For No Good Reason Whatsoever, Let's Overanalyze 'Event Horizon'

I first watched Event Horizon—Paul WS Anderson’s 1997 derelict ship in space sci-fi/horror schlockfest—back in 1997 or 1998, as a very young teen. It scared the living crap out of me, and intrigued me for life. There are scenes and images from this movie I’ve never been able to get out of my head, which inspired me to rewatch it recently, armed with another 20-21 years of life experience and a distinct taste for sci-fi horror.

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I’m sorry but there are nothing BUT good reasons to overanalyze Event Horizon

which is a stealth Warhammer 40,000 prequel, btw


This movie has one of the BEST character moments in horror fiction ever.

After reviewing the hell tape, Lawrence Fishburn’s character just says, “We’re leaving.” and walks away. He also adds a ‘Fuck this ship.’ It’s a fantastic piece of meta dialogue addressing one of the most common tropes in horror, “Why are ya’ll still here?!”


I came to Event Horizon reeeal late, like last year late. I think I enjoyed my time with it but honestly this movie was laughable and I completely understand the cult appeal.

I also came to this movie because of the AVP Galaxy Podcast when I was doing a deep-dive into the universe before The Predator broke my heart. It was strange to walk away from this watch appreciating AVP more by contrast.

I saw this movie when I was about 10 years old. It put the medieval fear of God into me. Did not want to go to hell after that. Oh and a big fuck you to casting the hero of Jurassic Park, the best man to get the children through Jurassic Park, as the villain with no eyes.

Saw it a few years later and saw it for what it was, a schlocky b-tier sci-fi movie with an impressive cast and the kind of set design only the 90s could produce. I guess I put it in the same camp as Cube, Alien Resurrection and to a lesser extent Sphere. They both involve weird space crafts powered by spherical objects at their heart.

Still remember the horror of Sam Neil casually picking up surgical instruments to perform unneccesary surgery on Jason Isaacs medic character. Euh…

I am glad I’m not the only one who was terrified by the cheesy Alien on The Great Movie ride as a kid. I was expecting some horrifying animatronic to pop up at any point and I wanted off that ride as fast as possible.

After a few podcasts of Being Bad and Just Listening, I took the time to Be Good for this one, and did enjoy myself with it. So many of the sets had really good design (the motherboard tunnels in particular), and I couldn’t help cracking a huge grin at the Shining reference. The fakeout scares early on were a bit cheap though, cutting from a silent scene of Weir shaving to a loud gate opening is just cruel!

Also, shoutout to the costume director for getting the flag on Weir’s jacket right!


unfortunately, not on streaming services. I actually own this on VHS , but don’t own a vcr (whomp whomp). Honestly i’ve seen this so many times I don’t need a rewatch…
Good stuff! I think Patrick and Danielle covered all the cool things I remember about this gem.
I truely did freak me out on the first viewing, especially the airlock scene.

Also, I’d be willing to bet someone on the Dead Space design team was inspired by this movie.

I found it on Amazon Prime? Maybe region locked to the US? (Not sure where you are @sputnik )

Anyway, I saw this in the theater way back when but don’t think I’ve seen it since. Enjoying it right now. Sets and costumes are good! This medical bay that looks like a medieval dungeon is creepy.

huh. you’re right, there it is, thanks. I was using one of those streaming search aggregate sites (justwatch) and it wasn’t showing up.

Thank you @patrick.klepek, I thought I was alone in finding E.T super disturbing as a child.

It’s every kids dream, a kooky, secret, best friend from outer space. Nope! You both sick and dying, a prisoner in your own home being poked and prodded by faceless scientists in hazmat suits!

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I freaking love this movie.

I’m only half an hour into the pod, but I really hope they mention my favorite thing about it, which is that this B-movie horror schlock popularized a shorthand for describing wormholes (“The shortest distance between two points is… zero”) that you will now routinely see in actual educational science shows.

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Did it? I think the A Wrinkle in Time explanation had an ant involved, but it’s the same basic layout. This movie and Interstellar both apparently do the exact same pen through paper thing, though, so maybe it’s just me who saw it and thought about tesseracts. I had not heard of this movie before this podcast, but I also don’t watch horror really, so that doesn’t mean much.


You’re right. I just assumed it popularized it b/c it was the first place I saw it, but some Googling brought up both A Wrinkle in Time and The Restaurant at the End of the Universe (which actually subverts the trope, which means in 1980 it was already trope-y enough to subvert).

edit: oops I just caught up with my podcast backlog and heard Patrick say he and Danielle are doing Sunshine for the next Be Good and Rewatch It which makes this post look a bit silly but oh well sorry for jumping the gun

Loved this episode! I’m listening to the Faculty of Horror episode that was mentioned and just want to shout out Sunshine for any folks who haven’t seen it but enjoyed Event Horizon. I rewatched both back to back this week and it’s a great pairing.

I had forgotten how effective its use of sound design to communicate light and heat is and also how it combines some of the same pseudo religious stuff as Event Horizon with good space horror tropes of “much too warm or far too cold”

Also it has Hiroyuki Sanada who is a very good space captain and also my dad.

when i watched Event Horizon in seventh grade (1998…?) it was hands down the scariest movie i’ve ever seen. i don’t think i’ve had a movie experience in my life that was as terrifying as that one. WHEW. all time classic for me!

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Practical effect horror is definitely much better than GCI at inspiring horror. The unreleased 130 minute version must be a gold mine.

This episode went down smooth as I spent Sunday afternoon grinding experience in an mmo. And can I just say I’ve really missed Danielle on the podcasts! It was a pleasure to hear her voice and thoughts on Event Horizon.

I’m a scaredy cat who can’t handle horror anything in the slightest but I sure do love listening to others talk about it!