Food combinations that don't sound good but actually are


This may not be a particularly off the wall combination, but not a lot of people seem to know about putting maple syrup on vanilla ice cream.


I’d never thought about whether that’s a popular thing actually. I actually did it earlier this afternoon before I saw this! :sunglasses:


Thick melted slab of extra sharp cheddar on apple pie.


I am heartened to hear this. I have many friends in foodservice and they never told me this. Then again, lots of them are bartenders so who knows what they’re REALLY up to, anyway.

I will add ‘restaurant standard’ and ‘that’s why that shit tastes so good when you get it out’ to my litany of mayo-grilled-cheese defenses.


Once you realize how mayonnaise is made, this makes perfect sense. I still prefer the taste of butter, but this one works great when I’m out of it.


That was what got me to try it in the first place. Egg and oil? Of course that shit crisps up like MAGIC!


As a kid, my mother would describe to me how her brother would make ketchup sandwiches—consisting of nothing but regular ketchup and white bread—all the time in his teenage and young-adult years. Being a kid, I of course tried it—and found I liked them too! I can’t say that they taste good, strictly speaking; really, think about the flavor at all and you quickly realize that it’s pretty abysmal. But there’s a kind of culinary beauty in combining the furthest extent American industrial food production found it could push bread and tomato sauce before they collapsed into cake and brine. Just sugar and salt—a primally perfect food.
It’s also a bit like eating the absence of a hot dog. From one crust to the other, you truly understand just what it is a length of sausage adds to the hot dog + bun ensemble.


Putting kale and hot sauce in your Kraft Dinner is secretly delicious


This reminds me of something I really love. I have this stuff branded ‘American chip spice’ - it’s made in Yorkshire in the UK, so I’ve no idea where the name came from, really. It’s essentially salt, paprika, onion, garlic, etc, and it’s supposed to be for fish and chips, I think, but I like it on anything potatoey or anything involving cheese or tomato (pasta, cheese toasties, pizza). It’s real good. I will sometimes butter up some bread and just whack some of that on it to make a sandwich. Ridiculously unhealthy but super tasty


oh my god that sounds just like Old Bay! i can’t believe it’s just called “american spice” over there.

though that reminds me, Montreal steak spice is also a thing i bet doesn’t exist under the same name elsewhere


Needs a jazzy name as a selling point! (probably). Most British people won’t have even heard of it, it’s very weirdly specific to the area surrounding Hull (in East Yorkshire), I moved two hours ago and no one here had heard of it! But it’s my fave


I’ve always thought that the entire contents of a Reuben sandwich are kind of gross on their own. For those who don’t know, that is rye bread (i.e. the grossest bread), sauerkraut, corned beef (the worst sandwich meat), and thousand island dressing (pretty much ketchup and mayo). But put them all together, and they’re awesome.


I’ve always loved peanut butter and bacon sandwiches on some nice crunchy toast. I never thought it was weird until I got older and no one else was eating it.


That sounds amazing I’m going to have to try that


It’s really great when the toast is peanut buttered immediately because it gets nice and melty! I hope you like it!


Not exactly food, but I love infusing smoke into different liquors. Smoked apple brandy or or smoked Aperol taste so good and make cocktails taste great.

I use one of those smoking guns, though. I have no clue how liquid smoke makes them taste.


This sounds absolutely awful, but instant ramen (sans most of the broth) with some shredded sharp cheddar is great. Beef flavor works best.


Done this many times. Cheese and crushed up chips for some kind for texture. I swear no one realizes how creative they really are until they need to make instant ramen less dull.


I eat all sorts of weird stuff, but was racking my brain and couldn’t come up with a weird combo, but I just remembered one from my youth. I don’t even drink milk (i.e. on its own) nowadays, but a cold glass of milk goes really well with instant ramen. Something about residual msg bringing out flavor in the milk, i reckon.


This reminds me that, when I was much younger, I used to pour a little fresh orange juice into the chocolate milk I had left at the end of my cereal. It would turn a green together. I insisted to my mum it tasted nice (I think it just tasted weird, in memory) and she insisted it would make me ill