Fortnite - Hah, did you get it? It's because you gotta build fo--


The co-op mode is a lot of fun.


Hi folks I’d love to squad up for some Fortnite on PS4. My psn is muffinsyay.


Gotta say, not a fan of the new music in the game. I really like the old song they had back in 2017.

Quick edit while I’m here. Here’s the original start screen music. I just like this much better than the kinda generic light cinematic music. This song had a very eerie otherworldly sci-fi feel that fit the world that Epic built for this game and the new music just kinda falls flat.


I keep forgetting about mentioning this but there is a Fortnite role on the Official Waypoint Discord so that we can organize games.


I’m sure most people here have seen this by now but the fact that you can get creative and ride a remote controlled rocket is just one of the most interesting fun things I’ve seen in a shooter as of late.


That’s amazing. There’s another video where a person saves their teammate who is dying in the storm by rocket riding them back to them.


Having just played my first couple of matches of Fortnite: yes, it’s good. The controls are really smooth, the game is gorgeous, and the interface is far less clunky than PUBG’s, which is surprising because there’s a lot more to it. I can see why people who are still into battle royale games prefer this over PUBG.

But to me, the excitement of battle royale died once I got to #3 in one game and realized how easy it is to queue again and again start running around hoping not to get one-shot by a sniper. The moment-to-moment action in these games is kinda not really there, so the only thing that keeps playing is the tension, and it’s hard to maintain this tension in a game where every match just feels inconsequential.

And Fortnite, being a carbon copy of PUBG in terms of its basic gameplay, really doesn’t do anything to get me interested in the genre again.


i’ve never even had a remote-controlled rocket. :frowning:


Thoughts on Season 4 anyone?

I wont be able to play until tonight but I saw that Epic added the orange shirt kid’s #boogiedown dance that everyone wanted which is genuinely really cool.


I played two rounds before work today and really enjoyed it. The crater and low-gravity crystals are super cool and it provides another focal point on the map to spread out the focus on Titled Towers. Also, I love the trailer that runs when you boot up the game. I might even get the Battle Pass this season, although since I jump between Xbox and PS4 it’s going to be a hard decision for which platform I put money on. Make cross-play a reality Sony!


They uhh…

Hey, they removed the thing I liked about the game, which made me think I could actually get into it.

There’s no more 50 vs. 50 mode.


i was really hoping the meteor would land on tilted towers. i hate that place. i like that the map has evolved a bit anyway.

looking through all of the unlockable stuff, i didn’t really see anything particularly neat. i was hoping for cooler skins to unlock in the paid progression - not seeing stuff down there that i’m excited to unlock means i probably won’t pay for the battle pass again this season… which might mean i’ll be stepping away from the game for a bit, as i don’t find it quite compelling enough to play regularly unless i’m tied on to the “do challenges to unlock stuff” ladder.

and i agree that 50v50 should be a permanent fixture, not a limited time bonus experience.


Has anyone been playing the Infinity Gauntlet LTM? It’s interesting but I’m not enjoying it as much as I thought I would. It’s fun fighting Thanos and dealing with his mayhem, but it being a solo mode with a fast storm means I’m getting offed in the first few minutes half the time. I’m curious if there’s a way to make this into a squad mode.




Gonna download when I get home


Anyone else see that Epic Games accounts tied to Playstation do not carry over to Switch but all others (iPhone, XBOX, PC, etc) do? That’s a real gross move on Sonys part for player retention.


Yup, that’s been a thing when you try to sign into Xbox as well. I suppose a lot more people own the PS4/Switch combo than PS4/X1 (understandable), but hopefully the additional momentum will get Sony to budge.


How did you like it on the tiny screen? I tried a game at work but the wifi really hurt.


Compared to playing it on a big screen it’s not great, but I’ve played enough iOS Fortnite for it to feel like a big step up. It’s easily the best way to play on the go.


Yeah, the whole Sony thing is fucking garbage. Cause I started playing Fortnite on the PS4 so my current account is locked in and I can’t access my stuff that I bought and unlocked over to the Switch.