Fortnite - Hah, did you get it? It's because you gotta build fo--


My one big grievance right now is that you need nuts and bolts to not only build half of your traps, but also to build any kind of ammo. It’s made even worse if most of your weapons take medium ammo (like mine do), and the fact that nuts and bolts are hard to find reliably on rural maps (and pretty much impossible to find in storm shield defence, which is where you use most of your ammo). I hope they mix up the crafting materials a bit or make nuts and bolts drop way more.


Yeah the ammo thing is in need of some changes for sure. It almost feels like if they want it too be limited they need like a limit on how much ammo of each type you want to have each match not making you craft it.


1.4 patch notes, nothing too major from what I glossed over.


Fellow survivors, I am checking in from my fort:

I am preparing for my Storm Shield 6 defense. I soloed 5, but just barely, so I am over-compensating massively now, by harvesting cars for steel from the zombie-ruined cities. I have erected a byzantine maze of spikes and ceiling zappers, and wall launchers that will toss mobs into spike pits.

Doubtless, instead of humorously flinging their undead bodies and tormented inner souls against my parapets, the husks will just walk up to my fort via some more direct path that I have not yet foreseen, overwhelm the walls, and wreck my stuff while I fire under-leveled and rapidly-breaking guns at them.

I’m pretty sure it will be sweet though.


So how about that PUBG mode?


Yeah, that was the strangest thing when I first saw the headline, but the more I thought about it the more I liked the idea. Jumped in and played a few rounds last night, and have some mixed impressions. For context, I’ve played about 50 hours of PUBG; enough to internalize most of what that game is doing without letting it consume all my gaming for the year. The fortnite take on this definitely has its heart in the right place, and I had fun with what I played wile taking issue with a few things.

First, the island feels a lot smaller than what I’m used to and I had a hard time finding areas on the map that weren’t already looted. Second, the way the jump onto the island works here was very counterintuitive. Jumping from the bus/plane and heading straight for my target always got me there long after others had already touched down and armed themselves, further agrivating the issue of island size and loot availability.

Beyond those complaints I really like the idea of destructible buildings and constructable forts in this genre and am interested to play a bit more and see how it feels as I get more accustomed to its quirks.


Anyone else playing this?
What’s the deal with the colors for weapons? Does a blue rifle have more damage than a green one?


Yup, the loot is color coded to the same effect as the main Fortnite game. Blue guns will be better than green, but not as good as purple or orange.


Played a lil bit of this since I had access from being in the Fortnite Alpha/Beta tests a while back. It’s fun, but I really think it’s going to come into it’s own once squads are a thing on the 26th when it actually launches. Collaborative, high-speed building while dealing with combat situations is the fun part of Fortnite, and you need teammates for that. It should be interesting to see how that plays out in this game mode.


kind of sort of sour that the PvE is most likely gonna be cannibalized for the PvP


Epic said that shouldn’t happen as the team working on the PvP is the Unreal Tournament team and with how they’ve split both games where nothing carries over to the other theoretically there shouldn’t be any toe stepping done where one team breaks something for the other.


I’m looking forward to more people checking out the Battle Royale mode starting tomorrow. I’ve played a lot of it the last few days and I’ve enjoyed it a lot. It’s not having as much of an impact on me as Plunkbat has had on Patrick and Austin though. I’m curious what the broad takes from Plunkbat-vets are going to be. From what I gather, there are some thinks (like the automatic food-chain spectating) that Fortnite BR does better. There seems to be some debate about whether or not vehicles would fit in this game though, and I’m interested in hearing more about those types of comparisons and contrasts in the coming weeks.


I played a few rounds of BR tonight. It’s pretty fun. Very clearly a PUBG knockoff. I wish the shooting was more accurate or informative. Right now it’s neither. I shot at a guy far off on a hill and had no idea if my assault rifle was accurate at that distance. I saw bullets flying in a wide spread which did not match my reticle. Eventually he died with big numbers popping off of him so I guess I hit. I also would like to be able to customize my controls. There are just certain motions I’m used to and crouching on shoulder button is not one of them.

The building aspect isn’t as prominent as I expected, though the idea of busting through a wall to get to valuable loot or a camper is exciting. If the wall moved slower or the circle worked differently I could see it being more of a thing. As it stands right now, anything you build is more about traversal than defense. Floors can help you cross mud and water which will slow you down (no swimming btw) and roofs and stairs can help you reach high ledges. Walls can be used for defense, but it basically acts as a big square that says “Throw Grenade Here” on the side.

All in all Battle Royale functions well, but it really made me more hype for PUBG on Xbox later this year.


GDC just posted a video about Fortnite that’s definitely worth watching if you got the time and like a behind the scenes look.


It surprises me how dead this thread is, considering the rise of Fortnite Battle Royale (FNBR) as one of the most popular games on Twitch. This was taken today:


As a fan of both Fortnite and Waypoint, Waypoint’s coverage of FNBR has been truly disappointing. It seemed to me that FNBR would be a slam dunk over PUBG for this team. Take the same core ideas, strip out the price and gun fetish milsim roots of PUBG and add color, construction and destructible environments, character, humor, speed, accessibility, and optimization.

