Fortnite - Hah, did you get it? It's because you gotta build fo--


I’m pretty mad about this. I’ve only logged in once to let my nephew play one day. Never played on the PS4 after that.


Good news, I just remembered that I had an old Epic Games account from a few years ago. Bad news, somehow while I was going through the set up to connect my account, it messed up and now it’s attached to an Epic account that I can’t access. So now I got to send an email to Epic’s support team and figure out what’s going on.


T-minus 1 hour to the big event! It’s a one time only thing so be sure to log on.


So how about that new map?

I’m actually more excited about the changes to the shotguns tbh. The golf karts are extremely good and they have a mario kart-esque drift system that gives you a boost.


The desert is very good and I like that the crater is overgrown now. There’s other stuff I’m surely missing but thats what I’ve noticed so far. I’ve started playing on the Switch and while there’s some fine tuning I still need to do, the gyro aiming is a huge improvement.
Also I immediately stop caring about the main objective if I get in a cart. All I want to do is speed around, drift and boost off things, I can’t help it.


The golf cart is very good and so is the buggy. I wasn’t sure how I felt about vehicles in PUBG since I felt like the game worked without them, but they made some cool choices and added some benefits to how they work. Also helps change the meta a bit from what it was before.


I’ve been playing Battle Royale for a couple weeks now. For whatever reason, despite almost exclusively using my Switch in docked mode at home, the Switch version has made me a Fortnite fan. I had tried it twice on PS4 (once when BR was released and again earlier in the year) but it’s only clicked for me now. I think part of it’s because the skill level on Switch feels more approachable; the joy con sticks are harder to aim with than the other console controllers (though the recently added gyro controls have been a huge improvement imo) and this kind of evened the playing field a bit when I started. And, on Switch, there’s no chance of playing against mouse users like on PS4 (PS4 version has native mouse support, which I’m kind of against as almost anyone using a keyboard and mouse will have a huge advantage over controller users).

Feels really good to see myself improving, both with aiming and shooting but also just overall game sense and stuff. I actually don’t play solo very often (though the one solo game I played this season, I won, mostly due to luck lol) but squads and 50v50 are a lot of fun.

The Battle Pass has also been a surprise. I bought last season’s with about a week and a half, primarily because I liked the two skins you get at level one, but I was actually able to level it up significantly. And the challenges add a lot to the game, even a bad match can be rewarding if you make some progress on one. By the end, between left over credits from a dance I bought (yeah, I know lol) and what I had earned through last season’s BP, I was able to get this season’s without having to spend any more money. I’d be really interested to see something like this come to Overwatch.

Kind of really tempted to get Save The World while it’s on sale. Yeah, it’ll be free by the end of the year but I’ve been wanting to play it since last year, so… yeah, maybe. The only downside is that STW isn’t on Switch so I’d have to get the PS4 version which means any v-bucks I earn through that won’t be usable on Switch but that’s a small concern.


I kept getting completely turned off by the BR format, since I’d almost always end up getting too tense to enjoy myself. But I’ve been watching the existing streamers I follow get into the game, and demonstrate how to get over the major stumbling points for new players.

Also, I keep getting tempted by the game’s whole Mall Goth costume designs. Something about a dude wearing a giant neon overcoat with a kabuki mask appeals to me on an instinctual level. It brings back memories of TF2’s delightfully garish cosmetics.

So now I’m super into it and slowly getting better. I really wish the account situation would get sorted out though, I briefly tried the PS4 version a few months ago which now locks me arbitrarily out of the Switch one, and I don’t want to make a whole new account just to fix it.


So I dunno if anyone else plays Fortnite this way, but I kinda stopped going after the wins and instead focused on like the little challenges you get from buying the Battlepass.

There’s just something fun about like having to either stealthily dodge other players to go sink a three point shot at a basketball court, or needing to search for 7 ammo crates in one match that I just find super engaging and fun.


Yea I mainly go after the challenges now. Wins do feel really good regardless, but the challenges are fun in a different way.
They are kind of like tiny puzzles that each spotlight a few different mechanics of the game. In that way they also work as somewhat of a tutorial or guide.

