Fortnite - Hah, did you get it? It's because you gotta build fo--


*This is an Early Access title, a lot of the content is still in development and will come off as placeholder.

Fortnite is a Third Person Shooter with the following things.

  • Four Player Co-Op.
  • Action RPG (Diablo, Destiny) based gameplay designed around class types, subclasses, skill trees, loot, procedurally generated dungeons etc etc etc.
  • Crafting. (Weapons! Ammunition! Melee items! )
  • Weird Mobile Game Elements (Think Fallout Shelter’s survivor system mixed with Granblue Fantasy’s hero draw layout.)

And Lastly, Structure Crafting. The ‘forts’ you make are designed to be built on the fly to survive waves of Zombies called ‘Husks’. The gameplay structure is set that quick-building is both seamless and snappy, in case you have to hurriedly put up a wall that’s been knocked down by the zombie or something else.

The game released a couple of days ago on PC (Epic Games Launcher yes it’s just as dumb as it sounds ), Xbox One and PlayStation 4 (PC/PS4 has cross-save/same character progression as well as the PS4 ver having Keyboard/Mouse Support.).

If you’re playing it, how are y’all feeling about it? Personally outside of the DREADFUL menu design and UI, it’s really really fun. The gunplay is probably the most standout thing about it considering how heavy it is on the RPG elements. Firing feels good, the enemy reactions feel good. None of that strange floaty shit from Borderlands.

Fortnite: Battle Royale
Fortnite: Battle Royale

I picked it up on Friday and have played a few hours. Things I like:

The environments are big and explorable and feel alive (er, dead – but once very alive!). Super cool art style in-game. The range of structures and materials for forts has all kinds of great possibilities for building fun things. I’m playing on console (XB1) and I think the gunplay probably isn’t as crispy with a controller — it also badly exacerbates the menu/interface problems about which you are exactly right! — but it’s pretty good. Overall it’s a fun and interesting wave defense style game and I think in particular it will be lots of fun with good friends.

Things I don’t like: It’s way more complicated than it needs to be! So many multi-tabbed menus, so many items and stats and unclear activities. Also, what’s with the llamas? It makes the tone sort of hard to pin down, for me. It also feels heavily tuned specifically to multi-player, which I’m down for, but not when I’m trying to figure out how to play; at least for me, that means the early difficulty ramps up too quickly.

I want to love the act of building forts, but with the controller it feels pretty cumbersome. That’s at least part learning curve, but it’s not good to feel pushed away from the game’s core activity in the first couple of hours.

So I’m intrigued but I’m also sort of overwhelmed, I guess. I’m into it enough to keep at it, but really hoping they iterate on some of the interface and mechanics.


Just started playing last night on PC with a friend and I’m really liking it so far. Only thing I will say is that it feels maybe a bit too easy? Although that’s probably in part due to the early adopters weapons. The base building is a lot of fun and really easy to do. I can see this game easily becoming my new go to “I want to listen to a podcast or watch a video but still play a game” game. Really hope there’s an endless wave type mission you can do at some point just to see how long you can last.

Enemies are nicely varied and have a Plants Vs Zombies type vibe where a “husk” shows up with a beehive on his head while another comes dressed as a pitcher and throws bones at you.

The map exploration is really great in this game which is a weird thing to say about a build a fort and defend game. Each of the areas is quite big and has a lot to explore on not just the surface but there’s a ton of secret stuff as well. We were demolishing a house and broke through a wall to find a secret treasure chest for example. If you really wanted to I feel like you could spend an hour+ on each map just exploring and beating things up with a pick axe.

On top of that there’s a lot of mmo type mini events happening throughout the maps as well. I found a floating purple crystal that when broken gave me a challenge to find all the shards and break those which lead to some building challenges. One of the best ones is the unbuilt satellite tower challenges that wants you to build it exactly as they have outlined. When you finish you put some of the more rarer resources into it and it reveals other things around the map like locations of treasure chests and survivors. It’s basically a good reward system for showing players “Hey this is some of the things you can build and I bet you didn’t know you could make a half ramp or an arch.”

The game is very system heavy outside of the actual gameplay part of it and doesn’t do a good job of explaining all of them. I just realized for example that the support survivor system is buffing my character when I originally thought they were going to be staffed at my headquarters base doing things for those missions. If you are a person who likes skill trees you are in for a treat because there’s like 8 of them. You start with two and the others look like they open up as you progress more down each of the trees.

