforms. Sometimes I add some fried eggs to get some protein in there. The ketchup/bbq sauce is new to me, but I could see that being good.


if we have Jalapenos i always add them to my mac and cheese but i also like when there that yellow cheese liqouid that you can get with the extra milk but it has to be drinkin fast or else its taste bad


My brother and to some extent me likes to eat sweet things like cakes with sweet chilli sauce. I think the combo of spice and sweetness pairs well I guess. It also goes super well with French toast.

  • Pan fried haloumi cheese and asparagus. It’s become a staple any night veggies are a part of the meal :yum:

  • Salt sprinkled on tomatoes. No one ever does it but it’s so good!

  • vita-wheat style biscuits with Vegemite and tomato. Similar to the one above I guess, as Vegemite is salty as. One for us Aussies!


Sometimes I’ll do peanut butter on burgers instead of cheese. It’s weirdly good, especially if there’s bacon in the mix.


At some point I had no jam so I made a peanut butter and spicy ketchup sandwich, and I love it now.


my sister is a big fan of mixing chocolate chips in with her potato chips.


ChefLuBu is 100% right - just tell the haters that if they’ve ever had a grilled cheese out, there’s a good chance that it was all mayo’d up on the outside!


I know we’ve all been putting bacon in everything for a while, and it’s probably axiomatic by now that bacon makes just about everything better. But: I have recently taken to baking granola using bacon grease instead of oil. This is particularly great on top of ice cream and also super good mixed with fruit and yogurt.


That’s like a standered type of burger here in socal


Do both. There’s a place in Newcastle that does cheese, peanut butter, and bacon jam on a double burger. It’s the best thing in the world.


Strawberries + sour cream + brown sugar.

Actually it sounds good on paper but whatever.


This used to be my family’s go-to strawberry eating mode when I was a kid. It’s so good! A little bit of crunch + sweet + creamy… mmmm.