Fox Cancels Brooklyn Nine-Nine After 5 Seasons


I’m absolutely livid.



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This and bobs burgers are the only sitcoms I care about anymore so this really sucks. Hopefully Hulu picks it up or something



Like, if this was season two, I’d get it, but it got five seasons. That’s a full run most TV shows pray for.


While I can’t say I watched this show (I liked what little I saw but…PEAK TV and all, can’t see everything), its a bit disconcerting that this diverse show with two queer characters got canceled in favor of that whitebread, millennial-disapproving, conservative Tim Allen show.


I’m gonna miss those 22 minutes a week where I liked the police.


it’s one of those shows that always makes me feel good, even after 5 seasons. sure, I don’t want it to go on forever, but I’m not ready for it to go now.


It kinda sucks that it got cancelled but better for it to go out while it’s still strong than to be driven into the ground over time like so many US Sitcoms.


I thought the most recent episode where Rosa responds to an active shooter situation and the rest of the 99 just has to wait, worry and hope that she’ll be ok was one of the best episodes they’ve done. I can’t believe it’s being cancelled…


Looks like it may still get picked up for a new season by another outlet:


Unless he has a new show I’m not aware of, “Last Man Standing” was already canceled last year. There’s a confusing title issue going on, as “The Last Man On Earth” was also canceled yesterday.


It’s looking like Fox is resurrecting Last Man Standing:


Well, heck. :expressionless:


I really need to watch this. I love Terry Crews.


You really do.


I miss really liking Terry Crews. I really like his energy and timing.

The whole… “trans people are like Rachel Dolezal” thing… was kinda… rough.




i had a rough day so the news brooklyn 99 wasnt dead after all was much needed


“Last Man On Earth cancelled”
violently spits coffee across the room