Fortnite - Hah, did you get it? It's because you gotta build fo--


How about this news:

Fortnite on phones! And it’ll be a cross-platform compatible version! That’s just incredible, and it opens the door to a Switch and (god-willing) Vita version.


being able to play pubg and fortnite on my phone anywhere. this the future


I just started to get into Fortnite on Xbox, and man, what I would give for a Switch version…


waypoint forum fortnite (PC) #squads??? HMU.


Fortnite has recently become my go-to for “I’ve got a few minutes to kill” game. I generally die quickly enough, but it’s fun!


i play this game relatively often (nearly every day) because my brother plays it heavily so it’s the current game on rotation. after playing it for a month or so i finally broke down and bought the $9.99 battlepass thing. i feel dirty. on the one hand, i’m fine with giving 10 bucks to a company whose game i’ve played for probably 40+ hours. on the other hand, it’s just dumb cosmetic stuff! i’m paying money to get on a grind treadmill! ah, well…

… at least i didn’t go for the $20.00 pink teddybear suit. seriously, how are the individual costumes here so damn expensive? i always thought GaaS skin/cosmetic stuff was cheaper than this. i could go buy another game or two for the price of this rainbow hair girl skin.


we should all have a “waypoint plays fortnite” discord or something.


Drizzy gives you his extra Slurp Juice
God’s Plan starts playing


It doesnt have all of the quality of life enhancement similar mobile games have (the lack of gyro and a proper autorun is bogus) but uh Fortnite on mobile works better than it has any right to and its absolutely wild I was able to crossplay with a friend on PS4 for a match


Has anyone gotten into the mobile beta? And maybe has a friend code they’re willing to share?


I took a break from Fortnite for a few months cause I wanted to focus on other games, but I’m excited about jumping back in. I might check out the mobile beta, but my expectations are pretty low for a mobile port of a shooter.


sometimes i love this game and sometimes it bugs me. i was in a one on one sniper battle yesterday and the person i was trying to snipe, a hundred yards away, was bunnyhopping all over the place. it was a tense battle, we probably exchanged twenty rounds, but in the end the bunnyhopper was able to dodge my bullets while finally landing a couple on me, killing me.

that’s just the game, i guess. you can be a successful bunnyhopping sniper. to me that just ain’t cool. i guess i could work on my own bunnyhop sniping skills, or my sniping skills in general, but, eh… the floaty cartoon aspect of fortnite bugs me sometimes. i guess if i had a decent PC or Xbox i’d probably be playing PUBG instead.


I would love that. I play most nights on PS4 and am always looking to squad up.


I’m planning on getting back into Fortnite if you’re looking for another squad member. I usually play PS4 and PC.