My only real complaint I have right now is that you can’t manage your actual inventory outside of a match. You have schematics you can look over but if you want to build or recycle any of your already made gear you need to be in a match. As has been mentioned the menu stuff is a bit overwhelming at first but I think once you’ve put in enough time that you get out of the tutorial missions it makes a lot more sense. The tutorial missions also go on for a lonnnnng time. I’ve put in probably 6 or 7 hours at this point and I think I just got out of them.

If you are on the fence about this watch someone else play it then maybe if what you see appeals to you buy the lowest tier. I say the lowest tier because I noticed in game they will let you upgrade to a higher tier if you want to at any point that the founders packs are still available for purchase.


Another couple of hours in, and I’m getting the swing of things. In the heat of defending my super laser or whatever, I inevitable hit the wrong buttons and build, like, a staircase when I meant to place a trap, but that’s part of the fun. My Fortnite superpower really appears to be fortifying the wrong side of the building and then scrambling madly to prop up defenses on the weak side where all the monsters are really mobbing up. I think I’m reading the map and anticipating the spawn direction, but am clearly doing something wrong, so that’s something to practice.

I’m still rather overwhelmed by all the leveling and updates, but I find myself having more fun. So – I guess I’m looking forward to another couple of games tonight!


Downloaded it on my lunch break today and played the tutorial. It’s fun? I’m having fun? I like it. I don’t know if I have the mental space for many level-uppy-casual-to-hardcore-grindy-games though. I’m enjoying the shit out of Warframe right now and Destiny 2 PC is just around the corner.

Will definitely stick with fortnight for a while and see how it goes.


I was having this same exact problem and figured out that on the mini map before you start the wave it kind of tells you with a greyish looking indicator. Also if you are doing the Arc defense ones put the blue goo in first before you start building that’s what triggers the direction indicators.


Also fair warning to all the PC version is buggy as all heck. It’s early access yadda yadda yadda I get it but it’s just something to think about before you spend your dollars.

Looking forward to playing more when it actually let’s me boot the game up again.

Edit: I’ll be really interested to see where this falls on the pay-to-win spectrum. I’m fine with F2P and I understand that people gotta make that money, especially if they spent 6 years making the game. It’s a tough balance tho. If the game is fun I won’t mind throwing some dollars at it later down the line but I did spent 50 bucks (more when translated into weak weak Canadian dubloons) up front and I’ll feel a bit sore if I hit the paywall too soon.

As a point of comparison I am deep into Warframe now (thanks to this forum) and I was happy to spend some money on it. I don’t think I’ll feel the need to spend anything more in the near future unless I want some cosmetics or whatever. Hopefully Fortnite finds this balance because the gameplay is pretty decent from what I’ve seen so far.


Looks like the servers are currently down:

So much for getting in a quick game after work!


This was one of the things that drove me nuts about the home base.

I spent a LOT of time reinforcing, trapping, designing, etc. the storm shield generator in the middle of the home base, to the point that nothing would get through, before figuring out that on the 4th defense mission, you actually build other generators, and none of anything I’d built mattered anymore. Which was… great, I guess?

I haven’t run into many… or really, any bugs I can think of. Overall it has felt very solid.

The one thing that’s really got me worried is how random progression kinda feels. There isn’t a way to grind towards unlocking heroes, or schematics really, it’s just rolling the dice with boxes. Similar to Overwatch, you get those boxes by playing, and you get a lot of stuff in them, but unlike Overwatch, they’re part of core gameplay. Wanting stuff I don’t have helps feed the addictive nature of any gambling based system, but… I’m worried that once I know the game well enough to know what I’m really hoping for, this whole system is going to be frustrating at best.

Game plays great. Shooting feels good. Looting is fun, crafting is simple enough to not get into too deep if you don’t want to. (Other systems seem to have taken a lot of the load for deep strategy, etc.)

It reminds me of a more free-form version of Dungeon Defenders, with a lot more going on, and more enjoyable combat for the time being, so, I guess I’m skeptically optimistic?


Storm shield defense saves your base. It’s your home base so you get to keep adding on to it every so often when you go back to it. You run them every couple of missions to open up new missions and higher difficulty.

BTW don’t spend your vbucks right away!!! Save them for the rotating 350 coin lamas. You get guaranteed better loot and more of it. Also check what upgrade bonuses things have. I got a blue that gave a trap 2 +30% crit damage bonuses but it has a 0% chance to crit. So lower tier items can be better than higher depending on bonuses so keep that in mind before trashing something.


No, I get the point of the missions and that it’s part of the progression. What I meant was that I built this up, before realizing a couple later, that I was actually going to be defending these ones from now on.


