Forza fans thread

Horizon 3 had the credit doubler and the auction house. I don’t think that will be an issue since it will be all based on availability. Most of the big ticket cars were Horizon Editions or special livery paints the community made. And even then Turn 10/Playground stepped in if things got out of hand or there was some dodgy dealings (If I remember right, one painter and an accomplice got banned for trying to artificially inflate the bids. Granted, this happened a lot in Forza 4 as well). Though at the same time, this one has over 100 “Unicorn” cars, including big name cars like the Bugatti Veyron. So unless it’s a Forzathon and everyone has the chance to get one. It might get a bit nasty though the Auction house has always been primarily a community driven system. We’ll have to see how that one plays out.

I do wonder if they have been tweaking the prize crates behind the scenes though. I took a 20k crate and got all Uncommons. 40% boost for Normal Steering while I’m playing on pad with a three use limit? Y’all paying me just to breathe.

I think the crates give better rewards as you level up as part of the curve - so you’ll get better quality mods as you level up through the game. At least this is the impression I get from playing and people streaming.

Starting to really think FM7 may not have been ready to ship and hopefully the XB1X release will actually be a 1.0 edition.

Hey, I wondered if anyone has done this but I bought 2 crates in 20hrs of play on forza 7 and not really encountered any issues with them yet. I feel like both the loot boxes and car collection tier method both seem very shallow and don’t add or play negatively for the game. It seems to me that both systems just seem pointless and I haven’t understood the loot box backlash in forza 7, I understand that it is an issue but I feel it’s so small in this game

I buy crates for the mods, which gives me bonuses for the races, which pays for more than the cost of the crates (each card gets you around 33% credit bonus with three applies and that’s 100% bonus over all uses so each card is worth, on average, the base reward you get from each race - I usually do long races in the career so those get you a decent return, which more than pays for the mod cards).

I’m not sure about just how many of the cars on the roster of 700 are locked so you can’t buy them (directly with standard in-game credits). It seems like this goes way beyond DLC cars (of which there aren’t many and only something like 50 planned as part of the bad value season pass) - that so many of the cars are locked behind the “speciality dealer” or will appear once Forzathon events finally start happening (thanks for releasing Auction House Turn10, now the XB1X version is out and they actually consider it 1.0) or claim to come from loot boxes (which cost far too much for the ones that usually include a car - especially as most of them don’t include the locked cars).

Basically the number of cars that are locked and you can’t buy (ever, directly) are my issue, the levelling of the first five car collection levels seems to happen fast enough (within the first dozen or so hours of the career racing so you’ll have unlocked every car you can buy well before getting half way through the career - that seems like a reasonable way to make the career feel like it has a progression, especially as you can get a few high-tier cars at the start via things like the free first car and event rewards). It seems like that system may be telling people to buy crates to unlock the remaining models but also… I’ve seen people on streams after using a cash glitch to get infinite money and those crates really don’t seem to actually drop those locked cars. So they seem like the false promise of those vehicles.


Looking here at some Tier 5 selection, this (the arrow is a DLC car, the locks are all cars that you can’t ever buy with in-game credits but they claim you can get from crates if you’re not prepared to wait for the weekly “speciality deals” or eventual Forzathon rewards) is not a good way to deal with a roster of lots of cars. Yes, some of them are rewarded at other times in the game but it’s pretty bad that they tell you to buy some crates to unlock them when you try to select them from this catalogue. That’s where I hate the crates idea in the game - that they might be a factor in why so many cars are locked so you can’t buy them with credits. Once I’ve unlocked a tier, I should be able to buy the cars once I’ve got enough credits (unless they’re DLC I haven’t paid for).

That the crates can drop duplicate cars rather than always giving you a new car if you’ve got a gap is indicative of an exploitative gambling design rather than a “fun randomness” design. Hell, even Dota2 crates ensure you complete a collection before dropping dupes and that’s an F2P game. If cars can come from crates then it should give you a car you’ve not got until you’ve completely your collection.

I have not one clue how to make my own thread. I’m on my phone and I’m partially blind when it comes to using my phone for anything. (If one may direct me in doing so that would be great) So right now I’m just going to reply on this thread. Feel free to repost it on the interwebs. In advance don’t be offended by my dark humor and sporadically way of writing. I’m hopped up on coffee and haven’t smoked my morning jay.

Personally, this is a topic of raging banter? I’ve owned every Forza game minus Horizon. Being my video game taste is strictly simulation when it comes to racing. If I’m going to play an arcade game, I’m going to play some Capcom Vs. Snk2. (Best arcade game ever to be made, but let’s move on to the concerning matter at hand) I completely understand games change as the next generation comes along, as new car models are made. Advertising new cars, ‘blah,blah,blah.’ (We’ll pay you to feature our brand) But why ‘lessen’ car selection?