The ammo case challenge had me go for those areas that are dense with buildings. Running into players was expected there and I didn’t want to lose my streak, so I had to really sneak around people and look for those easy-to-miss ammo cases in places where people picked everything else clean.
I ended up doing a big sweep starting from south of Paradise Palms, to the truck stop there, over to Lucky Landing and ended in Fatal Fields. (Aptly named)
It was a really cool trip with a bunch of close calls :ok_hand:


Yeah, I’m primarily loading up BR to do challenges. Did most of this week’s in one session, even got the “five kills in haunted hills” one in a single drop, which was incredibly satisfying. I know it’s all base “numbers going higher” stuff but it’s still satisfying and fun to do lol. The newly added “visualize sound effects” accessibility option has also been nice, I can turn that on and play in tabletop mode while I’ve got a show or podcast on in the background and can still tell where enemies or chests are.

STW is where most of my Fortnite attention has been atm- just got to the second area. I got pretty lucky and ended up getting a bunch of great constructors (my preferred class) so I’ve got a really good set up where my BASE heals buildings and damages attackers. Super good stuff. Downside is the Mass Effect multiplayer problem is here too, where I’d like to try out ninjas and outlanders but I haven’t gotten any good ones yet.


So I kind of fell off PUBG completely with how the development of that game is going and where it is they are trying to drive it so I decided to give Fortnite another go to see if it was the game to scratch that BR itch and oh boy did it do it. Which is very odd because when I first tried Fortnites BR I bounced off it completely.

Rounds feel intense but not high stakes in the way PUBG is and where is in PUBG I never wanted to play solo because it just got so intense that I felt like I might have a panic attack Fortnite is just goofy fun. The other night I played a game with a friend and we were screwing around with the golf carts and decided we wanted to get our cart to the end so we just spent the entire match harvesting resources and building garages to store it in while we looted then building bridges to try and get it between mountains. Ended with our bridge getting shot out and us plummeting in this golf cart to our deaths and it was some of the most fun I’ve had in a long time.

I also kind of got back into the Save the World part of the game as well. That has actually changed quite a bit since I last played and it feels like it’s progressing in a good way. I also just really like that I can do the daily challenge and get 50vbucks so if I do them all in a month I have just about enough to get one of those more expensive skins or a cool dance emote. I really wish the horde mode was infinite though, that’s the one part of the game I think it really needs is just an endless waves so me and some friends can just shoot the breeze while killing husks.


One thing in particular I’ve found refreshing about the game is the fairly agile update cycle. Other multiplayer games have a strong pretense of needing to maintain balance stability and try to have a safe approach to design changes, but Fortnite just throws anything against the wall that sounds entertaining, and recognizes when some stuff really needs to go (the nerfs to wooden structures and bunny-hopping, for instance).

Also, a weird thing to praise, I like that there are virtually no channels for direct communication if you’re playing solo. I can deal with being bad at a game, but I hate stressing about if someone else is going to fly off the handle at me for arbitrary reasons.


I also like that there is a streamer option that just anonymizes everyone’s names so I don’t have to see xXxYourMommaxXx.TTV after every death.

I wish every game had an option to just randomly give people names so I don’t have to see the dumb garbage or offensive thing they picked.


So how’s everyone enjoying Season 5?

Also I got my first win on Switch while playing in handheld mode lol


Pretty wild that there hasn’t been real movement on the account locking issue. I’ve wanted to play on Switch, but have too much on my (basically now infected) account to consider making another one. What a shame.

Also, I’m really wanting to do friendly squad games in the evenings. Feel free to add me, I’m on there with the same display name.


Waypoint needs to take a trip to Tomato Town.


They may be too late.




Wow. How the heck do you even stay on top of challenges? I just end up forgetting about them and, since I limit myself to only 4 hours a week, end up remembering halfway through when the challenge progress bar pops up.

I don’t think I have a single week complete lol. I mean, I’m really bad, too, so…

I went ahead and made a new account on the switch anyway. It gives me someone else to play with when I pass it to a sibling or niblings lol.

Well, if anybody wants someone who is sporadically on and isn’t serious at all feel free to invite me, same name just spaces in between: y e n i