I bought this on a whim because I was getting bored with Nier and ended up spending almost my entire weekend playing it. Maybe I’m just a sucker for endless upgrading and loot mills but damn this game is really fun! The open levels with multiple objectives are really interesting, and I especially how having crafting materials persist between missions makes you create your own priorities alongside your main objective. Mostly it’s just really fun to smash stuff and really fun to build stuff. I’m finding I have a serious ammo shortage though, since most of my weapons all take medium bullets. It’s making it difficult to get through the Stormshield defence missions without some serious grinding. Also plenty of people have pointed it out, but the menus are a real mess. I’m on PS4 right now but I’m looking forward to switching to PC where hopefully it’s a bit more manageable.


It’s still a mess on PC but I can see how it’s much worse on PS4. The good news is the developers seem aware of this or at least the community team does.


Now that I have the hang of some of the mechanics that happen in the base screens, I’m having a ton of fun. I’m playing on XB1, and streams of people playing on PC demonstrate how really mouse+KB-centric the whole design is, though. If I decide to get a new PC, I’ll definitely play this on it. I can’t be the only one who keeps trying to “exit” out of the tabbed main menu, right?

I got to play with a couple of friends this weekend, and I think the game really shines when you’re exploring and playing with people you know as compared to randos via matchmaking. It’s just really, totally fun to chat while building and exploring (and then shooting and 'sploding things). (And I do need more building buddies, that’s for sure…)


I been it here and there with some friends as well, it’s been pretty enjoyable so far. If anyone wants to add me I believe I’m PlainZombie in the epic launcher thing.


Just bought it on @austin_walker’s recommendation on the Waypoint Radio before-last, but I haven’t checked it out yet.

I think it would be interesting to compare Epic and Cliff Blizenski’s new outfit Boss Key’s responses to Overwatch, given their huge influence on the history of online multiplayer shooters and Unreal’s relationship to Quake. Tribes is in there somewhere too in terms of the game mechanics conversation.

Because we kind of are living in this post-Overwatch world, but Fortnite seems to be including elements of the survival roguelike shooter genre (I’m taking that from the great thread that’s currently burning up right now), whereas Lawbreakers seems like a much more straight-forward shooter in the Unreal mode, with heroes a la TF2 (which seems to be missing from a lot of these conversations) and Overwatch.

I’m pumped to give it a go this evening, and then check out Lawbreakers when it drops, as I missed the numerous betas.

Thoughts anyone?


Kind of but not really I would say. The closest survival shooter I would compare it to is Rust because you need to craft everything in both and both require beating on and looting things to get these resources but the similarities end there.

I get the impression this is their take on trying to make a modernized tower defense game that has staying power and isn’t something you play on a phone while riding the bus (Bloon towers is still really good though!) To an extent I can agree with Austin that it’s trying to be like them fleshing out horde mode (I think it was him that said that?) but I don’t think it plays like horde mode. When I think horde mode I think AI spawning in waves that are out to kill the player, where as in this the goal of the AI is to kill the target. You are also doing resource management and building which are key things in tower defense games. The first section of the game you can get away with just throwing together a half hazard box around the target then standing around shooting everything that comes up to it and maybe have a few traps but you don’t need to put any real thought into it. The later sections get harder and I’ve started realizing with some planning you can definitely funnel the AI down self made lanes that are covered in traps which when you start looking at what some of the traps do it becomes evident that’s what the designers want you to do the game is just really bad at explaining that.

People have started doing some really cool work of trying to figure out how it is the AI chooses a path and the general consensus right now seems to be it’s a form of A*. This guy did an interesting base design that allowed him to do the shield defense with out shooting once.


This is driving me crazy, but I could swear there was another game that did the thing where hitting a weak spot on a resource as you were mining it would let you gather it faster. Does anyone remember seeing that mechanic anywhere else?


You almost have to treat each mission map as a small Minecraft map. Load in, run around for a while collecting materials for things like ammo and what have you (destroying cars helps a ton for that) etc, and then when you feel ready, go activate the objective.

It’s important too to remember that you can put the bluglo into the objective and it won’t start the waves, but it WILL tell you where the waves will be coming from.

I found this infodocument to be especially helpful when it comes to drop locations for materials, drop rates, etc.

I just want them to let me craft things in the main menu though. It’s the one real complaint I have at the moment.


So much this. If I could usefully manage inventory without going to a play zone, including managing the contents of the absurdly small “vault” in my storm shield base, I would be so happy.