Fortnite - Hah, did you get it? It's because you gotta build fo--


tomato death cult?


I never did trust that Tomato Tom fella. I think everyone should be friends with the Beef Boss.


I love that the Cube almost murdered Ninja during the Tournament this weekend.


New LTM getting previewed tonight during Day 2 of the Summer Skirmish


Epic is calling me out


Hundreds of rounds, two platforms, and lots of shaky handed top 5 placements later I now have both a Solo and a Duo win under my belt. I’m certainly not the best at this game but I have thoroughly enjoyed playing it, and it’s the first game my little brother and I have been able to play together at a comparable level.

For those who have a Switch and maybe bounced off of that version early, if you like Splatoon’s motion controls, I implore you to give the motion controls for Fortnite another shot. It took me probably forty or so matches, which is certainly a lot, but they feel fantastic once you tune them to your playstyle. The controls have changed tremendously since they launched, and in true Epic fashion, the community was heard with them making the motion controls feel just like Splatoon 2’s a few updates later.


Anybody trying out the “disco” mode now available? For folks who don’t know, it’s a control type objective with five dance floors that move inward with the storm circle every few minutes. Claim the territory by dancing on the platform. It also features respawning! It’s a lot of fun. The territory mechanic is cool, and I really really like being able to respawn.


I have played it with some folks over on the Waypoint Discord and I had a lot of fun. Great place to practice shooting. But you have to be farming mats constantly.

@Spoke I’ve bounced from the PS4 version to the Switch version because the Pro Controller is so comfortable and while I prefer not to use motion controls, they do feel great and they’re always tweaking it to make it feel better and more responsive.

And hey, Epic just dropped a big announcement. We’re getting in-game tournaments in v 6.10 and it looks like it’s happening tomorrow.

We also got a blog post with more details:

and an esports hub:

Biggest news here is that you have to opt into cross play and everyone will be able to participate, regardless of platform.


I wish more games had well thought out crossover content like Fortnite does. It’s all in the name of more $ but the way they’ve been handling real sport team cross overs so far has been really good. The easy more greedy way out would be to sell them all individually with a static number but instead you can just swap the skins team and jersey number at any time.

Really looking forward to more sports getting a similar treatment.


I brought this up in the Discord. One of the reasons I’m excited about it is that it allows me to kick Tom Brady’s ass in a video game.

But yeah, the way Epic has approached their cosmetics and paid DLC has been great. The flow of in-game cash that you earn from playing (plus the additional v-bucks you get from StW missions, and just how all your purchases are available on all platforms is really nice. I’ll take a Battle Pass over a loot box every time.


Hey so has anyone played the Scavenger Pop-Up Cup yet? Really curious how some of y’all feel about these changes. I haven’t had a chance yet, but I’m curious how that will play out with the reduced mat caps and the life regen when you get kills.


Fortnite just got essentially an early version of Forge mode from Halo and it’s rad as hell and I can’t wait to see what comes out of it!

Also there’s now airplanes


This update is really cool. I think the zip lines will be super helpful in the mid to late game (if you’re sneaky enough). Being able to get high ground without having to spend mats is useful. Also I’m excited about the new pop up cup.


so they just straight up decided to turn Thanos into a weapon now huh?