Instead, since the release of FNBR on 9/26/17, Waypoint has hosted just 3 articles on the topic (4 times that number have been posted re: PUBG). The first was by Patrick, and theorized that many more games will include battle royale (BR) modes. The second was a teardown by Janine whose criticisms could be reduced to “This game mode is not for me”. (Why have someone uninterested in BR games write the only piece of criticism of FNBR on the site?) The third article was light news coverage by Patrick of the now seemingly-dead spat between Epic and Bluehole.

I struggle with reconciling my enjoyment of this game and the lack of coverage here and elsewhere by writers I respect, whose opinions otherwise often align with my own. These are topics I would have loved to read a Waypoint take on:

  • How FNBR brought the BR experience to a wider audience by launching on PS4, XB1, and PCs across the technical spectrum. My PC is 5 years old, and was not top of the line when I bought it. It struggled and continues to struggle with PUBG, but has run FN flawlessly since day 1. My story is not an unusual one, based on feedback on the FNBR Reddit.
  • Epic’s ability to rapidly respond to feedback while simultaneously releasing new content at an aggressive cadence. Epic’s devs and community people are in constant contact on Reddit and their internal forums, and release at least one update every week, with meaningful content changes and fixes. New items, new weapons, new game modes, new skins, etc etc.
  • The cheating problem and Epic’s response to it. There was a time early on in FNBR where nearly every match was rendered unplayable by a cheater ruining your fun. Epic took legal action against cheat distributors and released an update that autobanned thousands of accounts that used cheating tools. These days, cheaters are rarely seen and in-game reporting tools can result in nearly immediate action (there’s even a ban message in the kill feed). This topic in particular as Chinese cheaters rise in numbers in PUBG seems interesting.
  • The wealth of cosmetics and especially the new Battle Pass reward system. When the Battle Pass rolled out, me and everyone I know playing this game bought it because of how many cool items were in it. I mean…have you seen these winter holiday skins? Right now I’m literally a gingerbread woman with an icing smiley face that falls out of the sky holding on to a disco light-festooned glider and smacks things with a pink flamingo head. Come on! Meanwhile, in PUBG, the best I have to hope for is a…mini-skirt? Jesus.

As someone who has played a lot of both games, the differences are just striking. A PUBG round can take twice as long as an FNBR one, and 90% of that time is looting and moving, with very little action (unless you’re a Counterstrike pro like Shroud). FNBR rounds have far more of the actual fun stuff: interacting with other players. The loading lobby is shorter, the flying is faster, the island is smaller (which encourages actually seeing and eliminating other people). Engagements don’t just come down to who saw who first, because there’s tons of counterplay (and way fewer snipers). Enemy above you? Wall and ramp up to where they are to even the odds. Multiple enemies? Block off your angles so you can take your shots in peace. Enemy in a fortified structure? Use explosives and knock them down! Not to mention that PUBG generally looks kinda ass, unless you’re running the game on Watson. There’s a reason SO many PUBG players use Reshade or other mods to make the game look like something you actually want to have your eyeballs on for any length of time, rather than a brown mess. FNBR also has cross-progression, so I can play with my friends in squads on PC, or durdle around in solo matches on my PS4 on the couch on the same account.

I could go on and on. I think the thing is that I spend so much time reading and listening to and watching Waypoint in all the various forms and venues that I feel close to these people, and I want them to have the fun that I’m having. Instead, they seem to have passed over FNBR as just a clone of PUBG without really having tried it, and that saddens me. Seeing how dead this thread is, I wonder if that’s true of the community as a whole. If so: try it. This game is huge, there are tons of people playing it, and it’s free.


I’m definitely with you on the lack of Fortnite BR coverage on Waypoint and similar sites. The vibe I’ve been getting is that a lot of games writers hitched their wagons to PUBG and whether it’s due to inertia or lizard-brain induced tribal loyalty, haven’t bothered with Fortnite BR all that much. It’s a shame, because Fortnite offers a more welcoming battle royale experience with its colorful graphics and shorter match times. And like you mention, the destructibility and construction elements add some really cool depth to the gameplay.

I also think the criticism that Epic copied Bluehole to be hollow. Like, yeah Epic’s hands aren’t clean here, but let’s not pretend that the video game industry wasn’t built on imitators copying the next big thing since time immemorial. The only difference here is that Fortnite beat PUBG to the punch on releasing to consoles and going free-to-play. But then I hardly see any criticism for Warframe taking food out of the mouths of Bungie, so it just seems like sour grapes to me.

Anyway, I personally really love Fortnite BR, and it even made my GotY top 10. I’m really digging the 50v50 mode and the new items like smoke grenades and slurp juice keeps the experience feeling fresh. I can’t wait to see what they do with it in 2018.


Yeah, the idea that FNBR is just a PUBG clone is one that just doesn’t hold up if you actually play both games. There are similar core concepts, but much in the same way that Ni-oh isn’t a Dark Souls “clone”, FNBR stands apart. Building as a mechanic would be enough to completely transform the game into something different, but FN’s entire attitude and aesthetic is distinct as well.

I’m just glad to know that the Venn diagram between FNBR fans and Waypoint fans is not a single point! :slight_smile:


They’re adding a grenade that. Makes. You. Dance. Play this game people!



Yeah, it’s been done before, but it’s pretty neat they’re doing it in a PvP context. I also appreciate the silliness they are allowing into the game.