For Hanukkah, Nintendo Let You Put Eight Characters in Smash. What were they?

  1. Patrick Klepek
  2. Danielle Riendeau
  3. Austin Walker
  4. Rob Zacny
  5. Natalie Watson
  6. Cado Contreras
  7. Danika Harrod
  8. LA Rob (banned from comp play)


oh my god, Mio would be incredible. Incineroar echo fighter?


Don’t you mean “Big Rod Rob”? Or is that and echo fighter?

Any of the Ninja Turtles except for Leo, we have enough swordfighters already
Captain Jack Harkness (Mal from Firefly as an echo fighter?)
A shrunken RX78 Gundam (or an actual gunpla)
Ip Man
The car from Daytona USA, not like in Fighters Megamix but as an actual car


I haven’t played a ton of Valkyria Chronicles but I like what I’ve played so I think one of the player tanks in that game should just be in Smash. Or insert fan favorite character(s).
Sunset Overdrive player character as a pseudo-echo fighter Inkling as Isabelle is to Villager (I hope that makes sense).
Solaire too.
Any Dishonored player character.
One of the Diablo 3 heroes, but especially Wizard.
Jaina Proudmoore.
Oh obviously Rico Rodriguez.


I’m one of those jerks that wants more Fire Emblem characters in the game, but specifically ones that don’t use a dang sword. Let’s get one of each of the others!

  1. Hector (Fire Emblem GBA)
  2. Donnel (Fire Emblem Awakening) or Nephenee (Fire Emblem Path of Radiance/Radiant Dawn)
  3. Tharja (Fire Emblem Awakening)
  4. 2B/9S/A2 (Nier) Give me a Pokemon Trainer clone with Commander in the background that would be a lot of fun
  5. Tom Nook (Animal Crossing)
  6. Hornet (Hollow Knight)
  7. Aranea (FFXV)
  8. Hank & Dean Venture as a Ice Climbers clone (Venture Bros)

  1. Zitz, Battletoads
  2. Sam, Serious Sam
  3. Jade, Beyond Good and Evil
  4. Lakitu, Super Mario
  5. Joanna Dark, Perfect Dark
  6. Commander Keen, Commander Keen
  7. Kerrigan, Starcraft
  8. Kane, Command and Conquer

I think all of these (yes, even Kerrigan and Kane) appeared on a Nintendo device at some point. (Although clearly one would use the Keen 4-6 version of Keen as the default appearance, instead of the Game Boy Color iteration.)


There is only one more character who needs to be in Smash to make it the complete game it has so far yet to be.

And that’s Reimu Hakurei.


yeah my list was gonna be isaac from golden sun and literally anyone from fire emblem who doesn’t use a sword


Pocky. Rocky. The other 6 somebody else can have.


Movie Detective Pikachu

Movie Sonic the Hedgehog

Bob Hoskins Mario

Jean-Claude Van Damme

John Leguizamo

John Cena

The Need for Speed

The Nintendo 64 Expansion Pak


ok so here’s mine, after deliberate thought. Ridley and King K. Rool are already in the game so like, I’m happy, so I had to dig deep, esp. to make sure I didn’t overlap with anyone else here :wink: (Mae and Jackie Chan and and Lil Slugger and Pocky & Rocky and Umihara Kawase are GREAT picks):

  • Danny Devito. Probably a really fast, air-based character. Probably plays a bit like Jigglypuff or Wario.


  • Jacket from Hotline Miami. Probably has a stance system like Shulk, letting him switch masks. Forward smash is probably destructive, though probably has weak air game like Lil Mac.

  • Hakim from Game of Death: Honestly just needs to be in ANY fighting game. Maybe a bit like Captain Falcon, high movement and power, but kind of a glass canon. Strong tilt attacks.

  • Big Daddy from BioShock: A big man. Heavy character, slow but wrecks shop on hit. Hard to knock out due to weight.

  • Mad Pierot from Cowboy Bebop: Another air character. Probably has really strong combos, kinda like Bayonetta, but can get punished easily. Probably has ranged specials.


  • Bowsette: I am in love with this strong queer mom and I think she is capable of destroying us all

  • Baba Yaga: The folkloric old woman who lives in a house on chicken legs and walks around in a mortar and pestle. Probably a super weird but surprisingly strong character like Yoshi, maybe reminiscent of Piranha plant.

  • A bear: Just a bear.



For the record ALL submitted characters will be in the game.

We were all at the party and all enjoyed some soup


I’m going to try to stick to things available on Nintendo consoles.

  1. Mina Han (Battle Chef Brigade)
  2. Jessica (Dragon Quest 8)
  3. Io Nitta (SMT Devil Survivor 2)
  4. Lekismon (Digimon World: Dusk)
  5. Firamon (Digimon World: Dawn)
  6. Solitaire (Dragon Quest Monsters Joker (2))
  7. Mizutsune (Monster Hunter Generations)
  8. Ren or Tlachtga (Etrian Oddyssey)

Also focusing on women, since large game casts like this (I remember counting a couple of MOBA casts when I still tried to play those) tend to be two-thirds men by the most generous possible count. I wouldn’t be surprised if Smash fit that rule also.


Well, if all suggestions are going to be included…

  1. Dr Tracksuit
  2. Papa Vinny.
  3. “Dirty” Dan Ryckert
  5. Alex “Drum God” Navarro
  6. Junior Scientist Ben Pack
  7. Jan the Pokemon Master
  8. Matt Rorie, creator of Alpha Protocol


excuse u U ONLY GET EIGHT. unless ur 2 people


It’s already done, you can’t stop me! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA



So I just checked out the roster, and did the counting. So about 12 are explicitly female, which is abysmal. However, if you count characters that don’t have an assigned gender, like Pokemon, robots, animals, or characters like Robin or Mii Fighters who the player can choose, it gets to ~33. (Including Nana in Ice Climbers and Sheik (who Im just gonna label as genderqueer))

33/74 that aren’t dudes aint a great ratio yall


Y’all I have a confession. Every time I see this thread my brain autocorrects to

For Hakuna Matata, Nintendo Let You Put Eight Characters in Smash. What were they?

I feel it is only right that I swap my choice of Scout from TF2 with Pumba and Timon as a duo character. Is this allowed in the rules?


yes, its ok. Reggie is a reasonable man


It’s about what I expected from the times I counted League of Legends and Heroes of the Storm (similarly counting the most generously I possibly could, counting anyone non-humanoid as “not-a-man” even where that conflicts with their presentation and the way that they’re referred to (because you know that games don’t want to use singular “they” ever). About two-thirds are men and women, non-binary or ambiguous characters make up the last third.

I was compelled to count after reading something about a study where men thought that a room or discussion was gender balanced if women made up 33%, and it seems, informally, based on my experience, that that carries over to casts of characters, assuming that they’re aiming for some degree of parity.