"Forcing" games onto friends/relatives


Yesterday was the first time in a while my best friend and me were able to hang out without our kids around, and thus gave me the opportunity to sit him down in VR with HOTAS controls and fire up Elite Dangerous. I more or less had to talk him into trying it out and all he was able to stand, due to motion sickness setting in, was a few tutorial missions but he was smiling ear to ear almost the entire time. Truth be told I probably enjoyed watching him play more than if I was in the pilot’s chair.

Does anyone else have a friend or relative, who doesn’t keep up with the latest and greatest, that you enjoy sharing your favorite or newest games off to?


I mean, I suspect that I would be the person having games “forced” on them, to be honest. (But no, I don’t have any close friends, or family members I live close enough to, to do such a thing with.)