Moving on to the selection of cars… Having personally owned quite a few Japanese classics and budget drift cars. While it is exceptionally fun to drive super cars that I may never own. I would very much like to drive cars I have actually owned. Toyota Celica Supra, BMW e30 325is, 325es, Nissan 280ZX and my fare share of Honda and Volkswagen. The list of FWD cars is way too long. Now specifically, nit-picking at the current roster. 1966 Nissan Silvia, Bob Sharp’s Datsun “280ZX”. And how it is nice to add the variation of model specific of Nissan 240’s. I know many people out there have denied the opposite or same sex any attention when they get down time to slide their 240’s. All just examples as to express the balance that is nowhere to be found.

So my frustration simply roots from the removal of the Celica Supra. (Having been removed since the last Motorsport) Now going through the car roster, when I find a 1966 Nissan Silvia, it makes me laugh. Do you see where this is going? Bob Sharp’s Datsun 280zx, but no Nissan 280zx? How about the Nissan R31 Skyline? I have no idea what’s going on with Toyota, but I guess they’re going to pull an appearance like Porsche and pop out of the huge birthday cake that I’m getting for my birthday. (Haha) All this being said is a 1966 Silvia more memorable than the mystical 1970 Mitsubishi Galant GTO? IDK? Opinions? I would love to spark the flame for some more banter.

Where is the BMW E30 325is? Nissan R31 Skyline? The Toyota Mk3 Supra?What about the option to convert my car to left hand or right hand drive? Why not implement these simple ideas? For Lebowski’s sake, have no one the imagination or common sense… I know I don’t make sense but jeez I do have an imagination? My Nissan 350z has no drive shaft!? Say what!? Yeah I went there. Do something about it. Step up your game. This is the last Forza game I’ll ever buy. I’m going Gran Turismo. (despite how PlayStation controllers make me feel like I have carpal tunnel)

While online Leagues (the last of the “coming soon”) are finally now here in FM7… I think I got that GT bug. Homologation is a good idea that unfortunately has resulted in a completely pointless roster of cars - in FM7 I’m almost never thinking about the fun of upgrading a car to a spec tier but rather am stuck with the precise list of parts that lock it to the specs (it seems far more common for there to the be one restrictor you have to apply than being a range of viable parts you can use to build the car to the requirements) and that’s it. That’s the car - one that’s kinda broken from what it should be due to being restricted from the racing spec it would have in real life and competing with a load of other vehicles that… are kinda the same. There’s a bit of variety in it but really, on order to make all cars in a spec competitive, every car has to roughly be able to do corners at the same speed and hit the same top with similar acceleration (otherwise some cars would be vastly better than others and it would just depend on the track).

I’m not going to say GT Sport doesn’t have this issue (although it feels like the spec tiers are less compressed into “the one true performance level”) but it also doesn’t pretend to have some deep parts collection system. Much of what exists in the campaign/training is locked vehicles/challenges and the freedom to pick vehicles (for a class event) comes with a few tweaks (two big dials for engine power and weight reduction enable some quick balancing with limits on how far you can tweak them and the class restrictions meaning you can’t go too far without ending up in a new class). But you’ll also be actually worrying about tyre wear and when to pit (the fuel consumption/power is a dial you manage during the race, next to traction control) in a way Forza has never really gotten right (and walks away from in FM7 with dynamic race conditions magically swapping your tyres for wets as soon as it rains and the wear mechanics seemingly totally missing from the AI cars - meaning endurance races you basically just have to turn that off for you to avoid being given a penalty vs the AI).

I always thought I’d generally spend much of my time slowly improving with rewind to let me race up until the edge of my skill/attention (while needing a clean lap to leaderboard and so actually compare); that I’d always be for the development of better reactive skills (ABS etc driving assists off) rather than memory skills (racing line breaking notes). And yet GT Sport is something I’ll jump into for a bit every day (smart mechanic: drive x km a day in any mode, get a free car as reward) despite having no rewind and assists being less about manually taking over (set to “Expert”, which has ABS and some traction control, no braking line and only cones on the track to assist with breaking points - actually the manual gears is the biggest assist as it notes which gear you’ll probably want to drop down to for the next corner). So far I’ve found very little benefit (unlike Forza assists that slow you down) to trying to drive without the assists (some of the driving school stuff make it very easy to test launch performance etc with and without traction control and the UI even have some handy notes on where you need to be - so weird that FM7 basically doesn’t have launch control at all).

Basically GT Sport is making me question most of what I thought I wanted out of a semi-sim package and even the basics of control (most corners, I just ease the brakes on full and let ABS deal with it because I’m busy thinking about hitting apex and line out as that’s where GT Sport lets you gain a second, not in precisely braking just up to the point of locking with ABS off). It also lacks much meaningful car customisation, it’s less of a complete package (no real campaign, although the driving school and missions certainly is far more than nothing if you’re needing to learn the differences in how the series work), and the visuals are a bit of a step back (it’s not bad and there are flashes of real attention to detail but a PS4 Pro is working from a significant disadvantage compared to a PC). I should be jumping into FM7 and yet I’m not. It’s certainly been interesting, having spent so long with the FM series while generally not diving into GT games - especially as FM has kinda defined what I think I want from modern semi-sim.