Fortress Fridays - Live Every Friday @ 8pm CT

Every Friday at 8pm CT is Fortress Friday!
If this is your first time playing and you want to join our server, here’s what you need to do.
Click the green “Find a Game” button in the upper right hand corner and click “Community Servers.” Once you open the server browser, click the Favorites tab. Click “Add a Server,” and then enter the hostname below. Then enter the password down below when connecting.

Password: bigboyseason

This week we’re playing on:

You can also tune in at and watch the action there.

And don’t forget! You can always send me map suggestions every week.


ill probably be so so bad but i would love to hop in on this!! watching yall play during Savepoint made me super nostalgic for it.

Sadly was working late today so missed the meet up :frowning: Looking forward to the next one!

UPDATE 05/19/19:

  • Removed Convoy from the map rotation
  • Added Blastpitt to the map rotation

Next Event is on May 24, 2019 at 7 pm CT


UPDATE 05/20/19:

  • Activated Halloween Mode

UPDATE: 05/23/19:

  • Added Cascade to the map rotation

UPDATE 05/24/19:

  • Added Avanti to the map rotation

UPDATE 05/24/19:

  • Removed Spirit Pit from the map rotation

Next event is on May 31, 2019 at 7 pm CT

UPDATE 05/25/19:

  • Rearranged the map rotation
  • Changed the password (see op)

Hey everyone!

Just over the weekend I was cleaning out the server. Updating files and removing workshop maps not in use anymore. I was carrying all the cfg files when suddenly I tripped and dropped them all. I was able to get them back, but mapcycle.cfg rolled out the door and into the storm drain. And as you all know, anything that goes down there belongs to the Sewer Clowns. So now they got a nice map list for their TF2 server.

As I sat in front of the drain and watched the Sewer Clowns have a rad lan party, I started thinking. Lately, we’ve been mainly playing on the same maps. We might have one or two make it to the top, but other than that, we would eventually play on Borneo or Blastpitt and the maps down below would usually get ignored. So let’s try something different.

Starting today, you can nominate maps in this thread for the next 24 hours. After than we will put the maps to a vote for another 24 hours. The top five maps will be added to the map rotation for starting on Friday and will remain on the server for the week.

This way we can keep the server feeling fresh and not just playing the same handful of maps every week. It can also help highlight community maps that get overlook.

Right now, the only maps that are eligible are official maps and completed maps on the Steam Workshop. Please provide a link to either the TF2 Official Wiki or the map’s Workshop Page when making your nomination. If we only get five maps or less nominated, we’ll just add them to the server and fill in the empty slots and skip the voting process.


I’m gonna nominate Snowplow. Looks like a unique map with some interesting mechanics to the attack/defense game mode.

Actually, gonna add one more because this map looks super cool

Here’s Valentine, a Payload Race map

Hey everyone, Just wanted to drop a quick update on the server.

First off, we got a new map rotation. Tonight, we’ll be playing on:

  • Snowplow
  • Turbine
  • Valentine
  • Steel
  • Lazarus
  • Overgrown

I hope y’all are looking forward to some CTF and Payload Race action tonight!

Also made a small adjustment to some settings. Got rid of the 30 minute server timer. Instead, we’ll play a a maximum of two rounds per map. If you want to see your favorite map in the server feel free to drop a suggestion in this thread or send me a DM on the forums or Discord.

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What time is it at?

8pm CDT

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I’ve played a lot of TF2 so if anyone was interested in some weapon they don’t have I have an extensive library to rent from

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Putting together this week’s map list tonight. If there’s a map you want to play on, let me know.


Will be finalizing the map list tonight for Fortress Friday. Let me know if there’s a map you want to see tomorrow night.

Updated the map list. Will update the server at 7pm CT.