Food combinations that don't sound good but actually are


I don’t know if it’s a weird combo, but the way I eat it is definitely weird;

Take a bowl of rice and smooth out the top. Top with a 1/4 inch layer of grated parmesan cheese - the cheap stuff that’s basically flavored wood pulp - eat the top layer, getting equal parts cheese and rice. Repeat until the rice is gone, or you’ve eaten the entire can of cheese, whichever comes first. For added flavor, add a chicken or veggie bullion cube to the rice when cooking.


Hush Puppies dipped in chocolate sauce


I saw that some people use liquid smoke to make special flavor for food that they smoke. Don’t know if it is working.

So it will give results with special tastes? Then we must give it a try!


everything bagel with butter, honey, and onions. yum


this with some lime and pepper and you have yourself a very good summer day.

@Meophist rice and ketchup is a ver essential part of japanese omelet rice, which is very very good


This one’s not that weird, as I’ve heard other people recommend it even though I discovered it on accident (most people probably do), but I really enjoy dipping bacon in maple syrup.

Also, I don’t want to start a nightmare argument about pizza toppings, but this seems relevant here. I’ve gotten quite a few friends hooked on this particular combination since I discovered it: Pepperoni, Bacon, Pineapple, and Jalapeno. It’s the ultimate pizza.


Crack four eggs into pan and add a can of spinach. Heat throughly.

Muy bueno.