Forum UI and Color Changes

Hey all,

Just a quick heads up and apologies for any visual changes that you might see/have seen the forum go through lately. I am trying a few new things and may make some missteps in trying to implement them as it’s mostly trial and error on my end. The “few new things” are in part a desire to have the forum be more readable, developing selectable color schemes for accessibility while also exploring Discourse’s new UI features such as the sidebar and table of contents.

Again, apologies in advance!


Forgot to add earlier,

Go into your profile / user page, click Preferences, then Interface, to access the various layouts and color scheme options.

Just another quick update on this to let people know that I’ve completed most of the major tweaking of the forum UI. The Sidebar is the most visible addition to which will hopefully facilitate better navigation throughout. In addition, four themes are available currently. There are both a light and dark mode version of the original layout and two “spruced up” versions of a layout that was previously made. Respectively they are renamed to “Darkpoint” and “Lightpoint.”

As for the accessibility palettes, it is still in the works. Unfortunately, I’m not a web designer and have stumbled on being able to do this as promised in the past. It’s a learning process, but have been making some progress with it in the last few days.

Thanks all!