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Hello and welcome to the beautiful world of forum signatures. Perhaps you’ve traveled this path many times before or maybe this is your first time visiting. All are welcome here.

This is a thread for celebrating forum sigs, old and new! Imo, forum sigs are the perfect crossroads of ironic, semi-self-deprecatory humor and sincere nostalgia. Here’s one I just made that I’m already quite fond of.

LET THE FLOOD GATES OPEN. I want to see some SIGNATURES. If you haven’t made one before but want to give it a shot, then this website has some good news for you!

(To clarify, it’s not my intention to make fun of individuals who genuinely have/had a lot of fun making forum sigs. This isn’t a “let’s dunk on this” kind of thread. This is a “Hell yeah, remember the GOOD TIMES” kind of thread.


My two old Gaia accounts were ShadowSphinx and GenesisZero. I too lived on the dark side in 2003.


I think I always just had a tiny note about I mostly lurk. I was not a Cool Forum Frequenter


lol nice sig

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Socrates was a b*tch

"kcin is the baddest mf'er on this forum. period." - 4EVASCOPELESS

"goddammit kcin u r always rite!! drives me crazy~" - xXr4wR_Kr3wXx


I was not online at the right time or in the right spaces to experience forum culture in its heyday, and all it seems to me as magical as any fallen civilization; as majestic as Rome, as ambitious as the Spanish Crown, as interwoven as the Mayan megalopoli—ruins spread across a hundred thousand Proboards sites
Anyway, that’s what my forum sig would be.


My sig has also just been my last fm account which I don’t really use anymore :


Shit, I’m proud of a lot of my sig work, I just wish I remembered the original artists I got my renders from, didn’t really get on the giving credit thing until forums started dying. A lot of these are made from official art and screencaps, but a few use fan art I really wish I remembered the sources of.

a ton of sigs like a whole lot


I once participated in a forum signature contest about ten years ago and was in the final three because I used a secret alt account to vote for myself


Omg, the Friend Zoned one is VERY good :joy:


Some of the ones without usernames were for contests. That was one of them and sadly did not win.


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